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  1. If you purchased your apps on the Apple or Microsoft or Affinity Store should not make a difference. If your apps are registered you can get the additional stuff from your Affinity Account. I have both, two apps from the MS Store and one from Affinity Store. That's not a problem.
  2. If you make photos with your iPad, are they in HEIC-file-format? I'm not experienced in it, but I read that HEIC-files have around half the size of a e.G. JPEG. While the size of a JPEG depends on its compression rate. PNGs are generally bigger than JPEGs, because they use another kind of compression, that is lossless. What I want to say: the file size depends on the file format. But I'm not sure if this is the point in your special case.
  3. But I would export the stuff anyway, because, as far as I remember, some things that were offered there in the past are no longer available. So to be save, better store the stuff somewhere to be able to reinstall it, whenever you want.
  4. I sometimes prefer to use the History to go back to certain states more quickly. The Snapshots are relatively new to me. I don't use them very often, but they can be very helpful sometimes. E.g. if you want to test some alternative workflow and want to be able to to revert it quick and reliable, or you want to save a certain state and to be able to go to it backwards or forwards. It's a very good feature, if you have got used to it. But I rarely save the history with the file, because it blows up the file size so much. I do that only if think that I will possibly need it.
  5. Hi myclay! Looks very fluffy and a little grumpy. Fine texture! And the colours are interesting and nice. I really like it.
  6. Hi GarryP! I never thought about it and didn't even notice this function "New Document from Snapshot", but I suppose that it might be intended that there is now history with it. Because it is a "New" document from the state of this snapshot. That might be the reason why this feature exists: to get a clean and small document file from a certain state. If you want the history back, simply open the file the usual way. But as I said, it's completely new to me, and I'm not sure about that.
  7. But if you add a Gaußian Blur to a vector graphic, the exported result will be rastered anyway. Or am I wrong? So the advantages of vectors will be lost. Why not creating it as a pixel image right from the start?
  8. Hi Aleksi! This should work if you simply select the empty spaces of the single characters with the Magic Wand (don't actually know it's name in Affinity's Tool Bar, maybe "Flood Select Tool"?) and fill the selections with the colour you like on a separate empty layer. After that you simply can remove the text layer or make it invisible.
  9. Yes, a battery costs around 10 or 20 €, as far as I remember. It's a simple button battery. One of the larger ones. I would at least ask an expert if this could be the cause of your problem. There are several websites on the web that can tell you how to change the battery yourself. That shouldn't be too difficult, but of course laptops from different manufacturers are different from each other. But if you see a button battery somewhere on the mainboard, it should be the one.
  10. In general, for image editing you need a strong CPU, as much RAM as you can get (minimum 8 GB, better 16 or more) and a good graphic card. Also thinking about the future, you should be aware that the requirements for graphic apps and even operating systems will expectable increase. I personally decided to buy a Gaming PC some years ago, that did cost about 1,200 €. Unfortunately the power you need to handle pixels has its price.
  11. Yes, you are right, I tested it, and transparencies don't seem to be a problem. Even CMYK works. Possibly a problem caused by a Browser Update?
  12. I'm really not a hardware expert, so anything I can tell is without warranty. But as far as I remember, I had somehow similar problems long time ago with my Desktop Computer, that were caused by the battery that was running empty. It was solved by simply changing the button battery, that is placed somewhere on the main board.
  13. You find the "View" menu on top of the GUI. In that menu there is an entry "Studio" in which you find the entry "Character". This one should open the "Character" Studio Panel, if it isn't already opened. At the bottom of that panel, there is the section "Language". If it doesn't work with unselected text, simply try it with selected text (Ctrl+A on Windows).
  14. But you see "Character"? The panel must be somewhere on your screen, because there is a hook, that says it is activated. Inside this panel there is a section called "Language". If you can't see any panels on your screen, you possibly have hit the TAB key by accident. Press it again and the panels will reappear.
  15. In the "View" menu under "Studio". You need to select the text and then set the "Language" to "English" (or whatever you need).
  16. Have you set the language for the spell checking in the Character Studio Panel?
  17. Maybe the forum doesn't like Alpha Channels? Have you tried a png without transparency?
  18. I tried it several times typing u+20bf (for Bitcoin sign) in Arial, but it didn't work the first times. Now after several tries, it suddenly works. Don't really know why. I changed in the meantime to my Verdana, that doesn't contain a Bitcoin symbol, but it worked with the Rubel sign. After that also the Arial showed the Bitcoin sign. Possibly a bug? I'm on Windows 10, by the way. Edit: Don't forget to type the Plus sign: "u+20bf" then "alt u" (without + and even without space).
  19. If you are talking about Publisher, I suppose you know that there are options in the "View" menu to hide guides and grids, also using short keys (Ctrl+; and Ctrl+, on Windows). As far as I know, there is no short key to hide all at once, except the Preview Mode (Short key Ctrl+Shift+w). In case of the Preview Mode, it will still hide guides and grids if you create a new document. But at the moment you drag a new guideline from the Ruler, the Preview Mode will be deactivated and guides and grids will become visible. The same of course if you click on the Preview Mode button or press the short key (Short key Ctrl+Shift+w).
  20. From the Plus range, I only checked out Photo Plus years ago, on Windows XP, as far as I remember. Unfortunately, even I liked it, it was a bit slow on my computer. I also worked with Quark XPress 3 - 5), Photoshop (5 - CC), Freehand, Illustrator, CorelDraw and InDesign. And also GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus. I also used Photo Impact for some years, that had some fine features, especially for GIF-animations, but I didn't like its layer management, as far as I remember. Somewhere in the 1990es I also learned Pagemaker for a short time, while I studied at the Art College. But I can't really remember how it worked. At the moment I'm very glad to have Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher. I still work with GIMP and Inkscape too, but the Affinity apps, besides ArtRage 6, that is my fave for painting, are the ones I work with the most time. Damn cool software! Hope it will never go the same way as Adobe, Quark and Corel did.
  21. Is that a folder on your local hard disc or on an extern media (extern hard disc, USB-Stick, Cloud, local network...)? Affinity often has problems loading data saved on extern media, as far as I know. Never had that problem myself, but often read about it here.
  22. I'm not sure about that, but I think it's about how to basically handle the app.
  23. If you simply want to create a house that consists of a square and a triangle, why don't you simply draw a square shape and a triangle shape and add them to each other with the Geometry function "Add"? You see, there are many simple ways to do the job. Edit: One additional hint. If you hold the Shift key, the Nodes will snap to a horizontal/vertical axis while you drag it. You can also drag more than one node at a time that way, if you first selected them holding Shift too. It is the same with shapes if you drag them with the Move Tool.
  24. You could select the Node Tool, then select single nodes and enter precise values into the coordinate fields of the "Transform" Studio Panel. This should be an easy and precise way to do what you want.
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