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  1. Clayton put the problem so neatly. 'It would be helpful if one could hold down the CMD or CTRL key to toggle-change from a text cursor to a move tool and back again at an instant' This is the one big frustration I have with Affinity Pub and AffD, and the only place where Adobe scores, hands down. Really! I'm really surprised that Affinity hasn't solved this after several years of development (NB this thread and request was started in 2016). PLEASE Affinity! I'll send you a nice bottle of gin (or wine if you prefer) if you'll just do this little thing. 🙏 Here's hoping!
  2. I note that that these requests are more than two old and yet there is still no conversion tool in Aff Designer. When can we look forward to its definite inclusion?
  3. I agree! This would make sense and be of use to a lot of users.
  4. In these forum pages I have noticed lots of good proposals being 'torn down' by others for no good reason, almost before they had the chance to see the light of day. What is the point of negative comments in this forum, especially when they are responses from people who have no use of a proposed/requested feature, or those who cannot understand the utility of a particular feature or control? As a reaction to those who prefer to knock very worthy proposals, I offer this suggestion: isn't it better to be positive and support anything that will help program developers produce a superior product? If one cannot be positive, why bother saying anything? Being supportive of good ideas, rather than trying to knock them down, can only encourage a win-win. Better software (thus, happy users) and happy developers who will be encouraged to greater heights.
  5. Well said Peter. Thanks for your positive repost to the some of the nay-sayers. Word Count remains one very good and vital addition that could be made to AffPub. If some didn't wish to use the feature, they needn't!
  6. For StevieB: Don't let it get to you, I'm easily confused too. I'm confused about today, let alone what will happen in two or three weeks. For mshustov: What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve. Maybe the Persona buttons will work in two or three weeks! Maybe, all kinds of little undocumented tweaks and goodies will suddenly be revealed! If so, that will REALLY confuse me.....
  7. Site Overload!?!? NEW Affinity Publisher site down within 30 mins of the email: Temporarily down for maintenance We are performing scheduled maintenance on the Affinity store. We should be back online shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  8. Hope I can give you a little encouragement regarding "changed" colours and AffPublisher. Forgive me if this is something you already know about. I have just this week had printed (by professional printer) a booklet, almost entirely laid out in and output from Aff Publisher. As previous editions of the book were laid out in Apple Pages (not a bad app by the way, but a bit limited), I decided some of the more complex pages should continue in this issue to be generated from within Pages as I didn't want to start from scratch designing them in AffPublsher. The finished pages in the Pages app were output as the usual high-res PDFs required for this job by the printer. The nub of this story is that I got quite a shock to discover at this stage that the output PDFs from Pages app displayed marked differences in colour to colours displayed on similar pages being worked on in Aff Publisher.......eeeek! This was despite identical colours being used on both sets of pages (ie within Pages app and within AffPub). All of the above relates to the colours displayed ON SCREEN – the same screen for all. Foolhardy or not, I pressed on, dropping the odd-looking PDFs generated in Pages into blind holding pages in the book file in AffPub. Then the whole was output to PDFs and off to the printer. It was a huge relief to discover, when I arrived to pass page proofs at the printer's, that the colours had been output and more importantly printed identically to each other on both sets of pages, regardless of the disparity in the ON SCREEN originals. Moral of this tale: not all programs display graphics – especially PDFs – in the same way on screen. (Which I sort of vaguely knew but had never tested in a production run) Hope this helps you RobinMcL.......
  9. fde101....selecting page groups for export is already supported and works well, but the output is to the usual, single file. Thus, in the export window, select: Area: All pages Pages: 2,6,19 Selected pages don't have to be consecutive. Separate page nos. with commas. For a run of consecutive pages use hyphen, eg 25-28. The two forms can be mixed, eg 1-4,9 but the output is always to a single compiled file.
  10. 1. I have a printer who requires separate page files 2. Email circulation of specific pages to subscribers (without the need to send the whole set) 3. Ease and efficiency of filing and retrieving discrete pages
  11. I agree with ivbera. And such a facility would ideally need to have an extra field in the PDF export window for user to select a naming convention for the subsequently created single PDF files. I suggest something like: Export file names: [file name] [embedded page no.] [export sequence no.]
  12. 1. For the text Inset controls (Text Frame>General>Insets) why not have a logical interface design where 'locality' controls are placed in a 'logical' layout? See attachment for roughed-up design. This is in contrast to the existing illogical placement of Left Right Top Bottom. There are several other parts of the UI where this logical placement of controls could be implemented. For example, in the ill-designed pop-up Text Wrap window, which not only suffers from this illogical placement of locality controls but also very inefficient use of UI space. 2. Is it possible to have user-selected negative (-n) values in the text inset control fields? This effectively creates a text outset control which is very useful in certain circumstances. (Negative values are allowed in Text Wrap, so here's hoping for the same with text inset) Thanks for everything done so far. Seadog
  13. Yes, I agree completely with Castle Al. Pages is lacking a number of controls. For the other controls which ARE present in Pages and available in AffPub, the precision levels in Pages are nowhere as high as AffPub's.
  14. Any plans for an import facility for Apple Pages files to Aff Publisher? Or ability to safely open Pages documents in Publisher? This would be a great transition tool, making Publisher even more attractive among those with standingPages documents.
  15. I really hope there are plans for print export with page Imposition. That is, automatic or semi-auto page imposition for print, at final output.
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