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  1. @Joachim_L I appreciate the analysis. I'm familiar with Exif, but have not yet worked with it before. I've already fixed the issue manually for much of this publication, so I will reserve your useful suggestion for future projects. To any Affinity devs who read this: Whatever the Exif data might have been, Google Drive got things right and displayed the pics correctly oriented. Windows Explorer got things right and displayed the pics correctly oriented. It was only within Affinity that things got confusing. FYI. Thanks Joachim_L and all the best 😊
  2. Okay. Zipping only 2 original jpgs, because I don't have with me the original of the 3rd. Also, these images were taken with an iPhone, then sent to me via Google Drive, and finally downloaded to my Win 10 machine. Metadata may have already been altered in transit. f4 current Ud11.zip
  3. Hi Joachim_L thanks for your reply. TO illustrate my point, as you suggest, I'm attaching three botanical images that are portrait in their original orientation, and meant for inclusion as portrait images within the landscape layout. For each of these images, the placement process automatically rotated them by 90 degrees. It's frustrating when you need to upload hundreds of these things, and then have to correct each one after the upload. I understand that the Affinity algorithms might be challenged in interpreting how the photos should be oriented, because plant closeups can, indeed, be confusing. If that's the case, Affinity shouldn't force it. I appreciate the effort of trying to make things easier for the end user. But if it's not yet smart enough to do it right, there should be, in my humble opinion, an option to turn the feature off. It's driving me bananas. Thanks again for the response.
  4. I'm working on a book project with pages in landscape orientation. Whenever I import a portrait-oriented image from my hard drive using the File → Place... command, the image always appears rotated (usually 90° CCW), seemingly in order to match the orientation of my page layout. This is a bit annoying. I presumably know that a giraffe, a pine tree, and Michelangelo's David all look better upright. Why is Publisher forcing my photos to lie down? Or is there a simple setting that I overlooked?
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