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  1. @R C-R Yeah, agreed, that’s what I've been doing. Requires a little fishing around withy no decimals in there, but does the job. Good enough. Best
  2. Hi and apologies for not using Affinity for a while now. Busy looking for work. Trying to again get off the Olde Adobe Reliance. An old workflow for JPEG web output I've always used, is a targeted KB size output, found (in CS6) under SAVE FOR WEB > OPTIMIZE [sic] TO FILE SIZE … Does AP have a similar feature? I can't find something you can dial in. Best
  3. @Alfred Have followed your lead, and created a new account, with a new email address. This is outside the instructions and links Affinity have laid out, but at least I can now access the free content. But had to "buy" the content for zero dollars. I even get an order code. The free "Grade UI kit for Affinity Designer" I claimed back in 29-OCT-2016, was a promotional link to their website, with a download button. (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/grade-ui-kit/download/…). I'm guessing myself and other users were expecting something similar? Was certainly a simple process. All in all, a bit messy and confusing. Why? Even if you're a MacOS user, you have to sign up to the store for Windows users. Also, the promotional email says: "Once installed a link to the free content will appear on the app welcome screen." – That link takes you to the Windows users store, where the whole experience breaks down. Free content on offer until 16 Nov 2016. Hopefully, other confused customers find this thread, or Affinity can clarify the process, with a follow-up email.
  4. @R C-R My last post was a reply to @toltec – Where I asked "And this has nothing to do with Affinity? It's an Apple problem?", I was addressing comments made to me. I know it has nothing to with Apple. Yes, I know what keychain is, and how it works. I do have an Affinity Store account, going back a long time. This was created a while before purchasing anything through the MacOS App Store. Regardless, the way Affinity has requested customers claim the "free content downloads" is set. When followed, it doesn't work. Even if a customer wants to reset their password, and let's suppose the customer has never had an account, surely the response is normally along the lines of: "We don't have a record of that email address in our system. Please create an account." So, whatever happens, I can report that: Claiming the free content downloads not possible The store has some issues handling: Customers who think they have an account, but don't Allowing customers to reset their password, if requesting to do so.
  5. @toltec Someone must have spoofed the Affinity Team email account, and is sending out bogus emails to MacOS customers? Somehow, I received an email from "Affinity@Serif.com", and I quote, edited down for brevity, without graphics from said email: Well, you can imagine how excited I was! So, I follow the instructions. Claim Now? Okay, yep, I think I can handle this? Cool. Nearly there … Sign in details incorrect? Better apply for a change of password. So, I get an email from Affinity Team. Contact them for new password at the store site. And … no response from Affinity Checkout. (I guess that's to do with a store? Us village idiots aren't to good on these computer thingamajigs.) And this has nothing to do with Affinity? It's an Apple problem?
  6. Same problem here. Had to log in to forum to report. Have attempted a password reset, even though the password was save din keychain, and no reason not to be working. @MEB There are Affinity Store accounts. Was trying earlier today, to claim the free bonus content for the v1.6 update. Guess what? Gotta sign in to the store account. All I can say is, known password wasn't working. Applied for reset twice, hours apart, and got no email back from Affinity, for confirmation reset of password. Something might not be working properly. Update: MacOS user
  7. Came here with the same question re: creating an account. "Should" be able to do so, when registering your product, even if purchasing software through App Store. All very confusing. Anyway, about the Designer Workbook: any plans on a digital release?
  8. Hi Matt Glad I can help. One thing I'm good at is finding bugs, much to my chagrin. I want to make clear, I'm not here to stir the pot, as I think you have some great products here. Anything I can do to help make your product better, I will do. My relationship with Adobe these days is such, that I can't be bothered reporting similar bugs in the software. Back to the issue at hand, creating a Global Swatch was one way, and I happened to use it in the screen recording. However, I originally created a colour from the palette, and created a swatch there, too. Just did the same thing, and got differing values again, with what I assume is a non-global colour. To be clear, how does one make a colour that is NOT global. Or, should I say, check that a swatch you've created is not global. Having checked the help section of AP, I'm not sure. Also, as I said earlier, I found a similar issue in Affinity Designer. Consistent values in Sliders, not in Chooser, and different values to AP. Dee
  9. Okay, well maybe you can't upload videos here. So, here's a Vimeo link to the Screen Recording.
  10. Well, movie is made, but I get the following error message: "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" Any ideas what movie file types are allowed for uploading here?
  11. MattP You're a worry! :D Like I said, the Colour Slider compared to the Colour Chooser. I'm going to make a Screen Recording, and hopefully post it here. Watch this space …
  12. I don't want to give folks here the impression I'm completely new to everything. Just new to Affinity. I've lost patience with Adobe, and am looking to move away from their monopoly. Not exactly possible in today's industry, Adobe is quite ubiquitous, unfortunately. Nevertheless, these tests I'm carrying out are just another visit to tests I've carried out over the years with various software applications. I've uncovered Pantone swatch errors in Adobe apps, years ago. This though, is something I never expected. Seems so simple. MBd — you've reached too far in this instance. I'm talking about a very simple scenario, where the user has a reasonable expectation of consistent values, in the same document, from the same swatch, between two ways of choosing colours: the Colour Sliders Values and the Colour Chooser Values. I think that's a fair expectation, don't you? No conversions, just straight forward, dialled in value, then inspection of said value.
  13. Matt I wish it was that simple. Nothing to do with colour profiles/spaces etc. Purely dialling in a CMYK numerical value, create a swatch, then comparing numerical values between Slider and Chooser windows. Dee
  14. To add to the mystery. Just installed trial of Affinity Designer (AD). This app also has discrepancies between Slider and Chooser values. You're not alone, Affinity! Adobe does this, too! Only with different values. Anyhoo, just purchased your Affinity Photo. 20% OFF on your first birthday. I couldn't turn that down! Is there a birthday coming for Designer, or has that passed already? Not that I'm cheap or anything! :D
  15. Hi Callum Good to hear from a moderator. Is this how to reply directly to you? Still new to this forum. So, you can't replicate? Interesting. The only way I can imagine communicating what I'm doing to achieve these results, is to create a Screen Recording. Is there a favoured media type for the movie I'll be adding to the Affinity Forum Media Library? Dee