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  1. That's handy. I did the opposite and installed raster brushes into Affinity Designer. I found the file here C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user\raster_brushes.propcol. I moved it to C:\temp and tested again and sure enough no more numbers in the import. Of course, have to remove file again after test.
  2. Thanks for this. It was set to 100% and I tested it at 36% and could certainly see how that could produce a similar result. I've learnt something new.
  3. Now set to Normal. Prior it was Don't set blend mode which I thought wouldn't impact the tool and once I set the wet edges to OFF I saw these settings of Don't set... actually have some kind of setting, possibly automatic which I'll have to look into. Thanks for this.
  4. That's the one! Thank you. The default was Don't set wet edges which I thought would default to off.
  5. There's probably a real simple answer for this that escapes me. I'm cartooning and colouring in different sections of the image. When I have to change brush size to get into the corners I find that overlapping what I've already coloured in increases the colour strength like if I was using watercolours. Like each stroke adds a 33% opacity until I get a solid colour (see grey coloured area in attached image). I'm using the Basic brushes. What is the setting for brushes which paints the 100% final colour every time I brush an area so I don't get the overlaid brush stroke effect?
  6. Yeah, I also bought a Huion Kamvas 13 Graphics Drawing Tablet and an Acer RG271P Nitro 27inch 165Hz FHD IPS HDR Gaming Monitor. So much better now I can draw on a tablet where I can see what I'm drawing on and the screen shows so much more detail. Set for success ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I've got to get my routine back to put time into my graphics. Oh, backup. I was using Google Drive but I have a couple of 2TB drives full of movies and docos from TV I haven't watched in years I might just clean them up and use them. That would be better.
  7. Hi v_kyr, so finally, near the end of financial year I can buy my gaming PC and add Affinity designer, a drawing tablet etc to the mix. I'm looking at the gaming PCs from Scorptech and now I'm spoilt for choice and my brain froze ๐Ÿ˜‚ It's purely for graphics and video work now, I'll be throwing in JWilder etc too. This is what Scorptech sell below https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/ready-to-run-pcs/gaming-pc?page=1 I was looking at https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/ready-to-run-pcs/gaming-pc/95038-ss-void3070ti for $3249 .00 to reduce the government taxing the crap out of me. What do you reckon?
  8. I thought about gaming PCs and wasn't sure if they did the same job in terms of photo processing. I could check out gaming PC specs and upgrade the graphics card. Bit of research to do but good call on the gaming PC.
  9. Great, I'll Youtube that. I want decent algorithms for processing graphical data. And SSD sounds like the way to go over HDD. Makes sense I'm just not used to it except on high-end virtual machines for databases in the cloud. So, in summary, it's simply a case of price-point and functionality among the brands available. I had wondered if there was some magic combo.
  10. My used-to-be-the-most-powerful laptop back in the day is now labouring under my graphics work. What should be done in a click of the trackball button is now a click, up to 1 hour and several cups of green tea later. Truth to tell, I bought the laptop for programming and database development and it's not cut out for high resource using graphics. So, I need to start planning for a powerful desktop for my Affinity Software and digital art etc. I'm a Windows user for many reasons (only had an Mac G5 once and that was for programming on a Mac) so looking towards a mostly Windows solution. What hardware do other Affinity afficionados use and would recommend? What experiences have you had with different types of hardware (graphics cards, CPU, RAM, SSD vs HDD)?
  11. Aaaaah. Okay, so is it that the tools change in the Persona but the brushes are the ones available to Publisher. Tut! Just thought of that which means I can import the brushes into Publisher. Which I've just done successfully. So, this topic may or may not have any value depending.
  12. I've recently bought some Frankentoon Nature brushes for Photo and they installed via the Photo app. Great brushes BTW! So, today, I was in Publisher zining and decided to change the background using those brushes so flicked over the Photo persona and the brushes are not listed under the Persona. They still appear within the Photo app. I might not be understanding the purpose of Persona but if there's an issue or something I must do to see the brushes here are some details of the apps and OS I'm running on. Affinity Publisher Bought via Microsoft Store Version: Affinity Photo Downloaded and installed from Affinity website Version: Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version: 10.0.18363 Build No.: 18363 OS Architecture: 64-bit Install date: Thursday, 20 February 2020 00:05:21 ** Not a big drama as I can just create what I want in Photo and copy the layer across.
  13. Nice! That first one is quite a challenge. There are a few tricks I can see there used to remove the tourists and I'd say it's a bloody good job! It's looks so much better without the tourists hahaha. The second one is great. I love the way the tourist on the steps AND THEIR SHADOW has completely vanished. The tourists by the wall further away have disappeared and even on zoom it's hard to tell there was anything else there. I can just make out the outline of the tourist by the gravel at the bottom of the steps. I'd be tempted to select the some area of the old phot where the gravel is and either copy and paste and stretch it out to the straight line edge, or select with a marquee and clone the gravel back into it. But seriously awesome effort! Love it! ๐Ÿ’š
  14. Thank you MKGรถ for raising this issue and Walt for providing insight into the applications. I was having a similar issue when making a banner for my Etsy shop which was to be located in a PDF I was creating under Publisher. Thanks to the discussion I opened the banner in Publisher, rewrote the slogan in the same font and it was perfect. I then removed the previous pixel layer and saved as an SVG and reloaded into my PDF using the Image Place Tool and exported and it is perfect when opening in the PDF. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š
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