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    Designer on iPad crashes on export

    Well, I’m afraid I don’t know how, but it’s fixed.. I’m pretty sure I got out of Designed completely and restarted it. I did not restart my iPad. In any event, the next time I tried it, it worked fine.
  2. I have an original iPad Pro 12.9 inch running the current version of Designer ( and iOS12.3. this problem is repeatable; it happens right after I reboot the iPad. I open Designer, create a new document, add one polygon shape, and try to export and share it. As soon as I select “Save Image”, Designer crashes and nothing is saved. this happens whether or not I first export the document as a JPG (which does work). if I want the document in my Photos library, I have to export it as a JPG to my iCloud account, then use the Files app to save the document to the Photos library.
  3. windows 7 upgrade from 128 to 145 fails without error messages
  4. I was using Affinity Publisher on my Apple MacBook Air when it crashed. Here's what I was doing: I was creating a 2019 calendar. My first thought was to create a Master Page with a table layout 7 column wide for days of the week plus 6 rows for dates, 1 row for the name of the month, and one for the days of the week; or a total of 8 rows. Once I created the master page, I figured I'd create 12 pages from that master, and edit each page for each month. That didn't work, because I couldn't edit the table on the page. So plan B became edit the master to be the January Master, then copy that to make a new master for February, etc. I created the January Master, created the January Page, copied the January Master and edited it to make a February Master, created the February Page, etc. After I edited the October master to make the November Master, Affinity Publisher crashed (just disappeared completely) when I attempted to create the November page from the November Master. Of course, I hadn't saved my document yet - but the good news is Affinity say it and allowed me to restore it as soon as I restarted it. In fact, the November page had been created correctly, so the error myst have occurred after that. Apple crash dump attached AP CRASH DUMP 9-3-2018 SRB.docx
  5. Thank you - that’s the sort of answer I was looking for. I’m working through tutorials now and will post more specific questions with samples as I come to them. Thanks for the starting points!
  6. How best can I mitigate overexposed (too bright) areas - for example, lamp shades when the lamp is on - from indoor pictures that are otherwise fine? The main parts of the image turned out sell, but the small white areas are distracting.
  7. Sorry if I wasn’t clear - I was referring to MWB’s post innthis thread in which he said’”here’s No way to get/buy it now, sorry” also, the links that @Alred posted do not appear to be for the Epic Skies product that icetiger66 and I were interested in.
  8. Sorry if I wasn’t clear - I was referring to MWB’s post innthis thread in which he said’”here’s No way to get/buy it now, sorry”
  9. Interesting. That would make sense - if the third party vendor wanted to sell the product they were promoting. Yet your earlier post implies that’s not the case?
  10. SteveB523

    Free Bonus Pack

    I agree. I, and I suspect many others, bought Affinity for XMAS. I don't understand the thinking behind offering free content only until a specific date.
  11. As Someone who recently purchased BOTH the Windows and the MAC version of Affinity Photo, as well as the iPad version, as well as the Photo Workbook, I'm curious what the thinking was behind offering a free macro to only users who purchased the product before a specific date. Had I purchased one copy for a single computer prior to Nov 16, I would have received it, but having purchased 3 copies and the workbook after Nov 16, I don't. Doesn't seem fair or rational.