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  1. Thanks. So what does the artistic text tool do in Photo?
  2. Are you able to attach text to a path in Affinity photo? If not, what does the artistic text tool do? TIA Chris
  3. If I reduce the size of a grouped illustration how do I keep the relative line weights? (They currently stay the same weight when I reduce so become too thick)
  4. Is there a means of 'stepping and repeating' an element in designer? A command to say, '5 repeats/copies at say 20mm intervals' for instance (hope this makes sense)
  5. How do I ungroup a line of text so I can move the individual letters independently (Photo).
  6. Can anybody tell me what might be causing these anomalies when exporting as an EPS from designer? The job looks fine on screen in Designer. It also looks fine when exported as a JPEG. When exported as an EPS the errors occur. EPS settings: 'EPS for print, Raster DPI 300 and Postscript level 3. Thanks in advance.
  7. How do you resize a drawing and keep stroke weights the same relative to original drawing? (i.e. a 10pt line becomes a 6pt line when drawing reduced to 60% of original). Thanks in anticipation.
  8. I've pressed something and lost the layers panel in 'designer' how do I get it back please? Can't see anything in 'View'
  9. Yes, this works thanks! Sorry, I should have thought of doing this myself (getting a bit rusty in old age)
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