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  1. I tried, it inverts all the colors to ONE color and it's not even the correct color. I think it may be a color in the opposite side of the color wheel... What I want is to Swap/exchange the colors of the stroke with the color of the fill. So, for example: Stroke color = cyan; Fill color = blue. swapping the two will become. Stroke = blue; Fill = cyan. When I press SHIFT + X, they just take ONE color. not individually.
  2. AD shows a very strange stroke when stroke is disabled. When I import the same document to Illustrator, the weird stroke is gone. AI: Below is the exported PNG from AD and AI, zoomed to 100%. Resolution is 3k x 4k The issue here is that the PNG that i exported from AD shows a thick grey stroke ???? While AI shows a better representation of what I expect.
  3. Hi, I have a document in AD with hundreds of closed curves with different stroke colors for each curve. Is there a way to mass invert the stroke and fill colors? I tried selecting all the curves and invert using SHIFT + X, but all the curves just take ONE color.
  4. I regularly use vector formats like DWG/DXF and right now i have to use Illustrator to fill that one time function to convert to a usable format into AD. Please add DWG and DXF support.
  5. Nope, whatever you guys suggested doesnt seem to work on Windows...sadly.
  6. So i've taken quite a few pictures with my camera ready to be stitched into nice panoramas. Except, I cannot drag and drop the files from windows explorer into the New Panorama window of AP. Have I missed a setting or is this simply not possible? It's a bit tedious to search through thousands of photos to find the series i want to stitch. Any Ideas?
  7. Thank you for the reply. Saving it to PDF will lose all my layer information that I have built in Rhino and it doesnt support the "Export Selected" feature in Rhino. Will be very messy with larger projects. If I still need to have Adobe AI to serve as a transitioning software then I could just work with Adobe AI and no use Designer at all? (since I've already paid for it)
  8. Hi, I've been trying to replace Illustrator with Designer. The tools are fine and are quite similar, but certain functionality is just not replaceable. Within my workflow, I often export ai or dwg from Rhino to further edit in AI. rect_cir.AI is an example. in Rhino, it is a simple rectangle and circle, in a layer colored red and green respectively. When exported as .AI, the Adobe Illustrator can open these just fine even with the layer color information and layer structure. When opening the same file in Designer, there is nothing, only a blank document with the size that should be the overall bounding box. Any ideas, anyone?
  9. Hi, I am using the windows version. The only workaround I have now is to shift-select them and then left click on one of the layers to deselect/select all the highlighted layers.
  10. Hi, I am trying to slowly replace PS with AP, but there are still some features I miss from the dominant PS. One of the example is drag the mouse to quickly select or deselect layers. Right now, when i try to drag select/deselect on the layers panel, AP will try to drag change the order of the layers/groups. Is there an option to configure a key-modifier like pressing down CTRL will allow me drag select?