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  1. Hi, After contacting Franzis the compiler of HDRProjects 5 plugin with the question ' I have now turned to Serif Affinity Photo and would like to ask will there be a HDRProjects 5 plugin made available as unfortunatly the plugin for Adobe products will not work with Affinity Photo.' Answer from them 'Thank you for contacting us. We are currently working on it and the option will be available soon. ' Russ.
  2. Thankyou, in the shortcut key list is states hide UI = TAB and being old I didn't no what UI was. Russ
  3. Hi, What key do you need to press to hide all the panels and give a full screen image as you would do in Lightroom with the F key? Thankyoiu, Russ
  4. Inpainting tool in Affinity Photo removing straight wires? Asked over on the Facebook page also. Hi anyone no how or if you can hold down Shift and click one end then the other of a near straight wire/post with the Inpainting tool? Have tried to do it but as soon as you click the software starts removing whatever you clicked on. Reason I used this in P/S is saves a lot of time if you have many wires or the like. Thank You. Russ
  5. From Facebook. Paul MuddittGroup admin This seems a common way of getting rid of crashes as recommended by Serif, Launch the app with (control) held down until a Clear User Data dialog appears. Remove the ticks for Don't restore window and documents and Reset Studio. Leave only Clear User Defaults checked then press Clear. This should fix the crash issue.
  6. Hi, Need some help please. I installed NIK and it worked fine but after the last update although the plugins activate once they do I cannot do anything at all it's like they have frozen, have to close down Affinity via Task Manager, un-installed and re-installed, downloaded the NIK plug-ins again, I also use Lightroom 6 along with NIK and all work as they should. Wacom tablet is used and has been for a long time. Thankyou. Russ
  7. After contacting X-Rite with the same question on camera profiles I received this reply today 8/12/17 'Unfortunately we don't have a solution outside of Lightroom yet, however we are working with other software companies to integrate this in the future.' How long is the future? Are Affinity one of those companies? We wait like always!!!!
  8. Real shame about the none option for colour profiles with the colorchecker passport as I am sure it is used by thousands of photographers wordwide. I use it for both PP and camera profiles in Lightroom, would like to say goodbye to Adobe but until this option is available in Affinity I am forced to stick with Lightroom 6. Thanks, Russ
  9. Hi, I have deleted Adobe Photoshop for Affinity but I use a color checker passport in both PP and as a camera profile option along with Lightroom. Looking here there are hundreds of posting so rather than going through one by one "Can you achive these profiles in Affinity"? if yes where is there an explination to do it please?, Thank You. Russ
  10. Hi, PP = Post Processing. First time round I was just looking through the options available from AP with a RAW file open, Second time again with a RAW file open (CR2) playing with the Channels options, it was like nothing wanted to work after about 5 minutes except I could move the open image around as you would do with the move tool. I do use a Wacom tablet and Pen. Thankyou. Russ.
  11. Hi,, I purchased the app Affinity Photo after trying via the trial option but now on two occasions the app has just frozen during PP. The only thing that will move is the actual image that I am working, I can move that around the screen but can do nothing else. As I say just purchased so not up to speck on the workings. Thankyou. Russ.
  12. Hi, Second this option. Also a Lightroom and CS6 user and to export images direct from Lightroom and back saves a lot of time. Thankyou. Russ