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  1. sandersz issues, Tabs Vanishing

    I just found out something else: the problem only occurs if I set "project" in the Windows settings, change to "expand screen", with the settings"duplicate" and " only second screen" everything works fine!? Maybe this will help you somehow!?
  2. sandersz issues, Tabs Vanishing

    it was this one, but it was self installed today after restarting. Now I have "only" still the problem with the connected 4k Monitor
  3. sandersz issues, Tabs Vanishing

    I've just noticed the following, everything on the Surface Pro4 is running correctly. But when I drag the window to my connected 4k monitor (HP Envy 27s via Dispalyport) the dialog boxes are no longer displayed! If I push the program back onto the surface it doesn't work any more either. Only after restarting the program everything runs smoothly again. looks like a problem with the graphics driver!
  4. sandersz issues, Tabs Vanishing

    I have uninstalled the latest Microsoft security update from November 8th. Now everything goes back to normal. But that's certainly not the final solution!?
  5. sandersz issues, Tabs Vanishing

    You were right, the old version doesn't work either. Today an update for Adobe Flash Player was released, but unfortunately it cannot be uninstalled to see if it's that!?
  6. sandersz issues, Tabs Vanishing

    Okay, thank you, I'll try it out.
  7. sandersz issues, Tabs Vanishing

    I have the same problem here on my Surface Pro 4, all drivers up to date. Where can I get a download link to version 1.5? If the program needs it urgently, it's useless!!