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  1. Hey everyone! Just a quick question on this. Is there a work around having elements export crisp when they have FX applied? Or if elements have FX applied, are these automatically rasterized which in turn, when exporting as PDF they will come out pixelated?
  2. I see, this is the first time actually noticing! Would you know any other ways to change the color of a group of curves / shapes similar to color overlay but able to export as Vector? thanks!
  3. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to know if it's normal for a Vector to export as an "Image" if a color overlay is applied? I have a complex design with many curves, lines & shapes and its much quicker for me to change the whole color of the design by selecting the group and using Effects > Color Overlay rather than having to select all elements individually and change the color manually. The shapes are a mix of outlines and color fills. When I export the design with Color Overlay, it shows as "image". When i removed Color Overlay, it shows as normal curves and i can edit accordingly. If for some reason this is normal and I can't export the design as Vector with Color Overlay, does anyone have any suggestions on how to quickly and easily change the color of a Group of curves, lines & shapes? thanks!
  4. Hey guys! I posted to Affinity incase this was a bug and they have resolved my issue. Such an easy fix Here it is incase anyone has the same problem:
  5. Hey Sean! Wow thank you so much, this was a simple fix to my issue that i have had for a very long time now. I wasn't aware of this option! Can't thank you enough. Will post on my Forum to let others know
  6. Hey Team! Posting this incase it is a bug! After chatting on the forum we've found that for some reason Affinity Designer exports certain elements blurry and pixelated in a High Quality PDF. This happens to me on a regular occasion especially on detailed artwork. This time, i thought i would try get down to why this is happening all the time. In this case, this artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator where i could open it and work on it fine on Affinity. Although, when i go to export it as a High Quality PDF, it rasterizes parts of the Artwork making a lot of the elements go blurry and pixelated. My team member using illustrator on the other hand have no issue exporting it as a crisp finished High Quality PDF. I have attached the Illustrator File (which you can open in Affinity) and also the PDFs exported from Illustrator (you will see complete artwork is crisp and HQ) and Affinity (you will see parts are blurred when zooming up). This is the forum ( ) I had tested these suggestions from the forum and deleted these elements although still exporting pixelated. I am hoping there is some solution to this as we do a lot of work alongside designers who use Illustrator. Look forward to hearing back from the team! thanks! [MCKINLAY] Logo Design.afdesign [MCKINLAY]_Logo_Design.ai [MCKINLAY]_Logo_Design.pdf [MCKINLAY] Logo Design - Affinity Export.pdf
  7. Hey Joachim_L! Thanks for your kind words! And thanks so much for the info. I had no idea that these little elements would affect the entire design when exported. I had deleted these 2 x elements you mentioned above and unfortunately the artwork is still exporting pixelated. Maybe there is a lot more of these in the design - do you know a faster way on how we can find these without having to manually search through every layer? Majority of this design was created in illustrator and only having this trouble when opening in Affinity to Export as High Quality PDF. Maybe Affinity for some reason is having trouble reading some of the design elements. thanks!
  8. Hey! Sorry i'm not quite familiar with the term FX but checking over the artwork, there are no Adjustments on the elements. Looks like it's plain curves with fill colour. Maybe i am missing something or could this be a bug? I have attached the design file here thanks! [MCKINLAY] Logo Design.afdesign
  9. Hey guys! Thanks for your input I did a little more playing around and just double the pixel size of the artboard and now it is exporting nice and crisp! For some reason, keeping the artboard at 1080px8640px (exporting 6 x 1080x1080px slices) wasnt enough to keep it clera when uploaded to insta. I increased the entire artboard to 2160x17280px, broken it up in slices of 2160x2160px and now it looks great. They dont look blurry or pixelated once uploaded to instagram thanks!
  10. Hey guys! When i export my artwork to a High Quality PDF - parts of it go blurry and pixelated. The entire artwork is created with Curves which show crisp and clean when opened in Affinity Designer and I am wanting to export this as a HQ PDF for large print use. For some reason, my partner designer who uses illustrator and supply the entire artwork in clean curves but for some reason, I cannot do the same with Affinity. I have attached the HQ PDF - you will see alot of the dark green leaves in the tree are blurry and pixelated when zoomed. Any suggestions? thanks! [MCKINLAY] Logo Design (HQ PDF).pdf
  11. Hey team! I have a Carousel Artwork i have broken into 8 slices for export. The entire artwork is 1080x8640px (8 x 1080x1080px images). Every time i export in either .png or .jpeg, the images show blurry/pixelated. I have even tried to export with Jpeg (best Quality) 100 - to get the highest quality to export although it still comes out pixelated. All i need is to export these slices HQ so they have a crisp finish. These are hard to read when uploaded to Instagram. Hoping to get some tips!
  12. Hi team, just reporting a bug which I have been experiencing for a while now. This error happens often and randomly - when going to File > place > my images will not show. I have to exit the entire program and restart it to go to the same folder for the images to show for placement. hopefully can be fixed soon as it interrupts workflow thanks!
  13. Hi, I am having trouble with the subtract tool as it is not working properly. I have one complex shape and one basic shape - both which I have "Expanded" using Layer > Expand Stroke, to make them both into shapes. As you can see in my images, Layer 1 is white filled shape with coconut trees & weights cut outs. Layer 2 is just a plain orange background. I would like to subtract Layer 1 into Layer 2 soo..I have the Layer I would like to subtract ONTOP of the layer i would like to keep. With both layers selected, Layer 1 is ontop of Layer 2, you can see that Layer 1 does not subtract properly? It only subtracts part of the images of the coconut trees, not the full image. What i am trying to do is make all the white space of Layer 1 transparent. So if the background colour of the whole document is changed, so will the inner circle of the logo. But the coconut trees etc will be different colour. Am i missing something? Thanks!
  14. @MEB I just uploaded it again, it should be under - Beck Hall - TNQ-fishing-shirt-workfile.afdesign
  15. Hi, Just wanting to bump this post as I have not heard back from support forum? Any suggestions? Thanks,
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