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  1. first of all thank you for your kindness, I'm really glad I chose Affinity! I tried with these settings, but the difference between the two options seems to me very limited ... I repeat, maybe I'm wrong, but my impression is that with Photoshop these operations resulted in a minor deterioration of the image.
  2. yes, the base level is "pixel". I make small changes in size and perspective, sometimes UP sometimes DOWN. which resampling system is the best? I usually work with "lanczos"...
  3. no, I simply open the file, and then work from its base level. am I wrong to do so?
  4. thank you I copy and paste a part of the image into a new layer, then I process the latter by moving it and changing it slightly. maybe it's just my impression, but I think that with Photoshop these operations can be done with less loss of quality.
  5. Hi everyone I notice a strong deterioration of the image quality as soon as I try to modify it, all or in part. If I even try to cut out a small piece and change (even slightly) size or perspective, I immediately lose so much clarity. Am I wrong?
  6. hallo a comfortable function of CS6 was that: "copy - paste in the same place" (not only "paste")... thank you!
  7. just a curiosity why do you use the term DPI in the settings of the photo size? doesn't it mean "dot per inch" referring to the ink density used by printers on paper? Wouldn't it be better to use instead the PPI (pixel per inch) measurement?
  8. yes, but with this there is not the separated mask layer, am I wrong?
  9. thank you when you press ALT+click on the mask, you can see ONLY the mask. Is it possible to see it and also the layer of the picture below, together?
  10. Hallo, with my old photoshop I was used to work with the "live preview" of the masks on a layer, visible with ALT+SHIFT. Is this possible with Affinity Photo? thank you!
  11. Paolo192

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I’m Paolo, from italy. I have used adobe software for years, but I have stopped at CS6, the last version not CC. I hate renting software. Finally, I have found Affinity, a great news for me!