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  1. Hi, So how then can you go into a deal with another company (X-Rite) but your products are not fully compatable?
  2. Hi, don't no if any staff have read the latest post in the Color Correction with X-Rite Colorchecker Passport Started by metaweb20, June 6, 2016 but the last input states that Affinity Photo is now FREE with some X-Rite products yet we still cannot use the option to make our own camera profiles within AP. Offer is here. Russ.
  3. As you can see above there has been no reply to this requset from anyone to do with Affinity since Nov 2017 and afraid this seems to be the norm from companies who make up these apps, get the money and turn invisable when customers ask for something that really must be simple to invoke as Adobe have done it for years.
  4. This has been requested since June 16 and noone from Affinity seems to be bothered with it. I purchased Affinity to get away from Adobe but the way things are going I am having a re-think but in saying that I also use On1 Photo RAW and have for a few years but even they cannot get up to speed with the X-Rite work flow. Russ
  5. OK thankyou but that option means missing out Machinary HDR.
  6. Hi. Is it possible to have a work flow as follows? Lightroom to Machinary HDR to Affinity Photo and then have Lightroom as an export option from Affinity Photo without having to keep saving an image to get it back to Lightroom? Thankyou, Russ
  7. Hi, No offence to you but if we where to take out the words 'some time' or 'soon' from the English language software companies would have no answers to a lot of questions posted. Not only here but most other companies come up with the same answer. I asked Franzis about allowing there HDR Projects 5 a plug-in for Affinity Photo and same kind of answer 'we are working on it'. On1 Photo RAW 2018 has been on the go for many years but still 'working on it' or 'soon' If people with connections to the software companies cannot or do not no answers what chance the people who purchase there goods? Seems your DAMED if you do and DAMED if you don't.
  8. Hi, I have just re-installed everything on the computer. Before I was useing Lightroom 6 as a DAM and I no the question has been asked before but is there any light on the horizon for a DAM option in Affinity Photo as I really don't want to re-install Lightroom again if I don't need to. Many Thanks, Russ
  9. Hi, Thankyou for your reply. You can actually do this in Photomatix and HDRProjects 5 then send the 32 bit file to your editing program (if it accepts OpenEXE or Radience fies) but just thought rather than going round the houses would be easier inside the one program also HDRProjects is available as a plugin for photoshop but as yet not AF. Thankyou again for the reply, Russ
  10. Hi, Just watched a video HDR Panoramas in Affinity Photo ( HDR merging and exporting individual panorama sections to OpenEXR. Merging several OpenEXR documents into a 32-bit panorama. Tone mapping the 32-bit panorama.) In the video it was stated that you have to merge all the bracketed shots individually for the panorama (ie 3 shots, 5 shots depending on the bracketed shots taken for the scene) To do this is very time consuming, is there not an option to load the bracketed shots into the software and then tell the software how many shots to include in each set of brackets (ie, 3 shots of 5 brackets total 15 shots per single HDR image to merge)? Thankyou Russ
  11. Hi, After contacting Franzis the compiler of HDRProjects 5 plugin with the question ' I have now turned to Serif Affinity Photo and would like to ask will there be a HDRProjects 5 plugin made available as unfortunatly the plugin for Adobe products will not work with Affinity Photo.' Answer from them 'Thank you for contacting us. We are currently working on it and the option will be available soon. ' Russ.
  12. Thankyou, in the shortcut key list is states hide UI = TAB and being old I didn't no what UI was. Russ
  13. Hi, What key do you need to press to hide all the panels and give a full screen image as you would do in Lightroom with the F key? Thankyoiu, Russ
  14. Inpainting tool in Affinity Photo removing straight wires? Asked over on the Facebook page also. Hi anyone no how or if you can hold down Shift and click one end then the other of a near straight wire/post with the Inpainting tool? Have tried to do it but as soon as you click the software starts removing whatever you clicked on. Reason I used this in P/S is saves a lot of time if you have many wires or the like. Thank You. Russ
  15. From Facebook. Paul MuddittGroup admin This seems a common way of getting rid of crashes as recommended by Serif, Launch the app with (control) held down until a Clear User Data dialog appears. Remove the ticks for Don't restore window and documents and Reset Studio. Leave only Clear User Defaults checked then press Clear. This should fix the crash issue.