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  1. Running big sur on an intel imac. I have some workarounds like opening in dxo photolab, using Viveeza and then having the file open in affinity photo from there. It’s not optimum, but it works!
  2. Apparently there have been some crashes between Affinity photo, Big Sur operating system and NIK plugins so it is being looked at!
  3. I really appreciate the effort and at least I know what the problem is. I seem to remember years ago there being some unhappiness with Affinity only supporting 1.4 but I assumed like a fool that no one would be using anything lower at this point. I was able to import it but then couldn't open it after the file was closed and saved, So I am hoping I can just place the old pdf in a document and export to a newer pdf version, not save the document and just use the new file. It's not exactly efficient use of time but it's faster than crashing Publisher with old files!
  4. This definitely seems to be a problem with the old version. I tried another file saved into pdf with publishers at version 1.7 and it was super fast and no problems at all. I never thought that apple's program would be saving at such an old version and Publisher only handles down to version 1.4 from what I understand. I guess the next step is to encourage Apple to provide more than saving as 1.3 as an option. Seems reasonable to ask for that but who knows if they will do anything or not! I might have to import my source files into publishers and export them as a higher version and hope that wo
  5. Turns out Apple's Preview app only saves as 1.3 and seems to convert files to 1.3 for "compatibility" which might make sense in general but might be working against us here. Many of the files I recieved were from institutions and were in 1.4 - 1.7 these places are notorious for never upgrading but also need to send stuff to places that might not have the resources to update. I will try and find a way to save the files to a higher version and see how that goes,
  6. Ok I remade a version of the document and like before it worked like a charm and I saved it. Then I tried to package it and that transferred the PDF to the folder and never went any further after 20 minutes. I had to force quit and reopen and it did not reopen. I just kept loading for 15 minutes and I had to force quit again. So instead of the package dossier I made a dossier with the pdf and .afpub file. I hope that can help you recreate the problem there. (EDIT: I tried to reopen the folder again and it did... after 15 minutes so I tried to package it again and after another 20 minutes fgot
  7. Hello Gabe I deleted those files as they were making organization confusing. I did reorganize it all and can recreate it if you like. It might take a me a couple days but it would good to know if it's a problem that can be solved.
  8. DXO did get back to me about the problem and are looking into it. I sent in a detailed report for them so if I find anything out, I'll publish it here.
  9. I was able to use Colour efex and Silver efex but Viveza crashed Photo every time. I sent an email to NIK as well. I don't use the other NIK plugins so much these days so I have not tested them.
  10. I tried it both ways but had the same problem, sadly. I have hopes it's something that will get worked out as they improve the PDF stuff. They do a lot of work to keep improving things.
  11. I have a series of books to produce that involves placing PDF articles, lots of them, up to 300 pages worth into the document then exporting to Blurb. (This is personal project for my brother, collecting all his published articles into several volumes to have them all in one place and looking nice.) The project was started over 3 years ago in InDesign which handles the PDF thing easily while Publisher has had problems. The new version seemed to work REALLY well. I tried letting Publisher reformat the PDFs and it did OK but not good enough, fonts were wrong and the text was broken up in weird
  12. Made with Designer and Photo. I went through the movie frame by frame for references and then came up with something that was a little modern but more anchored in the art deco design of the original movie. I also looked through Willis O'Brien's pre-production images of Kong since i wanted him to have a rougher look.
  13. That is the ID monster from the movie, it was animated by Disney Studios for the film. I found some of the original pencil drawings to use as reference. I drew the outline in sections and added a gradient fill and a glow to the lines to have it look more like it did in the final movie.
  14. 100% correct! Robby took a long while to figure out.
  15. I was hit with inspiration to make these. I have a group of city icons as well, like Boston, Montreal, Prague... I t was fun to do and helped me learn more skills in Designer and how to get the most out of the app.
  16. I have that problem too! I thought I was doing something wrong.
  17. Uploaded. I uploaded the entire folder so you can have access to the PDFs, the project, file and the test publisher file. Maybe it will help find the problem. The project is for my brother and isn't going to be published publicly.
  18. I did not see that command before, thanks for that! When I use it, however, makes the pages editable and introduces all sorts of errors. I just need the PDFs as they are, there should be an option to not make the pages editable when importing. BTW using that command you can import the PDF directly without having to make a new .apub document and them importing that. Saves a step or two! I hate the idea of saving the pages as tif files and importing that way.
  19. Is there still no way to place multi-page pdfs in Publisher without putting each page in edit more? I don't need to edit them, just place them on the pages. I can place the file and see the entire document in edit mode, but not place it all on operate pages. Maybe it's just a technique I missed somehow.
  20. I have an indesign project that is almost 216 pages so far, mostly composed of PDF files on each page (It's a book of articles from medical publications.) The PDFs takes up about 88 megs of space, so not too much, but the file takes 15 minutes to open. Not all the pages are visible and it just hangs up and won't save at all. Not sure if its the number of pages... I hope not, I often do 200 - 300 page art books... or if it's the number of PDFs causing the issue or maybe an issue with the imdl import not being able to handle the PDFs. I was hoping not to have to start all over again in Publisher
  21. That is an idea, I would have no idea how to do that and am hesitant to do anything like that and end up with no working dictionary. Thank you for that information!
  22. I will try some of that, it would be easier to just tell it to use two dictionaries instead of one, but your solutions would be a good work around for that. Thanks!
  23. I usually need to have French and English text in documents and the new preflight is great, except that if the program is set to English, every French word shows as misspelled. Is there any way to be able to select more than one language? It seems worth doing as many designers work across languages. I am Mac OS and it allows me to check off several languages for the spell check but I do not know how hard it might be to have the same function in Publisher.
  24. I have this exact same problem in Viveza as well as the colour problems that I've always had with the plugin in Affinity. If I had 150$ to burn I would buy the updated collection but I don't so I'll work with what works for now.
  25. It worked fro me, but I am not sure it will work fro everyone. I am on an iMac, BTW since that will make a difference I am sure.
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