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  1. @ProDesigner When I draw with the pencil tool, after I lift my pencil the lines move around and become more simplified instead of the way I actually drew them. This feature is usually called line smoothing or stabilization in vector software. Even though I found this option in Affinity Designer, turning it off doesn't actually turn it all the way off. It just makes it do it a little less. This feature can be awesome for drawing to help you get nice clean lines, but it can become problematic if you are trying to do work where the lines need to remain exactly the way you drew them. This is specifically an issue with vector lines and not pixel lines. Switching to pixels is not an option for me. I want my final product to be scalable at many different sizes. After starting this topic, I found this longer discussion which is about the same issue I'm describing. Apparently this isn't limited to the iPad version. It's unfortunate because it means I won't be able to use Affinity Designer for this project, and I really wanted to. ☹️ As an addendum to the first post, I won't be using Adobe Draw either. I quickly found out it uses a brush stoke like the blob brush in Adobe Illustrator instead of making vector lines. I found a free app called Vectorinator on the app store that has a pencil tool that draws vector lines where the smoothing can truly be turned off.
  2. I'm not trying to do that kind of precision work. The lines are supposed to appear hand drawn so they have slight flaws. It's the same issue with details in lettering.
  3. I'm using an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I do lettering and patterns by hand and I need the lines to stay exactly as I draw them. Affinity Designer keeps shifting my lines around in random ways and making a mess, even with stabilizer turned off. I tested this in Adobe Draw and it's capable of rendering vector lines the way they're drawn, but it saddens me that I might have to use it instead since it's inferior to Affinity Designer in almost every other way. Before I give up and move on to a different app, I'm posting here to see if there's something I'm missing or if there's some other method I can use to get Affinity Designer to keep my lines as I draw them. I made a comparison image to show what I'm talking about. I got the Affinity Designer "as drawn" image by taking a screenshot before lifting my pencil.
  4. Nope, I didn't know about that. I just tried it out and it's quite helpful. Thanks!
  5. I'm using Affinity Designer on iPad and have a document with about 30 layer groups that need to be exported as individual files. Each layer group is already named with what I would like to use as the file name. Using the export persona, selecting each of my layer groups and creating slices and exporting those quickly saves all my files with the correct filename. Unfortunately, all the exported files have white space around the images where some of the graphics extend beyond the canvas. I can't figure out a way to crop everything falling outside of my canvas in Affinity Designer to prevent this. I don't care if I permanently delete everything off the canvas or just need to change a setting so it isn't included in my slices. Is there a way to do this? Edit: I got this to work by starting over with my slices and manually dragging the bounding box to the canvas one by one. It works, but was still a bit slow doing it for each layer. I would still like to know if anyone has any tips do this more efficiently.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm a graphic artist with about 15 years of experience with Adobe products, and I've primarily worked with Illustrator and Photoshop. I've already purchased both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I don't know if I'll be able to transition away from Adobe completely, but I'm curious to see how it compares and how much I can do with it. I'm excited to learn this new software and become part of the Affinity community.
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