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  1. I see your message now. thank you, you are very kind and I appreciate your gesture, but there are too many files to run on the internet... I hope you can go on with your work and complete the software, I will always support you, you deserve it!
  2. thanks however, working in these conditions is not possible the program continues to crash now the 300 pages in pdf will have to export them in at least 10 parts I will also have the problem of page numbering then I will have to join the pdfs no, this software is not yet ready, sorry!
  3. when i try to export my job in a PDF file Publisher always crashes. I understand it's 300 pages, with a lot of pictures, but I don't know what to do! I tried to export only 100 pages to PDF, deleting another 200, but even so it stops! How is it possible?
  4. you're very kind, thank you! I want to continue trusting Affinity, they are good and they deserve trust, hopefully they will continue to improve these software.
  5. following your suggestions, I divided my work. I saved the first 70 pages in one file, deleting the rest and saving it in another file. I was able to save them without problems, at least these, finally. Now I have two separate files for the same book, and I don't know how many more I will have to do until the end. Now, apart from the inconvenience of having split files of the same job, I no longer know how much I can trust Publisher for my projects. It is a BIG problem that I cannot underestimate. I am perplexed, and I hope that some Affinity technician can help me.
  6. a book, 300 pages, with several hundred images that I linked to the outside (the original file). the problem is that I'm only on page 70 ...
  7. maybe you're right, I deleted 200 of my 300 expected pages, and I saved in another file, without problems. if this is so it is absurd! I hope some Affinity technician can tell if this is true.
  8. Hello I have a BIG problem with Publisher. I can no longer save the file I'm working on, a 200-page publication! The program crashes every time I try to save. I turned off and on again, closed all programs, nothing to do. please help me, it's a big deal for my job! My PC is windows-based. What can I do?? Thank you!
  9. I come from Indesign, which has a very convenient function to collect all the photo files of a publication. I can't find it on Affinity Publisher, where is it located? Thanks!
  10. Thank you I have canceled and installed the program again, and now it seems to be working fine!
  11. hello I have big problems with your latest version of Photo (Windows). Today at least 20 times it crashed by moving the layers. Never happened before. Any suggestions on how to fix this? thank you!
  12. is it possible to change it? in Indesign it was a very convenient function ...
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