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  1. OK, Thanks.
  2. Can anyone tell me what this Great Blue Anchor signifies? It appears at the top of a placed Docx file. but not an RTF file or a TXT file. Tia. WIN 7, AFF Pub. v .312
  3. Hi Adam, Why do you hide your update notes under "Bugs" and not put them where one would normally expect to find them, i.e. in "Announcements"? I don't start my day by reading the Bugs column of AP. I opened up AP and it forced me to upgrade. No problem. But with the upgrade should come a ReadMe or something that lists the new/upgraded features. Your explanation of the "pinning" feature isn't that good either. The product is not ready for prime time but keep going.
  4. Where is there a list of the new/changed features in Win Publisher v 305? Tks.
  5. Just a friendly reminder that guidelines placed by the Guide Manager still do not relate properly to the centreline zero on a double page spread ruler. The zero is offset the correct amount, but guide placement is measured from the far left side. v. 283, Win 7 SP1. Regards, Sam.
  6. You can also make a Character Style in whatever colour or shade of grey you want to work with and then change the character style colour to white or "none" when you are finished. "None" might be safest with some print processes, deleting it off the master pages would be safer still. Then there is no extraneous (unused) code hanging around. These symbols are handy for applying a quick change in one character, to all other characters that have the same style applied.
  7. As a temporary work-around, you could put a 10~15% gray letter watermark on your master pages to show which ones have been applied. The watermark is easily removed for printing when you have finished the job. The example below includes the page number field, but you don't need that.
  8. Ah yes. I missed seeing that underlined letter.
  9. On my system, anyway. Win 7, AF Pub v Alt +V brings up the View menu. Releasing the keys, then hitting D brings up the Studio list. (Why "D" I wonder?) I'd prefer to keep my hand on my mouse (or pen), but this shortcut works. Thanks for the tip.
  10. What I was referring to was the whole list of studio panels found under VIEW > STUDIO , not a particular panel.
  11. I've only been a professional Graphic Designer for 30 years and a former power user of InDesign but I guess I am not as "sophisticated" as some. Je suis désolé. I'd still like to see one of the above options implemented. There is no reason why not. On my monitor there is a huge amount of space on the Menu line.
  12. It would be faster to access the STUDIO list of palettes if STUDIO was on the menu, perhaps between "View" and "Window". No doubt it is a major programming shuffle but accessing STUDIO is done frequently and one click is faster than two. Giving STUDIO a CTRL+? or ALT/CMD+? shortcut would help, too. And/or, make an icon for STUDIO so we can put it on the Toolbar if not on the menu. TKS.
  13. Thanks. To be honest, I discovered good info in the AF Pub HELP file under "Defaults > Object Defaults and > Toolbar". There seems to be good stuff under "Preferences", too. At least for newbies like me.