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  1. Hi, I am having trouble with the subtract tool as it is not working properly. I have one complex shape and one basic shape - both which I have "Expanded" using Layer > Expand Stroke, to make them both into shapes. As you can see in my images, Layer 1 is white filled shape with coconut trees & weights cut outs. Layer 2 is just a plain orange background. I would like to subtract Layer 1 into Layer 2 soo..I have the Layer I would like to subtract ONTOP of the layer i would like to keep. With both layers selected, Layer 1 is ontop of Layer 2, you can see that Layer 1 does not subtract properly? It only subtracts part of the images of the coconut trees, not the full image. What i am trying to do is make all the white space of Layer 1 transparent. So if the background colour of the whole document is changed, so will the inner circle of the logo. But the coconut trees etc will be different colour. Am i missing something? Thanks!
  2. @MEB I just uploaded it again, it should be under - Beck Hall - TNQ-fishing-shirt-workfile.afdesign
  3. Hi, Just wanting to bump this post as I have not heard back from support forum? Any suggestions? Thanks,
  4. Hi MEB, Thanks for your response! I have uploaded my AF file to your link. Hopefully we can figure out to export in some way so i can supply this in editable layers to my suppliers - whether as PDF or psd Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have looked through many forums although can't find the answer to my issue! I need to export my Affinity Designer files so my suppliers can access all layers of artwork. They ask for PSD although when i export as PSD they say the file is exported as a "flat" image with no layers. When i open the PSD file on my computer, layers show perfectly? Is this a glitch? Or am I exporting it wrong? When i Export as PDF, and leave "Don't export layers hidden by Export persona" unchecked - does the PDF export as layers? So if my supplier opens in photoshop or other program they can access them? I need a way to just supply my artwork to my supplier in layers. Please help! Thanks! Beck
  6. Any update on this issue - I am still waiting for some advice or assistance from someone Thanks!
  7. @graphorama I havent heard back on here sorry. @callum would i still be able to share my work with you to see if we could find a solution to the problem? Thanks!
  8. @- S - exactly what i was looking for thank you! just needed to simply convert a complete black logo to white without unnecessary steps!
  9. @Callum that would be great thank you! Is it okay to provide dropbox details to share with you? Thanks for the suggestion @firstdefence, would like this artwork to be kept private
  10. Hi, I have spent hours trying to figure out why the edges on this logo when exported become rough & pixelated. The logo will be used for print & web - I have tried multiple Document Settings including; Type: Web - 1280 px by 800 px 72 DPI & 300 DPI, Type: Print - 2000px, 3000px - 300 DPI. All coming out distored, pixelated or with black lines. I have also tried to rasterize which didnt work. Is there something I am missing here? Document set up quality? I'm stuck! I just need clean crisp edges on the logo. I have attached images of Affinity view screen with 100% zoom along with image of exported PNG, PDF & JPG Thanks!