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  1. SO stranger and stranger.... 1. Apple DNG files work fine. 2. The DNG files I'm having trouble with came from a class on the NIK Collection on Udemy. I don't know what kind of camera created them. But if you open a directory with any of those files in it, the Windows 10 file Explorer crashes. a. If you try to restart the file explorer, it's still pointing at the same directory, so it crashes again. b. I can start the file explorer with a command line command "explorer.exe /". The "/" moves the directory up a level, so the file explorer will remain up (unless you point it back at a directory that contains a "bad" DNG file. c. However, it I try to run explorer from the normal icon after step (b) above, it still crashes. d. If I try to open one of the DNG files with Affinity (production version 1.7.3), the Open dialog box will show the directory with the files, but if I select one of the DNG files, Affinity crashes. e. If I try to open one of the DNG files with Photoshop Elements 2019, the Open dialog box will show the directory with the files, but if I select one of the DNG files, Photoshop Elements crashes. f. To fix the problem with the file explorer, I had to resort to DOS commands to move the DNG files to a different directory (Boy, that was a memory exercise). g. I tried the suggestion above to convert the files using the Adobe DNG file converter (version 12.1). The converter said it completed all files, but all error symptoms remained. Since my iPhone is the only camera that makes DNG files that I will commonly deal with, I'm just going to delete the DNG files from my Windows 10 machine and deal with them on my Mac, where they work correctly. However, there is clearly a problem with Windows 10 and some DNG files.
  2. Good suggestion - since you suggested that it is associated with viewing thumbnails, I turned off the preview panel in Explorer. Voila! no more crashing. Affinity opens the DNG files without any problems, so I may not need to use the converter.
  3. This isn’t strictly an Affinity question, but I’ve recently started importing DNG files from my IPhone and developing them in Affinity on my Windows 10 machine. Affinity opens the files fine, but if I use Windows Explorer to look at a directory that contains DNG files, Windows Explorer crashes. Moreover, it tries to restart, but since it tries to open the same directory, it crashes again and again and again. I accidentally found a way to get it to stop (use the command line command “explorer.exe /?” - the /? Has the effect of moving Explorer up one level, and that level doesn’t contain any DNG files, so Explorer stays up). I’ve seen evidence on Google that this problem has been around for several years, but no suggestions of how to fix it. anybody know a fix?
  4. I also agree; getting the same error message. What is supposed to happen? Should the RAW file get replaced with a new Raw file? Or should it replace the Raw file with a JPEG with the changes made? I'm confused now.
  5. SteveB523

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Quick question: Should I leave the beta version in my Download folder or move it to the Applications folder? It seems to run from the download folder just fine.
  6. Try Document/Flatten after using the “Edit in Affinity Photo” extension before saving; that works for me.
  7. Cecil - since the Beta installs along side the production version, I assumed you could keep both sets of extensions, and I have, at least so far. I've been able to switch back and forth, although admittedly, I've only done it a few times.
  8. Andy - try Document/Flatten before you a save and Quit in the Extension approach (“the Affinity Develop option). If I don’t do that, it gives me the error message; if I flatten it first, it works.
  9. There's a separate topic for the issue with Apple Photos. See https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/91443-affinity-photo-has-stopped-saving-directly-back-into-mac-os-photos/ That said, my testing of the 1.8 beeta shows that both the EDIT WITH and EXTENSIONS are fixed in the beta with one caveat and one exception. The caveat is that you must flatten your file before you save and quit (Document/Flatten). The exception is that, once you have a photo loaded, you can't open another from Apple Photos if, for example, you want to place it on the first. I'm pretty sure that's a bug, because you can open a second photo from, for example, an iCloud source. In any event, that's progress, and I'm happy.
  10. On my Mac running Catalina, it is still possible to save to Apple Photos directly on the File/Share menu item - the same way you would send it to yourself with iMessage.
  11. After I installed the Beta, both sets of extensions showed up when I clicked on the ... button in Photos. The Beta extensions weren’t identified as such, but they were the second set, which makes sense since I installed the Beta after the production version. So it is possible to keep both sets of extensions, which might come in handy if there are other problems in the beta. Did you try the place command once you had a picture open, and did it work?
  12. You know, reading is a great skill to have! Also, the normal beta considerations apply.
  13. I understand better now, I think. I was partially mislead by the title of the topic ("Affinity Photo has stopped saving directly back into Mac OS Photos!!"), which made it look like Affinity Photo on the Mac couldn't save edited photos to Apple Photos at all, which, of course isn't true at all - the Share menu worked fine. Edit With I tested the Edit With function with the new Beta version. I closed the 1.7.3 version of Affinity, selected a thumbnail in Apple Photos, and clicked "Edit With" and then Affinity Photo Beta. On the first try, the beta never opened, and the crash window popped up. I got rid of that and tried again. This time, the Beta started fine and opened the photo I selected. I then tried to use File/Place to open a second picture from Media/Photos. The open dialog box opened, and initially it listed both Photos and PhotoBooth at the top and started grinding away on finding the photos - but then it finished, the Photos item at the top disappeared, leaving only PhotoBooth, and no pictures ever showed up - I waited at least 30 seconds, way longer than it usually takes. I cancelled the open dialog box and tried File/Place again - and exactly the same thing happened. No pictures ever showed up. This appears to be a bug in the Beta. Giving up on the Place command, I just applied an obnoxious HSL adjustment and tried File/Save. Affinity flattened the file and appeared to replace the original in Apple Photos. However, it was possible to revert back to the original in Apple Photos. Extension a. Simple HSL adjustment without flattening I then tried the extension with Affinity Photo, and got the error message as expected. I tried the extension with the Beta. The Place command fromMedia/Photos didn't work here, either. I applied an HSL adjustment, clicked File/Save (didn't get a message about flattening), and then Quit the Beta. The modified photo showed up in Apple Photos, which was still in the Affinity Edit mode. At the bottom of the Apple Photos screen, it said "Editing Complete - press Save to Keep these changes". When I clicked "Save Changes", I got an Error Dialog Box that said "Unable to edit with "Edit in Affinity Photo". An unexpected error has occurred". (see image attached). When I clicked "done", I was back in Apple Photos with an unmodified photo. b. new image placed plus HSL adjustment But here's where it gets weird. I tried the extension for a second time. But this time, I tried the File/Place command with an image from iCloud, and that worked fine. That tells me that not being able to Place photos from Apple Photos really is a bug. I also applied an HSL adjustment, clicked File/Save (no flattening message in Affinity), and Clicked Quit. This time, because I also placed a new picture in the original, there was a different message at the bottom of the Apple Photos screen: "Editing Complete (16 MB change limit exceeded - Document will be flattened) - press Save to Keep these changes". When I clicked "Save Changes"; the changed document appeared in Edit mode screen. When I clicked "Done"; the photo with my changes appeared in photos as expected. It could be that the image has to be flattened before saving, so I repeated the first extension experiment: c. Simple HSL adjustment but flattened before saving Select the same photo as in (a) above in Apple Photos by double clicking it Click Edit. Click the "..." button. Click "edit with Affinity Photo" (the beta version) Applied HSL adjustment (no Place command) Clicked Document/Flatten to reduce file to one layer. Clicked Save, then Quit the Beta. Even though I already flattened the file, I got the "Editing Complete (16 MB change limit exceeded - Document will be flattened) - press Save to Keep these changes" message. When I clicked "Save Changes"; the changed document appeared in Edit mode screen. When I clicked "Done"; the photo with my changes appeared in photos as expected. So, in summary: Edit With appears to work in the new Beta. the Edit Extension Appears to work in the new Beta IF you flatten the image first The File/Place command from Apple Photos does not work with either method.

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