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  1. The contextual toolbar displaying Character controls appears not to be registering type colour correctly. See attached screenshots of variously selected type on page, where: Aff Pub selected type 1 (news) shows the word news selected. The context bar displays correct typeface, weight and size but the colour is not correct (should be black) Aff Pub selected type 2 (diamond bullet) shows the red diamond selected on page. The context bar displays correct typeface, weight and size but the colour is not correct (should be red, roughly)
  2. Thanks for trying Ben. (Note, the majority of pages in the 36-page document were NOT populated with content at the crash, however enough data/work went adrift to cause me to seek recovery help from you guys). Working with MacOS 10.14.4 on MacBook Pro with 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 internal memory. Saving to Crucial_CT525MX300SSD1 525.11GB internal solid state drive.
  3. AdamW, THANK YOU for trying to recover this file. I appreciate your help. Having thought about this crash event more and having read some other threads here, I see some similar occurences and indeed I too have experienced earlier crashes with AffPublisher Beta but never a crash which has corrupted a file in this way – all file content data was previously there in the re-opened file, across my earlier crashes What I'm saying is that the common denominator covering my AffPub crashes and some experiences of others is that attempting to paste something copied either from within the same document file or from a third party application into an AffPub page which has NO TEXT LAYER present causes AffPub to crash in the way I have experienced. This is almost always, for me, done accidentally/ unwittingly as, in haste, I miss seeing whether the page being pasted into has the necessary text layer/box present. Am I the only one who mistakes other guides for content boxes, on AffPub pages ? As said, this event was the only time out of several such AffPublisher program crashes where I actually lost data from within the working file. As the very next thing to pop onto my screen within seconds after re-opening the working file (and quickly realising pages of losses!!) this last time, was a New Beta Version Downlaod alert. I now wonder whether the COINCIDENCE of a new software version coming at almost the same instant as the crash, resulted in the loss of data/corrupted file? Thanks for any positive responses I have received over the last 24 hrs.
  4. Thanks but I do save regularly, counted in minutes, not days or even hours. I'd still be grateful of constructive help from anyone who can help recover extensive amount of work now missing. Can AdamW (moderators) intervene as with jtylrr similar loss recently? Regards
  5. HELP please Can you help me please? I have just lost several days' work on a file, despite regular saves. I was carrying out a copy/paste operation of matter with the file, when AffPublisher crashed and has taken several days' work on the file.....ie work from the last days is now missing. A substantial number of hours work gone !! Most grateful if anyone can help, please. __text_pages_1-36_(original).afpub
  6. I can barely believe Aff Publisher has no Word Count, when even Apple's Pages has a perfectly usable version visible all the time (if selected) and able to provide either total wordage for the document or a sub-total for any selected text, both of which are easily and prominently displayed. Work-arounds that involve going in and out of other applications, copying and pasting and goodness knows what else, miss the point completely.
  7. Seadog

    Reset Rotation

    Thanks Carl, got it. By way of which also found the quick rotation and sheer tool
  8. Seadog

    Reset Rotation

    I have exactly the same problem, though in my case I accidentally rotated the document. Tried reversing through History and repeated cmd-Zs but I cannot get back to 0 degrees rotation.
  9. Yes thanks, Dave, think you're right. I guess the default is not terribly logical as I don't think many editors would consider italics as their first-stop choice of typographical Emphasis. Plus, as perhaps shown by this discussion, it's quite fiddly here in AffPubl to a) find where to make this change and b) be bothered to mess around with it, anyway. For all the promise I feel AffPubl has, in some parts it's rather like my present VW: over-engineered, or solutions looking for problems.
  10. Apparent bug(s) in Paragraph>Initial Words control panel. 1. Select Enabled. Set Max word count. Select Emphasis – italic is displayed 2. Select Enabled. Set Max word count. Select Strong Emphasis – bold italic is displayed Possible culprit/solution: In the Text Styles control panel, Emphasis and Strong Emphasis items are captioned in italics (plain and bold respectively).
  11. Suggest better/more intuitive layout of Margin controls and Text Wrap controls if the Top, Bottom, Left, Right fields are placed visually in their logical positions, eg Top at top, Bottom underneath (rather than as now in two columns.......eek! which/where do I look for rapid adjustment). Even the old Quark XP single-column layout of these fields (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) is better than two columns. Small, but important, for those habitually using these controls.
  12. okay - found (in Export>PDF>More).....thanks Jens
  13. Crop (printer's trim) marks are very important for me, especially at final output to PDF. Soon please!
  14. Suggest very early fix for this persistent bug: slider controls in User Interface preferences (eg for selecting no of dec places) persist on screen even after Prefs window is closed. They even persist at top layer on screen above other application windows. Am attaching screenshot of Publisher sliders visually interfering with this Safari window.
  15. The black and nearly black backgrounds of Affinity Photo windows, toolbars and palettes entirely distract me and I'm sure Serif knows that reading white type reversed out of black background is a strain. How do I change the UI preferences to display white or light backgrounds?