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  1. Thanks to all for your input … Da WINNAH! Is: Add New Curve to Selected Curves Object. Works fine, tastes great, less filling, and lower in calories. Can ya aks for more … ? I think not. Thanks again.
  2. (Harrumph-harrumph! Ahem … oyez! oyez! oyez!) … Actually, that's REZACKLY what I'm hoping to achieve. If those properties apply equally to all combined strokes and curves, modification is then uniform. Oh lawdy! I yam a happy boi.
  3. ‘Workaround’ appears to be The Word of Majique … it sounds as if moving the path segments post-creation is when the fun really kicks in. Maybe the majique words one path can speak to the others are ‘Bitte, vorbeigehen zum durfen?’ - or not, as the case may be.
  4. Thanks for the tip … this appears to be able to do exactly what I'm attempting to do. If I'm reading the steps correctly (and that's always a crap-shoot), it seems that this enables all drawing to be completed on a single layer with separated sections of a single unitary path, nicht wahr? If that's the end result, then the logical extension is that the single yet magically separate path segments are on a single layer, thereby making all FX applied to that layer appear on all separate segments contained thereon. That, in turn, means the single-yet-composite paths layer can further be modified w
  5. Does that procedure work with the line segments being on separate layers? Is there no way to create all segments on the same layer? I hafta ask ’cos I don't know …
  6. Oh … hello again. Time now for another exciting question in the never-ending series ‘How You Do Dat!?’ This time it's a Question From The Crypt regarding creating separate / multiple paths on a single layer with the Pen Tool in Affinity Designer 1.9.3 … to begin: When drawing a series of paths (e.g., neon light tubing pieces 'n parts) intended to be on a single layer but separated by a small space indicating connector points (rather than a continuous path), Designer insists on creating a new pixel layer for Path II's segment after I conclude creating the initial segment with Path I. I've
  7. Dang. It's really that easy? Huh. Tell ya what – I'm copying those steps and saving them to desktop for reference. That's a lot easier than what I put up with today, and it has the Extra Added Attraction of being non-destructive. I like that. Thanks for the heads-up and outlining the steps.
  8. Mmm-hmm. Me again. Sorry. New question, tho' - for what it's worth. Today's Question is: How does one switch seamlessly between, for example, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photos? Working up a Designer layout today required me to switch to Photos to apply a Gaussian blur to an item being used for background. Easy enough, yes? The. Rub. … Once editing was done in Photos, I couldn't see a viable method to get back into Designer. I used a crude workaround - copying the element I'd blurred in Photos, closing Photos, then going back into Designer where I pasted the adjusted element. Ima
  9. Well GOLLLLLL-EE!, Festus … ! To paraphrase Mr Randy Newman’s lyrics to ‘Louisiana 1927’ — “What have happened down here / Is that things have changed … ” Operating on the premise that things couldn't become more frustrating, I closed Designer 1.9.3 and restarted. Opened a new file, typed some TesText, converted to curves, clicked the ‘Add’ Boolean function, ungrouped, and attempted to (as in Bygone Days) apply Multiple Strokes using the Appearance panel. Just like before. BUT: This time, the ‘Add Filter’ text next to the ‘+’ sign in the Appearance panel was lit up like a cheap Christmas
  10. The file no longer exists … it has been sent to the Great Digital Round File in the Electron Sea … I'll see about creating another one tomorrow and uploading that if the next go also fails. Methinks it's Time To Meet The Pillow. Thankx.
  11. Following what used to be ‘Best Practices,’ I typed the text, converted to curves, clicked the ‘Add’ Boolean function, ungrouped, and attempted to (as in Bygone Days) apply Multiple Strokes using the Appearance panel. In past, it has genuinely been INSANELY easy to do this. Only now is it displaying signs of ‘glitch’-iness. Once the multiple strokes were added, coloring or applying gradient fills was a snap. I'd like to have that functionality back …
  12. Great googly-woogly! Yes, ’tis moi and, as Popeye would phrase it, ‘I yam back ay-gain!’ with another exciting round of ‘Wha … !?’ Today’s Episode deals with the vagaries of Multiple Strokes (thankfully this is the artistic, not the medical, kind of stroke we’re dealing with.) In past, it has been possible to use the Appearance panel and the ‘Add Stroke’ operation to create multiple instances of strokes. Since installing 1.9.3, that has not been possible. No, I'm not dissing the latest version, merely pointing out a tiny glitch that (hopefully) is able to be resolved. I have attempt
  13. Good news of a sort is better than no news, yes … ? Back to ‘Old School’ and the find-and-connect method of establishing the Link Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken. Since then, the plug-ins are back in their nest making soft little coo-ing sounds whenever they're selected. It's almost as if one is waiting for the right time to say ‘Pick ME! Pick ME!’ …
  14. Hello again to all … Yes it's me, back with Dumb Question Nr MMXX01(a). Yes, I should know this, but since I don't, I must perforce be asking. To begin: When I was in the Happy Little World of Affinity Photo’s v. 1.9.2, all was sunny and bright and my Plug-ins were in the menu at the very bottom where they're available by clicking the little arrow tool which opens the menu. Imagine my shock, surprise, and horror (quelle horreur!) when I looked for my plugins after performing the 1.9.3 upgrade and learnt that … THEY'RE MISSING! What to do, what to do? Oh lawdy! My plugins have done gone a-
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