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  1. That's it! It's been a while since I'd used AD and I was certain the functionality was there, and wondered why I couldn't find it. I had to reset the Studio to get it all back. Thanks!
  2. If I have a shape, is there a way to precisely size it by numerical dimensions? I.e., typing in the desired X and Y (or maybe a single number when it comes to line length)?
  3. Well, I don't need any 3D drawing at all, and I absolutely loathe web-based applications. I already own Affinity Design so I was hoping it had this feature. And since it's relevant to something I'm doing now (rather than something I'll need in the future) and had been asked for by others in the past, that hope extended to it having been implemented.
  4. I know there's a way to measure a distance from an object, but is there any way to measure a distance between two points on the canvas? I.e., say I have a closed irregular shape, and I want to measure a certain distance from one of its perimeter lines to a point within. I can't select the object and press Command to measure, since that only gives me the distance from its outermost component to a different object (if any) within. But if the object is irregular and I want to measure from a part of it closer to its center to a point (not object) within--our outside it, for that matter--this method fails in two regards--the measurement doesn't start from that inner line, and there's no second object to measure to. I was hoping for a tool that simply measured the distance between any points A and B.
  5. Have the arrowheads mentioned here as being forthcoming been implemented, or is the version with them close? I needed them for something and the workarounds aren't really usable for me. It's been over a year since they were last mentioned and didn't know if I'd missed it, or if maybe the version with them was near release. If the latter, I'd put my project on hold until they they were implemented.
  6. Just bought AD and am fiddling with the very first design, which is basically a technical drawing. I have a bunch of numbers enclosed in circles all around it (descriptors). Ex post facto I realized that they're too small to be readable on a printed document. Doubling the W and H fields in the Transform pane fixes that. Is there a way to apply this fix to all of the several score circled numbers all at once or, as implied here, https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/12732-transform-each/ is that only something that be done with a nonexistent "Transform Each" feature and I have to do them one at a time? If I just select all of them and change W and H it just screws them up.
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