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  1. You used to be able to right-click on a photo in Mac OS's Photos app, select "edit with... Affinity Photo", make your edits in AP, press Save and FINITO, the edited/fixed file was directly saved into its original location in Mac OS Photos. Seamlessly, simply and FAST. Now this is no longer possible!! I know this is a bug you have been aware of for over a month, but as we still have no feedback, I thought that writing it in the appropriate section would help AP's developers speed this CRUCIAL fix up ASAP (by reminding them)! Dear Developers please hurry! One of the main reasons we love Affinity is because of its ability to work flawlessly & seamlessly with Mac OS.
  2. It used to work for me (and most people) up until June. Following an update, it just stopped. We've all been waiting for Serif / Affinity (or, at least, their developers) to jump in here and make an announcement about what they are doing about it, but, as you can clearly see in this thread that's monitored by them - ZILCH! We would all have very much appreciated an official reply from them (ANY REPLY - EVEN if it's that they CANNOT FIX THIS BUG, or that THEY ARE ACTIVELY WORKING ON IT). But nothing... All these months. Very very very disappointed with Affinity. Although, I LOVE their software and think that they can be #1 in a few years (if they keep innovating), this incident that has lasted for so many months, ALONE, has made me feel very insecure as to how they would deal with future problems, when professionals will be DEPENDENT on Affinity & its support/problem-solving...
  3. It can't be "Apple's fault" lol - it's Affinity Photo that was made for (and sold to us as) working flawlessly & hand-in-hand with Mac OS and its BASE photos' app/system: Photos. Not the other way 'round... (If Mac OS was marketed/sold to us as working flawlessly with Affinity - and it stopped doing so after we bought it - then it would be Apple's fault. But the situation is in reverse). So as long as this is not fixed, Affinity is simply not giving us what they promised / keeping their end of the purchase deal. We have all been waiting for Serif to fix their Affinity Photos's bug since June 2019 (!!!). So far, radio-silence...
  4. It would have been "nice" back in JUNE when this started happening... Now it's just "MONTHS LATE". I don't know what Serif / Affinity is doing and not positioning themselves with this bug of theirs. This forum is meant to be their developers' "hangout" (not hideout lol). But seriously, Affinity?... We LOVE your products, but is this silence going to be the way to deal with problems when they arise (problems occur with Adobe too, no one is perfect)?? No one is expecting ZERO problems - it's about how fast / professionally you fix them that matters!
  5. to say that something "works", means it works for every format. If it doesn't work for everything, then it simply "does NOT work". And, since JUNE, Serif / Affinity has not even bothered telling it's customers when this SERIOUS bug in their product will be fixed... (It's "serious" because THOUSANDS of customers, such as myself, have bought Affinity products EXACTLY BECAUSE they advertised that they work FLAWLESSLY with Mac OS and its BASE photos' app/system: Photos. So as long as this is not fixed, Affinity is simply not giving us what they promised / keeping their end of the purchase deal.) ***And, don't get me wrong - I LOVE the Affinity software so far. It's just that this is not a "little glitch" that "should be fixed soon". It is a MAJOR flaw. So, for me, it's CRAZY that this hasn't been fixed after MONTHS of failure!!
  6. EVERYONE does. And Affinity is not even ADDRESSING the issue (let alone fixing it)...
  7. Dear Affinity, this bug has been around since JUNE 2019 (and maybe even earlier - but that's when I noticed it!)... See date of first post about your bug: When EXACTLY are you going to release a fix?? We are now in October 2019 - and slowly approaching the year 2020 - and still no feedback (or update on you "working feverishly" to fix this)... We bought the Affinity software exactly because it promised to work flawlessly, and hand-in-hand, with Mac OS and it's base photos application (Photos) where everything is stored before editing with your software, and will continue to be, after the edit/s with your software... Please be so kind as to reply to all of us waiting for this fix!
  8. Is there a QUICK & EASY way to get rid of the "aura" around the palm trees? I do not want to replace the sky with another one (I like the real one as is), and the point is to not waste endless time going around every single leaf to mask etc etc. I am hoping that there is some kind of tool by which I can just draw roughly around the outline of the leaves (roughly = with a thick pointer) and, "bam", I get that annoying darker-blue outline/"aura" of the tree leaves (which makes the photo look fake) to disappear, and the palm trees' leaves to blend in perfectly with the rest of the blue sky! (So that there's no color/shade difference between the sky that's around the leaves and the rest of the sky). Is there such a tool/method?
  9. YES YES YES!!! AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!!! So, what you (we) did, essentially, is manipulate the entire blue sky (instead of just the darker contour that I wanted to get rid of), right? But if that's what we did, then how come the darker AND lighter blue areas didn't change shade at the same rate (leaving both areas with the same shade difference between themselves)?? This is probably why I never thought of trying to manipulate the selective colors (as I thought that had I changed a "blue" color - in the OVERALL image - it wouldn't change anything, since the darker area would always remain just as dark compared to the lighter one, as I would be increasing/decreasing their shade/brightness TOGETHER). That's why I thought that the only way to do this would have been to select the darker "aura"/contour/outline, somehow, and affect ONLY that; so that it would match the lighter area... And then, once that was done - and both areas were the same, I could THEN affect the selective color (blue in this case) to make it how I liked (since both areas would have then been the same)... It would be great if you could explain this, so that I can understand the logic and apply it to the next situation that's similar to this! **"Don't give me a free fish, teach me how to fish, so I won't bother you again!"
  10. not sure - i think post-editing. Was trying to make the colors more vibrant (as they were in real life but the camera hadn't captured them as they were), so maybe in the editing process this darker outline/contour occurred. Beats me. The point is to fix it though..
  11. no worries - I found another one that shows everything! GREAT VIDEO!! Thanks for replying though!
  12. With the clone tool you can copy a certain part of a photo and paste it to another area. Can you do the same between 2 photos? Eg. Say I have 1 photo which I like and want to keep this one, but I have an annoying person standing in front of a relatively complex object (like a small table) and therefore hiding it. I can't use the inpainting brush tool there as AP doesn't know what's behind the man to reveal it while making him "disappear". But I have another photo taken from a similar angle & proximity of the same place - I don't want to use this photo because the first one is better - and in this second photo the man is not standing where he was in the first photo. So I would like to copy the "vacant" area from the second photo and paste it to the first photo to get this guy to disappear. So I suppose I would open each of the two photos in a different AP tab and then somehow copy the area I need from one photo to the next? Can this be sone? How?
  13. check my last message in this stream - maybe this fixes it for you too!
  14. ****EDIT!! I just discovered yesterday that, even though the most common (& easiest) method of right-clicking on image in Photos and selecting Edit In Affinity Photo still doesn't work; the other method, finally D (described below) DOES!! There must have been some kind of an issue with my Photos app (problems occur very often with open apps, when the macbook's cover is shut and reopened later and mac wakes up from sleep...). I discovered that I had to shut the Photos app down, and reopen it, and I then COULD edit and save back into Photos directly (using the workaround-method below, of course). ***So if anyone else is having the same problem I was (not even being able to use the workaround method, below), then check if this is "fixed" if you shut down Photos app and reopen it! ***The workaround method = Instead of right-clicking the image (or thumbnail) in Apple Photos to invoke the context menu and pick the Edit With option; you double-click the thumbnail to display the image, click the Edit button on the top right, then the ellipsis icon and select the Edit in Affinity Photo extension, it will save your changes back to Apple Photos after you finish editing the image in Affinity Photo." But, of course, we are still waiting for the update from the developers with when they are going to fix regular/fast right-click method that has stopped working for months!
  15. DEAR AFFINITY DEVELOPERS! As this forum is meant to be your "hangout" and you read all the problems customers/users are having in order to fix them, please let us know RIGHT AWAY when you will fix this HUGE BUG that your software has had over the last MONTHS. We bought AP exactly because it claimed to work flawlessly with macs and their included apps (especially Photos). Now it SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK WITH PHOTOS AND IT IS CAUSING A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH OUR WORKFLOW (we might as well have bought any 3rd party app that wasn't Mac-related...). So please reply ASAP regarding WHEN EXACTLY you will fix this bug in your software. Thank you.
  16. We have been waiting for MONTHS for the developers to let us know what is going on... HELLO DEVELOPERS?
  17. DOESN 'T WORK FOR ME ANYMORE EITHER!! Instead of Affinity fixing the problem, now even the workaround no longer works!!
  18. ok this is crazy - still no fix after all these months?? Is there a way to contact the devs to get a reply?....
  19. Hi, I this forum IS the developers' "hangout" (and that they respond here too with updates). No?
  20. YES! That worked!! Thanks!! But strange that it works like that, though, and not in the first way..
  21. I used to be able to save directly into my mac's photos app. I would open a photo within photos app, right click on the photo, edit with, affinity photo app. After I made my edits, I would press save in AP, and then the original photo in my photos app would simply be replaced by my new edited one. Easy and fast. Now, however I just followed the same process, pressed save in AP, AP said that it's "exporting", and after it was finished exporting, the original photo in my photos app remains unchanged!! What am I doing wrong?? And where did the file that was "exporting" even go??

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