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  1. Creative Market has an excellent article on font trends, including Color Fonts, here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/font-trends So, plus one for this request from kndrv.
  2. Agree 100%! :) I know this has been requested several times in the past. Affinity Designer team, is it on the roadmap for the next release? :D
  3. One of my new Instagram friends, Lindsey Slutz, @east_coast_charm has just released a course at SkillShare called "Creating Patterns in Affinity Designer. To launch it, she's making it free to the first 25 who sign up. (As of this writing, there are 9 spots left.) If there's still room, the link will be in her bio... https://www.instagram.com/east_coast_charm/ The class is short and the steps are very clearly explained. I think it's a great introduction to Affinity Designer, whether or not you want to create patterns. :) I really wish I'd seen it before I tried teaching myself A.D. :rolleyes:
  4. Here's a response I got from Photific: As of now Photoshop is the only officially supported platform. It's possible you could get Affinity to work, although these templates have some advanced features that trip up some other designers. Specifically: displacement maps and nested layers with group layer can cause compatibility issues. There are nested layers within a Group that has a layer mask. If affinity can handle that you'd probably be okay :) Anyone have some thoughts on this? Thanks!
  5. Wondering if I will be able to use these mockups by Photific inside Affinity Designer? Here's the main page, which says that the mockups are Photoshop files, delivered as PDF ... https://creativemarket.com/Photific/400296-STOREFRONT-Apparel-Mockups-Bundle And this screenshot talks about "3D design mapping" and "proprietary layer processing" ... https://creativemarket.com/Photific/400296-STOREFRONT-Apparel-Mockups-Bundle/screenshots/#screenshot3 Hoping someone can advise me, from looking at those two links. Many thanks! Sheila