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  1. Nowhere on DXO/Nik website does Affinity come up but the same can be said for AP and the Colorchecker that was being given away for free a while ago, they don't work together either. You say that " Using Affinity, GC, and the Nik bundle is so feature rich and easy that I have not even opened my Photoshop CS5 in many months. " so why worry? If it works don't fix it!!. I tried the new NIK collection on windows with AP and it worked but and it's a big BUT!! DXO where in trouble a while ago so is this new NIK collection going to stay the course? Pay and Pray or stick with the many other softwares out there and now there are a lot.
  2. HI, I keep going to the 3rd party Plug-ins support page for AP but there does not seem to be any change to plug-ins that maybe compatable with AP? Are there any 3rd party plug-ins that are maybe new out and work with AP? I understand that AP is attempting to give us something to use rather than Photoshop at a much reduced cost maybe but apart from no plug-in news there is also nothing as far as I can see on a DAM for AP. or an option to work with the Colorchecker from X-Rite on camera profiles. Thankyou. Russ.
  3. Russ2

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    Hi, Can someone please tell me how select ALL open images in Affinity Photo to send to NIK HDR? ie have 5 images - - - 0 + Yes I no you can HDR inside AP but used NIK for long time. Thankyou. Russ.
  4. Russ2

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    Hi, Well I had a quick play on Windows 7 64bit and all worked fine. Found you have to ADD each option one by one not the whole suite together. Mine is 'C' programs, DXO. Ran this image through NIK Efex, Sharpen, Define via Affinity (Windows) pretty fast software but think they may struggle in todays market with so many new kids on the block. Russ.
  5. Don't no if already posted somewhere but https://nikcollection.dxo.com/ Russ
  6. Russ2

    Lightroom to AP as layers?

    Hi, Thankyou for the reply. Problem with your option is that if you shoot say 10,15,20+ images to hand blend with layers and use Lighten, Darken, Multiply etc options then C&P each image to a project as seperate layers ( I understand that is what you would need to do) is just not an option as it would for example take an estate photographer so much time. Thankyou again for the reply. Russ.
  7. Hi, Best way to ask what I am looking to do is a short clip from youtube. Thankyou. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pT1vgW7oJ8
  8. Wow!! 2 years waiting to be able to use the CCP with AP and now two days without even a reply or even an update on any progress of the requested option.
  9. Hi, Well it has been nearly two years since the request to be able to use the X-Rite ColourChecker within Affinity Photo to make camera profiles and also be able to get good colour and we do not seem to be getting this option although as previously posted you can get Affinity Photo FREE with the CCP. I was wanting to ditch Adobe but as the Lightroom version 6 that I have allows this option I have to keep going with that and ditch Affinity Photo. Russ2
  10. Hi, well this topic was created way back on the 6th June 2016 and I understand that Affinity Photo is compaired to Adobe an affordable software as a stand alone product but in just over a months time this request for the option for users to be able to create there own Colour profiles will be TWO YEARS OLD!!! (Quote from Patrick Connor above " I would hope that the programmers will address this thread soon") and as pointed out previously AP is or was a FREE a product with the ColourChecker but still falling short in the options that these two items can do together.
  11. Hi, So how then can you go into a deal with another company (X-Rite) but your products are not fully compatable?
  12. Hi, don't no if any staff have read the latest post in the Color Correction with X-Rite Colorchecker Passport Started by metaweb20, June 6, 2016 but the last input states that Affinity Photo is now FREE with some X-Rite products yet we still cannot use the option to make our own camera profiles within AP. Offer is here. https://www.xritephoto.eu/colorchecker-passport-with-free-affinityphoto.html Russ.
  13. As you can see above there has been no reply to this requset from anyone to do with Affinity since Nov 2017 and afraid this seems to be the norm from companies who make up these apps, get the money and turn invisable when customers ask for something that really must be simple to invoke as Adobe have done it for years.
  14. This has been requested since June 16 and noone from Affinity seems to be bothered with it. I purchased Affinity to get away from Adobe but the way things are going I am having a re-think but in saying that I also use On1 Photo RAW and have for a few years but even they cannot get up to speed with the X-Rite work flow. Russ