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  1. skybound13 … Yes, I realise macOS ‘Sierra’ is not a supported OS. It's why I cannot at this time upgrade to V.2. I still use many 32-bit apps that will break with an upgrade to a higher-version OS, and I'm not willing to take that hit at present. In future I may install a higher APFS-based macOS in place of the present Extended & Journaled OS ‘Sierra’, but as of now that's not an option. Depends on how much I need to give up in exchange for what I get in return … as of now, the trade-off's not acceptable. That may change.
  2. skybound13 … please ignore prior query. Read too quickly but not far enough. Thanks …
  3. skybound13 … interesting. At Step Nr 05, it appears to my wondering eyes that continuation will then create a ‘new’ PP account. Would that be a reasonable conclusion?
  4. Hi, skybound13 … what is the mechanism that allows ‘guest payment’ thru PayPal? This is the first I’ve heard of that option. As previously mentioned, my only card is Discover. I have no Visa, AmEx, M'Card etc etc. Don't want, don't need, don't have. I also have no ATM or debit card. Same reasons. The trust level for both is at zero or less. My bank issued me one when I began doing business with them years ago. I directed them to introduce it to Mr. Shredder. I much prefer going to the inside window and chatting up the tellers. More personal. I will check the link you’ve provided, tho’ … might be the problem-solver. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, StevenS … thanks for such a prompt and direct response. I will not be purchasing Affinity’s new wares, then. Sorry about that. I do not have - nor do I want to have - a Visa or MasterCard. I believe in the principle of ‘Fewer Credit Cards are Better’. I closed my PayPal account some months back, and that is no longer an option. I conduct no business thru the AppStore or the Microsoft Store, therefore whatever number or type(-s) of payment options they offer are completely irrelevant to me, as I'll never use them. Much as I'd like to upgrade to the new wares, I refuse to do so until the Portal Provider decides that American and Canadian Discover cards are equally valid means of making a purchase as its other preferred providers. Thanks again for your prompt response to my query. Richard (Dr_No)
  6. It has come to my attention that V.2 of the Affinity Suite of wares can no longer be purchased if one chooses to use a Discover credit card. 1. Is this, in fact, the reality of the situation regarding purchase of V.2? 2. If so, why does Affinity no longer accept the Discover card? I purchased all wares of V. 1 and have no PayPal account now - only Discover. If Discover is no longer acceptable for purchase of the new wares, which cards are now in the category of ‘Officially Sanctioned’? I had planned to acquire all three V.2 releases of the wares after upgrading my now-incompatible OS (‘Sierra’). I have now put that on indeterminate (and possibly ‘terminal’) hold, depending on whether or not I can make the acquisition using my Discover card. Thank you for any explanation provided for the ‘desaperacido’ status of the Discover card vis-a-vis purchases of the new wares. Richard (Dr_No)
  7. firstdefence and thomaso … Thanks for your examination of the Contour tool while we’re in this discussion of beveling and things associated with achieving a decent-looking bevel we can be proud to present to clients. The examples furnished by thomaso are excellent illustrations [sic] of why I no longer use the Contour tool - it's not predictable. As for rotten beveling being an accepted part of the effect, that's wide open for debate. Anyone remember Macromedia's Freehand MXa … ? Beautiful bevels. It also was the first (I believe) to introduce movable ‘paste inside’ shapes. After Adobe bought them, I hoped its best features would be incorporated into Illustrator but no … Adobe just wanted to kill the baby competitor in its crib. Perhaps more Affinity Design users can share their experiences with creating decent bevels without rounding … ? Thanks again.
  8. firstdefence … Thanks for the heads-up on options like Blender. While being able to achieve the beveled result directly in-program would be the preferred option, there may ultimately be no way around avoiding the need to use a 3rd-party app. Alternatively, one can still use Illustrator to create the beveled type and (a) export it as a .png or (b) export it as a native .ai file and open that in Designer (all the while keeping fingers crossed that the attributes won't change in the process). thomaso … I’ve tried the Contour tool with very mixed results - and I can't pin down what precisely causes the inability to successfully replicate instances. It's more or less a ‘sometimes’ kind of tool — sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In short: good concept, needs work.
  9. Thomaso … that's the same effect I noticed when experimenting with your solution. I agree the specularity seems to play a part in the ‘rounding’ , but it's probably not the sole - or maybe not even the actual - cause of the failure to create sharp / angular bevels. While playing around with the settings, I noticed that the use of the Outline tool seemed to make the problem worse, not better. Where the outline was positioned also seemed to make no differents, but Outside seemed to have the most noticeable effect. The Profile function in the 3D window also seemed to have a bearing on the intensity of the sharpness / roundness at the joins, but I found no Profile able to eliminate it. Thanks again for your input and testing.
  10. Tomaso – thanks so much for that tip. Is there any way to prevent the INTERIOR angles (see the inside corners of the ‘N’ where verticals meet diagonals) from rounding off? Other than that, this appears to do exactly what I'm attempting to do. Now if only the interior angles can be sharpened up like they can be in Illustrator … all the letters except the ‘N’ look great, tho’ …
  11. Hello again, and welcome to the Wide World of Wondering Questions! Today's Big Question is: How can one create bright, shiny, chiseled beveled edges in Affinity Designer? It's quite easy in Illustrator, but I have not yet found the Majickal Settings allowing one to make sharp-edged, shiny, reflective(simulated) beveled edges on text. It is quite maddening, as there are some FX I'd really really really like to apply sharp beveling to, but so far I can only get Affinity Designer to make soft, rounded, ‘glow’-y fade bevels. It is maddening. I've attached a screencap of a project currently in-process that would be ever so much improved with shiny crisp beveling. Please advise if you have the recipe for achieving the Secret Sauce result … Thanks so much for your input.
  12. NotMyFault … thanks for your input. In my experiments using the suggestions made here, I've concluded that the vector layer approach is the one most applicable to the way I work. I was surprised at the results of the fill layer when I used it, but it's the only way to learn what needs to be learnt, yes? Thanks again to all who contributed to finding this solution.
  13. Thanks, Walt … that's an option I hadn't considered. It'll be implemented in the Next Major Work … [sic]. To date, Iconoclast's suggestion does the trick nicely, and there may be advantages with using a Fill layer not available with the vector layer solution. So many options, so little thyme …
  14. Ah. I just caught the caveat that the Vector Layer Solution is for Affinity PHOTO … well then: The game's afoot, yes … ? I'll see if that advice also applies in Affinity Designer … ohpleaseohpleaseohplease …
  15. Hi and thanks … that may be the solution, then! I'll give it a go and see if it holds up IRL when I change layers and come back to it again. If it's still editable via the gradient tool, then All Is Right With The World again. Thanks for the tip.
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