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  1. This is not the most serious problem, any Affinity Photo edits that I have saved to Apple Photos can not be exported. So I can not access any of my previous edits. Anyone got a workaround for this?
  2. Not only can you not save edits back to Apple Photos but any previous edits that you have saved, before Catalina, can not be exported. The edits are lost and a jpeg of the original image is exported. This means that any edits that you made prior to Catalina can not be accessed. Another undesirable feature is that any images edited in Affinity Photo and saved to Apple Photos, prior to Catalina, can not be duplicated in Apple Photos. The Beta version was released in June and these problems have been known since then. There was no warning issued by Serif. This is very bad customer care from Serif, we have been badly let down
  3. Regrettably I have upgraded to Mac OS Catalina, this has broken my use of Affinity Photo. The problems are: 1) Any image stored in Apple Photos can not be reimported after editing via the Affinity Photo extension. 2) Any image that was edited pre Catalina and has been reimported can no longer be exported from Apple Photos, the export is a jpeg of the original image, all editing is lost. 3) The duplicate function in Apple Photos does not work for images that have been edited in Affinity Photo. The consequences are that there is no longer an efficient workflow so continued use of Affinity Photo and Apple Photos is no longer viable. Any edits that have been stored back to Apple Photos are no longer accessible, this is a disaster. Duplicating edits in Apple Photos is no longer possible. I would have expected these major problems to be highlighted by Serif with a warning to all customers not to upgrade, instead there is a recommendation that 1.7.3 is compatible with Catalina. Help
  4. Hi Cecil, Thank you for the reply. It appears from MEB that this is a known fault. BTW I can save files from Affinity to disc but I can not save them back to Apple Photos.
  5. Hi MEB, Thank you for the confirmation that there is a known fault. It is disappointing that you are unable to provide a date for the fix. Please would you suggest a work around that I can use until you issue the fix.
  6. I have recently upgraded to Catalina 10.15 and I can no longer save changes made in Affinity Photo, the error message Unable to Save Changes for “Edit in Affinity Photo” is displayed. I have discussed this with the Apple support desk, their position is that it is the responsibility of the third party supplier to ensure that their software is compatible. Please would you advise when the software upgrade to achieve this compatibility will be available. This is a major failure for anyone who uses Apple Photos as their library and Affinity Photo for processing.
  7. Steve108

    iPad edit selection

    Hi Toltec, thanks that worked a treat Steve
  8. Steve108

    iPad edit selection

    Hi Gabe, Thank you for the quick reply. I am trying to follow the “selecting and filling with inpainting” section of the Workbook on page 96. Is it possible to do this on the iPad. Regards Steve
  9. Please can you help I am using the iPad version and following the Workbook. I have selected an area using the marquee tool and now need to select edit and then inpaint. Where do I find edit? Thank you

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