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  1. Oh thank you so much ! Indeed i noticed after writing here about the shop icons.. i'll pay more attention next time ! I'll definitely try to draw with switching personas... thanks for the tip !!
  2. Oh thank you @walt.farrell ! It's the grave etcher pack Edit : File deleted !
  3. Oh well.. thanks I'm trying to use the brushes in Affinity Designer, tried the pixel persona to get an eraser but the brushes are only available in the vector persona I was really hoping to draw with those... it feels so bad cause all the tools are here, they just can't work together !
  4. Oh what a deception... i didn't see they weren't compatible with Affinity photo Any chance they will in the future ? Like a vector-raster conversion or something ? And where should i go to uninstall them, as it seems they've been stored somewhere ? Thank you very much for your answer, regards
  5. Hello, I just bought my first brush pack in the Affinity store. I could easily install them in Affinity Designer, but it doesn't work in Affinity photo (desktop for Windows). When i import them, i have a message saying they've been added (as i did this multiple times, it say the name is *brush pack 2, brush pack 3* and so on), but they don't show in my brush panel. I tried to create a new category first but it didn't work either. I would like to find the location folder on Windows to uninstall all those packs that didn't work and find a way for it to work ! Thanks a lot in advance for your help, joujou_tdj

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