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  1. demimaderek

    Cannot load beta Photo

    Thanks! Hopefully the final version will be delivered soon and I will then have all the great advances available again. In the meantime, the normal AF works as well as ever.
  2. demimaderek

    Cannot load beta Photo

    I have had an Apple version of AF from very early on and have enjoyed toying with the Beta since its earliest release. Now I cannot open the Beta as it asks for a normal download Apple version of AF (which I have installed) or a key which I do not because I downloaded from Apple. An Beta ld be appreciated .Help please.
  3. demimaderek

    DAUB Mosaic

    Really great fun to use these. Many thanks for sharing.
  4. I have found saving the photo and letting it do its thing returned me to AF.
  5. demimaderek

    Using Assets

    Thanks - will try these - obviously an interesting bug.
  6. demimaderek

    Using Assets

    When I pick up an asset (phone symbol) on the master page - symbol plus phone number for bottom of page. It works well on master page but on subsequent pages you get the master page and a sploge of the set icon that cannot be removed. maybe it is me but it might be a bug. Hope this helps as Publisher is another great Affinity program!
  7. demimaderek

    vanishing macro library and crashing

    Has any more work been done on this issue as I am experiencing the above problems too? A great program and even better with macros but when these disappear and/or crash all the advantages over PS start to look a little weak. Please help as I am finding this issue very frustrating!
  8. As a new user this download will be extremely useful. Many thanks for all the hard work.