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  1. Hi, Well as the last post here was back in June with NO reply from Seriff/Affinity (March I beleive was the input from them) I think we are flogging a dead horse, same as Skylum, not listening to there customers!!!! Russ.
  2. Hi, Can I suggest looking at the Topaz plugins options http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/win/ Also Topaz Studio https://topazlabs.com/ Maybe something there to help you. Russ.
  3. Seconds up for this option. I do have SNS-HDR a software compiled by one person I beleive at home that can batch process HDR images yet large software developers seem unable to do what is for people who use a lot of HDR in there every day photography a great option, Affinity Photo are not the only ones who left this out, On1 Raw 2018 also does not have the option either. Russ.
  4. Hi, I reached out to MEB a moderator on here. Concerning Qimage as it is IMO the best option out there for printing, used it even though I had CS6 and L/R 6 and stand alone, don't no if there has been any contact between MEB and Mike at Qimage but I advised them both of email and contact info.
  5. Yes understand that but the reply from Mike at Qimage is not a good advert for AP ' we've reached out to Affinity Photo about the possibility of working with them to make a plugin for Qimage. We have not gotten a response. '
  6. For some time now we the users of Affinity Photo have been requesting the ability to use more third party plugins and it seems that it is not at the top of the list of request. I use and have done so for some time Qimage Ultimate a plug-in for P/S and L/R so as I have or am trying to get away from Photoshop CS6 I contacted the Admin and compiler of Qimage and asked as follws. ' I have now placed P/S CS6 into retirment but still use L/R 6 but also gone over to Affinity Photo (Windows) and just wondered if there are any plans to make QI available for other software like Affinity Photo? There are thousands of users of Affinity Photo out there that have done the same and it would be a new market for QI. Thankyou, Russ. ' The reply I received from Mike who created Qimage is as follows. ' This question has come up (and been answered) several times before but I know it's not always easy to get search results on forums so the answer is: we've reached out to Affinity Photo about the possibility of working with them to make a plugin for Qimage. We have not gotten a response. Regards, Mike ' So the question has to be are Serif interested in the users of there product or like one or two other softwares out there only interested in the money? Thankyou, Russ.
  7. Do they sell cameras with the shutter button also on the Left Hand Side?
  8. Thankyou Both, αℓƒяє∂ Why didn't I think of that? Senior moment, Thanks, Russ.
  9. Hi, I am looking at photographing flowers in studio/house against my own painted backgrounds then adding a texture or textures to everything except the flowers or flower heads so I need to be able to cut out what I don.t want to be covered by the textures (Flowers/Flower Heads) save that cut out mask and once added the texture/s to the image paste the un-textured cutout/mask back into the image. Now I hope that makes sense to someone out there. So can you direct me to a tutorial/s for this ? Many Thanks. I no that Topaz software has an option and is as far as I can see compatable with AP but would rather do this in the one app as can be done in Photoshop. Thankyou, Russ. Something like this:-
  10. Russ2

    Plugin support

    Hi, Going to jump in here. The list on the link has been around since the year AD but none of the plugins seem to change from the fact that most do not work with Affinity Photo, people have asked/requested more options now for quite some time same as the option to use the ColorChecker to make your own camera profiles, I have had to keep Adobe Lightroom 6 to be able to do this. Wikipedia have in there description of Affinity Photo ' It is non subscription-based software that has been described as a Photoshop alternative ' but I am afraid that at the moment Serif after the release way back on the 9th July 2015 have/are coming nowhere near that statement especially when it comes to the Plugins. Thankyou. Russ.
  11. How do I DeActivate AP from Windows to move to new Windows computer? Thanks.
  12. How to set the Black and white points in AP? In Lightroom I hold down the Alt key to get the black/white screen then alter either black or white points. Thankyou. Russ.
  13. Hi, Gonna give this a go. I have Lightroom 6 (none subscription) I also want rid of P/S CS6 and just use Affinity Photo (On Windows) I just made AP a second external editor in L/R, I then use the export option to open the image/s. AP does not have a DAM option so no option but to keep L/R 6 at this time also you have to note that you cannot export multiple images as layers from AP as you can with P/S (Lightroom gives Open as layers in Photoshop option). So to answer your question (I Hope) You cannot access your images as you can in Lightroom at this time but I like I would assume like many AP user that a DAM is on the near horizon? Russ.