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  1. Hi. I've just downloaded the last beta and the issue of the huge weight is still there even though I have my pictures linked and not embedded. Will this be fixed when the final release is available next 19th? Thanks :)
  2. juanma_dv

    [Fixed] AD doesn't close

    Thank you, my friend. It worked perfectly :)
  3. Hi. Lately, when I try to close AD, a popup Capture.mp4 opens saying that "there is a file loading" making impossible closing the software in a civilized way. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Adoro Portugal y a los portugueses, las personas más amables del mundo I know that AD is similar to Illustrator, that's why I'm asking for the text linking, which has been present in Illustrator for a loooong time. I bought AD thinking that it would be my go-to software, but I'm afraid that I will have to wait some more time. Thanks anyway for the answer. Best regards. Juanma
  5. I didn't like discovering that there's no way to link text boxes in AD as this makes it pretty useless to my work (you can't even get a brochure off the ground) but no way to see the bleeding? Well this is quite disappointing as (in my humble opinion) they should have been available since the first version, don't you think?. I understand that the software is very affordable but please don't make it cheap. Best regards

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