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  1. just a curiosity why do you use the term DPI in the settings of the photo size? doesn't it mean "dot per inch" referring to the ink density used by printers on paper? Wouldn't it be better to use instead the PPI (pixel per inch) measurement?
  2. yes, but with this there is not the separated mask layer, am I wrong?
  3. thank you when you press ALT+click on the mask, you can see ONLY the mask. Is it possible to see it and also the layer of the picture below, together?
  4. Hallo, with my old photoshop I was used to work with the "live preview" of the masks on a layer, visible with ALT+SHIFT. Is this possible with Affinity Photo? thank you!
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    Hi, I’m Paolo, from italy. I have used adobe software for years, but I have stopped at CS6, the last version not CC. I hate renting software. Finally, I have found Affinity, a great news for me!