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  1. All you ever wanted to know about LibreOffice (or not): https://itsfoss.com/libreoffice-vs-openoffice/ OpenOffice has been pretty much forked/replaced by LibreOffice many years ago. I used LibreOffice for years to convert my Scrivener text to .docx files until I decided to spring the 35 bucks each for two copies of Word/Excel and whatever else comes with the official lifetime packages for my two laptops.
  2. Why is this? Edited to add that I have an image that is locked, and can't be saved because I can't close Photo in task manager. Consequently I'm getting the "Can't Communicate" error because I can't close anything in Task Manager. Again, why is Task Manager non-functional? This isn't new. I've experienced it before. I can't close Designer in Task manager, either. It's been showing in the Task Manager for an hour. Win 11 x64 Photo v211
  3. This is what I enjoy so much about these forums: Useful information brought to us all by forum members who know what they are talking about. Thank you, all.
  4. I just experimented with this on a whole whack of fonts, and WoW. That even dresses up Comic Sans (horror of horrors).
  5. Thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate it, and have renamed my directory to en_US. Also, I am really glad I don't need as many dictionaries as you appear to need.
  6. There are five countries with en dictionairies. When I create a New Folder for the US dictionaries, do I name the folder en, or en_US? Should I want to install one or more of those dictionaries listed in en, do they go in the New Folder en, or a new en_COUNTRY folder? That kind of covers it to make an en_COUNTRY folder, but I'm asking anyway. Please excuse my denseness. Win11 64x.
  7. I have that preset loaded, too. Glad you got it sorted. Her site has dozens and dozens of videos on Affinity. Check it out.
  8. And github: https://github.com/zcraber/Freebies-Hub More:
  9. I had a Win11 update on the 13th, but it didn't give me any problems. 2023-07-13 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8.1 for Windows 11, version 22H2 for x64 (KB5028851) 2023-07-13 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5028185) Oops. Just saw it was for v1. I'm on v2.
  10. Welcome from another aged geezer who turned his e-books into POD books available on Ingram Spark and Amazon. Best of luck!
  11. I've already got blender working in my beta version of... Oh, wait, it was my Vitamix. Sorry about that, folks. For those who are wondering - A Vitamix blender: https://www.vitamix.com/
  12. Mine wasn't either, but I carried on, regardless, downloaded, and scanned. As I said, it worked to my satisfaction. It may not work for others.
  13. I've scanned the downloaded zip with Malwarebytes. No Threats, No PUPs, No PUMs. Ditto for the extracted directory. The same goes for a custom scan of the extracted directory by Windows Security. Of course, as always, you mileage may vary. Obviously I can't comment of the warnings given, but if you want these things, and you're willing to download the zip file, it's a good idea to make your file backups, too. There are posts that users declare that they've lost their downloaded Swatches, Styles, Brushes, Macros, &c., and can't recover them because they've lost the links. Many of the downloads can't be uploaded/shared by someone else because they're private/copyrighted. Save the downloads to a backup drive, and then save them again. That way, you'll never be in here asking, nay, dare I say, begging, for a link, por favor. Edited to thank Chris for the link. Edited to add, Maybe not use the cloud for your backups. Or do use the cloud. Good luck with that.
  14. Imported into Photo/Swatches and it went over to Designer and Photo as well. Thanks!
  15. With so many free AI/KI generators out there that provide absolutely tremendous results, why would anyone want an Affinity AI generator? Personally, I'm happy with 2.1.1 and can't wait for 2.2 to see what they'll be adding. This AI thing is well beyond me and my capabilities. However, should I want AI output, I'll use the free generators. Olivio Sarikas, author of many great instructional Photo videos, has gone all in on AI, although, for the life of me, I can't understand why. He's finally stripped the AI stuff from his Photo stuff, so I'm happy with that. I might add that I can't wait to lay out the cash for v3.0, either, but that's another bone for some of you to chew on. 😁
  16. The old free plugin works fine for me in v2.1, too. Win 11 x64.
  17. Thanks. I see some effects I can use for my titles in paperback and ebook.
  18. It's great that you can find software to do what you want.
  19. You're all so enamored of the competition, but you still come here to comment on Serif's shortcomings. If you find the product unusable, as you seem to claim... Yet, here you all are. GIMP and photo DOT net are freely available.
  20. All righty, then. If Serif should include an AI generator, should the applications be turned into a subscription model to cover the associated costs? I think that would be only fair. After all, we can't keep getting something for "nothing" forever, now, can we? I think that would be an excellent way for the company to collect more revenue from the unhappy subscribers who can't seem to do anything without AI included in the products. Personally, I want AI to work in the Publisher version, too. I'm tired of sitting in a dark room while making things up all by myself. Who does Red Sands work for? The competition? He shure does talk a lot. Isn't he one of the few who forecast that Affinity was surely going down the road to perdition and darnation if the outfit didn't come up with an update to v2 where everything worked to his satisfaction? Well, I guess Affinity showed him. Unfortunately for the rest of us, he's found a new bone to chew on and he's going to show us the way all over again.
  21. What was another topic that went on and on for years? Oh, right. Linux something something. How much easier Linux running on a PC is to operate, or some such nonsense. I see they're still trying to claim how easy it is for Linux to run Affinity products. Yes. Of course it is. Grandma and Grandpa have all bought Linux-capable machines and are running all three programs like it was a fresh, invigorating spring breeze. Bwaaaahahahaha. But I digress. It looks like we have another/more thread(s) with the same idea, this time with AI something something. 2.1 shut down many of the complainers and the complaints. New complaints/complainers have come along, and here we all go again. Good luck, people. Whine away something something.
  22. In any event, it doesn't matter whether Affinity comes up with a specific tool, or not. Because reasons: an implementation must be based on AI in more basic form without the AI rectangles are not created as rectangles but curves with many nodes. This is not good enough adding vectorisation, as long as they do a very good job As we all no doubt know, it won't matter when/if Serif adds the tool. As with most of their tools, according to posters throughout this forum, none of them are good enough. Funny, that, considering the number of users who are quite satisfied. Oh well. Whatev. I have things to do.
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