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  1. @markw So interesting turn of events. I opened your file the other day and had a look. Again Thanks. Today while working on a project I had used my styles panel and all was normal....normal gear icon. I closed the file, had my dinner and reopened the file I was working on to find your cat from the file you sent had somehow injected itself into my styles panel as the styles icon. Any thoughts on how this m ay of happened? I'm mystified. You wouldn't happen to know how how to switch it back would you?
  2. @markw Thanks for putting the file together. It's doing what I want it do now so problem solved. I had it somewhat correct. The image I'm using to erase still wants to be in a group with what it's erasing to isolate that from lower layers but it doesn't want to be in a group or layer of it's own within that group. Confusing bit of clarity there. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I could have sworn I've pulled this off before by grouping. I guess I'll have to burn a png to get a layer of color behind this. Sorta sucks the spontaneity out of this as I'm experimenting at the moment. Thanks for clearing up the folder icon. Beyond me at times to put 2 and 2 together. Re: blend modes. I tried putting a white color overlay on the png and setting blend mode to multiply both within the effect module and at the layer level and the overlay gives me an undesired white background. Sorta kinda worked. Will play with this a bit more. Never knew exactly how screen and multiply worked btw. Going up on my wall on a post-it alongside 100 other tips I always forget to look at. Off topic: Looking at your avatar.... Are you in the Illuminati and if so what are your plans for humanity? Do you know Katy Perry-I heard she's a member?
  4. Hi all, How does one isolate layers below a layer set to erase blend mode? In this example Layer 5 has a png set to erase and it is burning through Layers 1-4. Layers 1-5 are grouped. Layer 0 is not grouped residing below the rest with a rectangle in it that I would like to try other contrasting colors in. Also...what is that symbol in La yer 5 mean? Can someone enlighten me please?
  5. @haakoo Thanks for dropping the file. @v_kyr I just ran across this this morning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1bkRKI2xxc Easy enough workaround for now.
  6. Agreed. At least I know what the heck is going on now. AD has been a little buggy for me from time to time here recently so I know not to chalk it up to that at least. Thx.
  7. @v_kyr Thanks for the reality check. I was sure I had done this in the past but apparently I'm mistaken.
  8. Hi all, In my appearance panel add stroke is disabled for text. I should be able to add multiple stroke to text correct? Am I missing something? It's usually something on my end sadly. Thx.......
  9. @grargemeister These are available at Designcuts. https://www.designcuts.com/product/grid-builder-layout-composer/ and https://www.designcuts.com/product/letter-builder/. I received both of them in a bundle a while back for much less than they are asking now fyi. Anyway, not sure if this is what you are looking for but they are out there to check out.
  10. Thanks @smadell. Looking forward to taking this for a spin.
  11. Hi everyone. What I wound up doing was uninstalling and reinstalling my brushes in order. This still doesn't let me group sets of brushes in say a category for nature or illustration. Thanks @Callum for the response. I agree with @Hilltop and @R C-R about having the ability to organize brushes down the proverbial road.
  12. Cool! Maybe I'll download a trial when I have time to explore.
  13. No worries and thanks for the reply regardless. Good to know should purchase Publisher in the future.
  14. Thanks Walt. Couldn't be any simpler than that! Another mystery solved. I'm actually not seeing that option in the Designer view dropdown menu. Interesting.
  15. Hi again, second quick question today. Is there a way to temporally hide the bounding boxes when editing? I find them distracting at times such when I'm testing stroke colors or editing smaller objects. Again, Many thanks.
  16. Hi everyone, Is there a way to change/edit the order of categories in the brushes panel? I loaded some brushes by double-clicking on them after unzipping them and they loaded out of order. See image please. I'm finding it makes it difficult to remember which brushes are where and I like things in order. Many thanks!
  17. Yeah....that was me. Seems to be fine now that I noticed the error of my ways. Sorry to waste your time.
  18. Ummmm. Just checked the doc I uploaded and feeling a little stupid. Apparently it's much larger than 4000px X 4000px. Doc defaulted to mm and I changed it to px without noticing that Designer recalculated size.
  19. @walt.farrell @Mark Ingram First of all thank you both for responding. *Concerning the memory leak. That screenshot was taken about 15 mins after closing the program....maybe a little longer. Designer was "semi-highlighted" on my desktop- box around it. I had to end task in task manager. *Tablet vs mouse doesn't matter. * File size doesn't matter. Last file while successfully using brushes was 25mb. Was using brushes over 2000px. May have been a little sketchy but having not had access to good brushes before (previous CorelDraw user) I don't know what great performance looks like. Doesn't seem to matter now. * Brush size again..........I'm including the test file I did yesterday. Not my best work and I was a bit frustrated at the time that was produced. :) * File size 291MB which seems big to me for included doc. A couple notes on my end. I'm new to the program but I have a lot hours in a couple docs I've worked on. Coming to AD specifically for use of brushes. I'm wondering now after a few net searches if it might my processor is bottle necking. Are my specs good? Could this be on my end? Thoughts on system optimization? Currently looking into CPU upgrade as this has stopped me dead in my tracks. Good to see Walt has same GPU! Anyway..thanks again. BrushFail.afdesign
  20. Did I put this in the wrong forum? Should this be in support?
  21. Hi everyone....hope this finds you well! Recent development on my end. Brushes usage has gotten really buggy and is causing CPU overload, memory jumps and slow performance. Also Designer is leaking memory after closing the program. Everything was fine a couple days ago and I haven't changed anything I can think of. I will select a brush and color and when I try and bracket up the brush size things begin to fail. In some brush sets the brush I've selected will deselect itself and default to another brush, in others I select a brush change size or color-brush deselects, in all CPU will jump and about 30 secs later I'll see my stroke. Impossible to use. All other brushes unless at a very small pixel width are also causing the same problems. i5-4960K @ 3.5Ghz, 16GB DDR3 Ram, Win 8.1 64 bit x64 based processor, MSI GTX 970, LG Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 and a small Dell monitor or a Vizio Tv as second monitor. ( I switched out the tv this morning to make sure it was not somehow the problem). I ran memtest a few weeks ago and all is fine. Anyone else having these problems? Any suggestions before I jump off my roof? Thanks!
  22. Callum, Never mind on everything up to my second question there. I was moving too fast over here and figured out my problem. Again thanks for responding.
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