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  1. Moderators, FYI: I'm seeing the same result as Daniel Gibert ... a string of in-line text boxes, one for each original line of text. (See the attached image.) In my case, though: 1. I am using File > Place 2. I'm placing a PDF (not a Word doc, although it was originally created in Word) 3. I'm embedding Hope you can debug this soon!
  2. Creative Market has an excellent article on font trends, including Color Fonts, here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/font-trends So, plus one for this request from kndrv.
  3. Agree 100%! :) I know this has been requested several times in the past. Affinity Designer team, is it on the roadmap for the next release? :D
  4. One of my new Instagram friends, Lindsey Slutz, @east_coast_charm has just released a course at SkillShare called "Creating Patterns in Affinity Designer. To launch it, she's making it free to the first 25 who sign up. (As of this writing, there are 9 spots left.) If there's still room, the link will be in her bio... https://www.instagram.com/east_coast_charm/ The class is short and the steps are very clearly explained. I think it's a great introduction to Affinity Designer, whether or not you want to create patterns. :) I really wish I'd seen it before I tried teaching myself A.
  5. Here's a response I got from Photific: As of now Photoshop is the only officially supported platform. It's possible you could get Affinity to work, although these templates have some advanced features that trip up some other designers. Specifically: displacement maps and nested layers with group layer can cause compatibility issues. There are nested layers within a Group that has a layer mask. If affinity can handle that you'd probably be okay :) Anyone have some thoughts on this? Thanks!
  6. Wondering if I will be able to use these mockups by Photific inside Affinity Designer? Here's the main page, which says that the mockups are Photoshop files, delivered as PDF ... https://creativemarket.com/Photific/400296-STOREFRONT-Apparel-Mockups-Bundle And this screenshot talks about "3D design mapping" and "proprietary layer processing" ... https://creativemarket.com/Photific/400296-STOREFRONT-Apparel-Mockups-Bundle/screenshots/#screenshot3 Hoping someone can advise me, from looking at those two links. Many thanks! Sheila
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