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  1. That is the ID monster from the movie, it was animated by Disney Studios for the film. I found some of the original pencil drawings to use as reference. I drew the outline in sections and added a gradient fill and a glow to the lines to have it look more like it did in the final movie.
  2. 100% correct! Robby took a long while to figure out.
  3. I was hit with inspiration to make these. I have a group of city icons as well, like Boston, Montreal, Prague... I t was fun to do and helped me learn more skills in Designer and how to get the most out of the app.
  4. I have that problem too! I thought I was doing something wrong.
  5. Uploaded. I uploaded the entire folder so you can have access to the PDFs, the project, file and the test publisher file. Maybe it will help find the problem. The project is for my brother and isn't going to be published publicly.
  6. I did not see that command before, thanks for that! When I use it, however, makes the pages editable and introduces all sorts of errors. I just need the PDFs as they are, there should be an option to not make the pages editable when importing. BTW using that command you can import the PDF directly without having to make a new .apub document and them importing that. Saves a step or two! I hate the idea of saving the pages as tif files and importing that way.
  7. Is there still no way to place multi-page pdfs in Publisher without putting each page in edit more? I don't need to edit them, just place them on the pages. I can place the file and see the entire document in edit mode, but not place it all on operate pages. Maybe it's just a technique I missed somehow.
  8. I have an indesign project that is almost 216 pages so far, mostly composed of PDF files on each page (It's a book of articles from medical publications.) The PDFs takes up about 88 megs of space, so not too much, but the file takes 15 minutes to open. Not all the pages are visible and it just hangs up and won't save at all. Not sure if its the number of pages... I hope not, I often do 200 - 300 page art books... or if it's the number of PDFs causing the issue or maybe an issue with the imdl import not being able to handle the PDFs. I was hoping not to have to start all over again in Publisher. It opens normally in Indesign and saves normally as well. I am including a pdf made from Indesign so you can what I mean. William_Austin_Apruzzese_Publications_Pages.pdf
  9. That is an idea, I would have no idea how to do that and am hesitant to do anything like that and end up with no working dictionary. Thank you for that information!
  10. I will try some of that, it would be easier to just tell it to use two dictionaries instead of one, but your solutions would be a good work around for that. Thanks!
  11. I usually need to have French and English text in documents and the new preflight is great, except that if the program is set to English, every French word shows as misspelled. Is there any way to be able to select more than one language? It seems worth doing as many designers work across languages. I am Mac OS and it allows me to check off several languages for the spell check but I do not know how hard it might be to have the same function in Publisher.
  12. I have this exact same problem in Viveza as well as the colour problems that I've always had with the plugin in Affinity. If I had 150$ to burn I would buy the updated collection but I don't so I'll work with what works for now.
  13. It worked fro me, but I am not sure it will work fro everyone. I am on an iMac, BTW since that will make a difference I am sure.
  14. Good news! I deleted everything and when I reinstalled there was a new folder in the Nik folder that said called "google". When I used that they worked! Well they worked as well as they did before, which wasn't great for some of them but I'm back to where I was which is all I can ask!
  15. It used to, now it is all blank. I tried to delete and reinstall but it didn't work.
  16. my old versions of the plugins stopped working as well and even with the update this morning, they don't work either. 150$ USD is a lot to pay for plugins I have already paid for twice and got for free once with very little improvements. If it was 50$ I would buy the new versions immediately just for the better compatibility they promise.
  17. Thanks Cecil, that is good to know! I will have too see if that option is available on the desktop version as well.
  18. I am in a mac as you guessed walt. Cecil, what do you export? I could see making a file with the assets to export, but I do not see a way to export styles or preferences to be used elsewhere. Like i said i could just be missing it.
  19. I guess for now I will recreating what i need for each app. Export preferences in particular would be really handy if they could transferred easily for me.
  20. Is there a way to copy styles, assets or preferences to another computer or even between affinity apps? A pdf preference I saved for a publisher for example. Right now it seems we have to recreate it in each program and when we got from desktop, to laptop to iPad. I would be great i there is way to save assets so they can be used in a new project as well, very time saving. This might all be existing already, but I just don't know about it!
  21. Sorry to take so long to reply, I have been super busy. the problem has disappeared since I wrote the post and I can't replicate it anymore. Maybe it was a Mac OS issues that a recent update fixed. As an aside, one of the things keeping me so busy was I have been preparing my primary printer to take my files produced with Affinity Publisher and they are impressed with the result so far. At first they were horrified, thinking I was asking them to use Microsoft Publisher!
  22. I had two text boxes grouped but only needed to move one of the boxes slightly to one side. I double clicked the group which let me move the box, but when I clicked off the group it slid back and then some. I tried it a few times, sometimes it slid back, other times no. It works as expected if I ungroup, make the move and then re-group.
  23. Well this is a good example why I switched to Affinity a couple years ago. You guys really work for our business.
  24. Sorry I guess I forget to mention it is a panorama. I did try and the chromic aberration adjustment but it didn't work out. (Chris B earlier found the same thing.) Might be just this file so i will keep an eye out if I get another form this client.
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