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  1. Thanks for your help, I just turned on my other monitor and lo and behold, there it was, lol. Again, thank you very much!
  2. Yes I do actually... I'm going to guess that's my issue, lol. I will try it with the second monitor off and report back..
  3. I have the recent 1.84.693 update installed and now unable to open "new document". Tried all possible known ways, no luck. I can open images through "open...", but unable to open a "new..." blank document, when I attempt to nothing happens visually, but affinity gives its "ding" sound as if it is "busy", I end up having to "esc" to be able to continue.
  4. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Photo, have the latest version installed and updated, using Windows 10 PRO, on an old HP Z800 running Dual Xeon 5570 with a crappy old Quadro P600, (AMD Radeon Red Dragon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 GPU on the way :D )...OK, on to the important stuff..lol. I would just like to add I also get this happening without cropping or doing any resizing. I'm using a Nikon D850, large RAW files size, there has been no changes made by me in regards to settings, canvas size or anything in that regards. I noticed this after zooming in then back out, a white edge would appear (on any random side) and stay there, even after exporting. The image could be zoomed to 100%, move to the edge and you will see the white line there. It's really bothersome and has made me think I was doing something wrong and almost gave up with Affinity all together... I now "watch out" for it, which is tiring and should not be necessary. I'm going to delete and reinstall Affinity, see if it makes a difference (if any settings were possibly changed unbeknownst to me). I will try to replicate this again, (maybe later today if time permits), and if you would like, I could maybe send the (NEF) file(s) for you to test. I would like to help resolve this long ongoing issue ASAP.. It seems there has been a number of us with this same bug...is it only Nikon files? I think all the reports I have read so far are with Nikon files, there's probably other manufactures as I didn't read them all.. Thanks for your help. p.s. I'm enjoying editing with Affinity and really hope this minor bug can be resolved...sooner. :) Cheers,
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