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  1. If Apple had replaced Aperture with something usable then I can understand it – but, six years on, the replacement Photos app is still just as shit and useless as it ever was at the beginning. Heck, even iPhoto (simultaneously ditched with Aperture) was waaaaaay better. I had been searching constantly for six years to find a suitable Aperture alternative… to no avail. Nothing even comes close to Aperture’s photo management abilities, never mind its unique Lightable feature. Like you, I doubt there’ll be an Affinity DAM any time soon (or ever) but, I am over the moon that I can still use Aperture. I still have the C1 safety net (C1 can import Aperture libraries) if I need it. That said, I would dearly dearly dearly wish that there will be an Affinity DAM.
  2. As a Mac user, I had migrated from Aperture to Capture One Pro earlier in the year. Whilst RAW processing is awesome, unfortunately, C1’s image management is utterly woeful in comparison to Aperture – which I still feel is king when it comes to photo management (makes LR seem like 💩). Having previously given up running Aperture on macOS Catalina, I have recently found that it can be patched to run on the very latest OS. So, with Aperture running sweetly, I have reverted back to it for basic batch editing, photo and metadata management as well as brainstorming with its unique Lightable feature.
  3. Is there still no way to show/hide invisible characters directly within Designer? It seems crazy that we have to use File>Edit in Publisher… then switch it on/off in Publisher before coming back to Designer to continue with a design.
  4. I have some preflight presets created in Publisher and there is a persistent problem with the Bleed Hazard warning. Basically it keeps reverting to a default Custom Safe Zone of 6mm – regardless of what I set. Has anyone else encountered this, as I am not sure if it is something I am doing wrong or if it is a bug?
  5. Ahhhh… I see. Are you outputting the layout to your own printer (as opposed to sending the PDF out to a commercial printer), hence the booklet functionality?
  6. It was the client's vector logo that was causing the issue within the Publisher layout. Leaving that setting ticked resulted in a pixelated logo. Unticking the setting resulted in a crisp and clear logo (as it should be) in the final PDF.
  7. FWIW I have been a long time Aperture user with a library in excess of 300K images and have been looking for a suitable replacement since 2014 – but, so far, without success. For me, the main problem has been, and still is, Aperture's strength in image organisation, keywords and metadata. Throw in Aperture's unique and brilliant Light Table function (for brainstorming) as well and it has been a pretty hopeless search. So far I have tried On1 Photo RAW, Capture One Pro, Luminar, Darktable, Lyn, Unbound, Mylio and Digikam. Despite the problems, I have invested in Capture One Pro primarily for its RAW image editing, tethered shooting and the hope that its image management capabilities will at least be passable. Unfortunately, compared to Aperture, its image management features are far less capable. However, I have found that Aperture is still very usable on my three Macs (running macOS Mojave) so will likely continue to wait and see if anything else can fill Aperture's role. In the meantime C1P will process my RAW files and light batch editing, Aperture will continue to manage my image library and AP will do the heavy editing. The Affinity suite of apps already does all my pro work except for RAW processing and image management, so I would dearly love there to be an image/asset management capability from Affinity.
  8. I was exporting a multi-page document yesterday and something similar happened to a client’s vector logo. However I resolved the issue by unticking the ‘rasterise unsupported…’ option (as well as unticking any other similar options).
  9. Just want to add my voice to this. Since updating to AP v1.7.3 it has (on several occasions) suddenly crashed without any warning. However, switching off Metal seems, for now, to have stopped it from happening.
  10. No worries. AP is my primary image processing app, so it makes sense to save all my working files in its native format. Other formats are are merely for import/export.
  11. No. Saving the file out in AP format. All my layered files are always saved in AP’s native format.
  12. OK. Latest update as of earlier this evening… it has frozen again – the first time for about two weeks. On this occasion, the save process was performed via the 'Save' command in the File menu. There were no embedded images in the TIFF file, with 12 layers, being saved. Was in the process of brushing in a Curves adjustment layer. By my standards, at 310MB, not an overly 'heavy' or intensive file. Mac Pro 6,1 (Mac OS 10.3.6), 8 files open in AP and 10 applications running but plenty of RAM still available (approx. 50% of 32GB), CPU was running at about 10%, Internal SSD and external HDD (not set to sleep) have 123GB/1.8TB free space available respectively.
  13. No, It doesn’t write the file to disk. Once I relaunch AP, I often have to work on the recovery file to get it back to the state it was in before the freeze and then re-save (which is always successful after relaunching AP). None of my files any other embedded files in them. However, they often do have duplicate pixel layers (usually of the original photo). Almost everything else are adjustment layers and masks. There are a couple of Colour Fill and (live) editable text layers.
  14. OK, I’ll set the files to retain their Histories and wait for it to happen again.
  15. Unfortunately that will be EXTREMELY difficult to record because the problem seems to occur randomly and there is never any warning signs. It might not happen at all for hours (or days) and then it will suddenly occur just once. If I did a screen recording, it will just show the Save progress bar (like in the screenshot I posted previously) and then me doing a Force Quit.
  16. OK, sadly, the 'freeze on save' has started happening again on my Mac Pro. All the same symptoms as before.
  17. Yes, it is a bug but your other post did not mention smaller files – only large 800MB+ files. At the same time, none of the other issues you reported were/are happening on either of my Macs that experienced the the 'freeze on save' problem. They are running perfectly fine, with no memory or drive issues. FYI: Yes, I do know how to see/check on my Mac's hardware usage (I have menu bar utilities that monitor RAM/HDD/CPU/network usage all the time).
  18. From reading your post, I'm not sure you are experiencing the same issue as the one I had – because I never experienced the memory/drive problems you mentioned and my problem occurred with files of ALL sizes, not just large files. The example in the screenshot I posted was only around 250MB and I've had it occur on files that were less than 100MB. In every instance, my Macs (Mac Pro 6,1 and MacBook Pro) did not experience any problems running any other application at the same time and can switch back/forth between the apps without any delay or problem.
  19. As yet, following your procedure, it has not happened again. So, hopefully, that has fixed it.
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