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  1. I absolutely agree! I have an XLS (spreadsheet) chart that was changed and now I have to re-place it and resize it to fit the overprinted text. A real PITA.
  2. Worked like a charm. Thank you! 😊 Here's the composite. Not quite finished, the eggs could use a "base", but working on it. © 2023 Rick Strong. Ottawa.
  3. Photo V1, WIn 7. If I try to copy a transparent image from one AFF photo file to another Photo file (in Photo V1), the copied image gets stuck in the upper LH corner on the second file's image. I.E. the image copied in cannot be moved around or made smaller. Turning off/on the lock image on either file doesn't help. What's the trick?
  4. Reasonable, I suppose, Walt, that you have to add the text yourself. This type of program never puts automated text in the best place, anyway. "Best" from a designer's point of view. I don't use V2. I want nothing to do with WIN 10. It's not a question of money but of productivity. I hate learning new GUIs. If I was churlish, i'd suggest that maybe AFF received a "subsidy" from MS like COREL did, but more likely it was just easier to design afresh. Too bad. We helped make the company successful. Adobe used to be backward compatible.
  5. The point I was making is that the programmers have already figured out how to draw a curved line on the screen, or on a printout (even if it is a Bézier curve) so they must have all the figures/data/numbers available to calculate the length of that curved line. Once they have that final number, it can be displayed.
  6. Too bad about Affinity no longer operating in WIN 7 OS. Thousands of people (if not millions) still use it because it works! WIN 10 is a dog. The "improvements" made it worse. No doubt 11 will be worse still. And also too bad that AFF is letting MS lead them around on a chain. Aff could drop like a stone, like Corel did. Why do software people keep improving things until they are unusable? Ego, I suppose. What if winemakers did that?
  7. I suggest you get a decent size stand-alone monitor to go with your new computer and calibration software. A drawing pad is handy, too. You might also consider an external drive for backup to your backup. Sam
  8. Ans: Use the Proportional marker at the lower RH corner. It will reduce everything including the text. SamSteele
  9. I have a label of text, graphics and a photo composed in Publisher. I can group them all and I want to proportionally reduce the dimensions of the group to fit a smaller container. When I reduce the dimensions by moving the corner marker, the graphics and the photo get smaller, but the text does not. Any suggestions? TIA.
  10. A tape measure tool that would show the length of a curved or variously curving line would be so nice to have. If only I had a computer, I could calculate it very quickly. Let's see: if the radius is this, and the angle of the segment is this, the distance along the circumference should be...........
  11. Too bad it only works with WIN 10 & 11. A lot of us avoided 10 like the plague (a classic example of how trying to make something better made it worse) and stayed with WIN 7. I shudder at the thought of v. 11. People who adhere to Jobism please refrain from commenting. I hear your company makes telephones now. Nice to see the promo code discount, though.
  12. Joachim_L wrote: You can try to install the attached files packed in a ZIP. How to install look at ... Thank you very much Joachim. 👍😄 This eventually worked for me after messing around for a couple of hours. The trick is to create 2 subfolders under the Dictionary folder: call the first "my Dictionaries" or something, and under that create another subfolder with the locale name xx_XX. For me this is: C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries\AdditionalDictionaries\en_CA. The actual en_CA files are in the en_CA folder. In Edit > Preferences > Tools (no document open) I chose my AdditionalDictionaries folder. This gave me access to the en_CA files in the en_CA subfolder. Now Publisher doesn't flag Canadian English spellings in an imported document as errors when spell-check or pre-flight is invoked. I believe that if I also installed more dictionary files, say en_US, they would be in their own en_US folder under the same AdditionalDictionaries folder. I only add the results of my efforts in the hope they will make it easier for some other poor sod to add a dictionary. Thanks again, Joachim!
  13. Publisher really needs a Canadian English dictionary. Millions of documents are typed in MS Word which has such a dictionary and is widely used in Canada to avoid US spellings of neighbour, colour, honour, etc. (I notice this app uses a US dictionary so those words were flagged.) Many Canadian English words are spelled the same way in UK English, and my preference is set to UK English, so why doesn't Publisher at least accept the same spelling? Oh no. The Affinity people have rigidly required that I go through every word in a submitted MS Word document that has words with the proper spelling to ensure that all spellings are tagged as UK English and not Canadian English. How very colonial. God help the poor French Québecer who doesn't write Parisian French! I've said before that AFF Publisher is not a productivity tool. Once again I am confirmed. Please, either create a Canadian English Dictionary or make the UK English dictionary accept Canadian spellings that are identical. Otherwise, your spelling checker AND your preflight app are untrustworthy.
  14. Designer is all vectors/numbers anyway so it shouldn't be that difficult. The heavy lifting has already been done for the screen.
  15. To be honest, I went back to my document where this occurred and I don't know how I got there. However, I'm glad to see the phenomenon has been given a good airing. I'm not sure if 4C print shops (or digital printers) can reproduce individual inks to 1 or more decimal places (i.e 34% magenta ink, yes, but not 34.2% or 34.25% magenta ink). Some printer will tell us, I'm sure. Always listen to your printer! Cheers.
  16. I have never seen CMYK sec'd as other than 0—100%. The 0—255 sliders are fake—and distracting—as far as I'm concerned. Some computer nerd fooling around??
  17. Win 7 Publisher V. Why does the colour chooser give me TWO sets of values for one CMYK colour? (BTW, colour is spelled with a "u" in my version of the program). And, there is no "Help" entry no matter which way I spell colour. The red circled values are the ones recorded with the swatch panel.
  18. Win 7, Photo Vignetting seems to be missing from my New Live Filter Layer line-up. Where could it be? TIA
  19. I had found Viva's website. The "it" I was referring to (always tricky, that word) was a specific reference to importing INDD files directly. I agree with MikeW's assessment: "Their website mostly sucks as regards of pertinent and/or easy to find information." Love 'em or hate 'em, that's one thing Adobe was good at: documentation. FWIW, I want to know the price of something before I enter into a buying sequence.
  20. I have never heard of VivaDesign before and there are precious few reviews of it, but I will accept what you say and let others comment pro or con. I don't want to download yet another software program simply to see if it does something new. I would rather read it's features in the official documentation and so far I haven't come across it on their website. Of course you could fake a screen shot, so could I but we don't do that here. I'm sure you will agree, some screenshots are more informative than others. Cheers!
  21. No, It's not rude, just honest. What you have snipped only proves that VivaDesign supports IDML inputs or outputs, not INDD. See green box above.
  22. Sorry, but this doesn't do it for me. Do you have any screen grabs with the name VivaDesign on them?
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