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  1. I have a Designer document that is 1080 px by 1080 px. I want to change it to 8.5” x 8.5”. How can I do that? Howard
  2. With some raster brushes on v. 2.0.4 on my iPad, no color is appearing when I am drawing with the Paint Brush. In Designer Preferences in the Apple Pencil Pressure Setting, the start point is in the lower-left corner, the end point is in the upper-right corner and, at the midpoint, the pressure curve is slanted a small amount toward the lower-right corner. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there another pressure curve that works better for most users, is better to use? When drawing, I do not press the pencil down that hard. Howard
  3. On my iPad, I created a speech bubble (callout ellipse with text within it), and I would like to copy it into Procreate. When I group the two objects, select and copy them, I cannot paste the grouped object into Procreate — the Paste function is dimmed in Procreate. I tried in both the Designer and Pixel persona. In Version 2 (iPad), is there an easy way I can transfer objects from Designer to Procreate?
  4. I have made an L-shaped rectangle and converted it to a text frame, but when I typed text into the text frame, the text appears strangely -- see attachment. There is too much space between the lines. I checked both the Paragraph and Character panels but don't see anything amiss in either of them. I appreciate everyone's help so far. sample-3.afdesign
  5. When I did that, it worked except for one thing. When I filled the new text frame, there is a blank area above the first line of text -- see attachment. Is there a way for the text to start at the top of the text frame?
  6. I have an image that I want to position in the upper-left corner of a text frame so that the text wraps around it -- see attachment, which shows the image and text as separate objects. How can I do that in Affinity Designer? I am using Designer version 1.10.4 on a Mac running Version 12.0.1.
  7. In Affinity Designer (Mac version 1.10.4), I want to reduce the spacing between two paragraphs. When I choose Text > Paragraph Leading > Decrease it reduces the spacing between all the lines in both paragraphs. The attached image shows where I want the spacing changed. How can I do that? Thanks, Howard
  8. Is there a way to transfer vector layers that are on Affinity Designer (on my Mac) to Procreate? I also have Designer on my iPad. Howard
  9. On my Mac in Affinity Designer, I accidentally imported the same brush set twice. How can I remove the duplicate? I am using version 1.8.2. Howard
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