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  1. I also think that it would be good to see sub-forums and that the divisions used in the Feature Request forums could be used. There may be commonality, but there are major differences as each program serves a different purpose.
  2. dvoth

    Messy iOS Files app integration

    In the top corner there is a + button for opening and importing files. You can then access the select from Files by choosing iCloud.
  3. Also on a Mac I find if it is verified in an Administrator account as opposed to a Standard account can make a difference too.
  4. I don’t see an option for a light UI. It would be helpful to have that as currently I find it hard to make out the icons. I think they were made smaller so that doesn’t help either. I’m using a 9.7” iPad.
  5. A non-destructive layer is listed on their roadmap, so it should come sometime.
  6. dvoth

    Version Updates

    For the iPad updates would come through the App Store.
  7. The original RAW files aren't changed. After selecting the develop persona and are in the Photo persona you can work on the photo and save in the Affinity Photo format or another graphics format. Currently the operations in the develop persona aren't non-destructive, but that means you can't go back after you have processed the image, but that doesn't affect the original image. A non-destructive develop persona is listed on the roadmap for the program.
  8. If you are using macOS High Sierra or newer there is an Edit With option in Photos. Affinity also has several Photos extensions, including one for editing in Affinity Photo.
  9. If you look in the tutorials forum there is a thread showing the Affinity videos categorized. Also check the Affinity Quick Reference site for a list.
  10. Also check the Quick Reference site which lists German books and training for the programs.
  11. Yes it is possible. Apply a B&W adjustment layer. This is also a mask layer so you can paint on the layer where you would like the colour to come through.
  12. Yes that is what also happens on my computer with Affinity Photo.
  13. Thanks for the update in 1.6, including responding to requests for the light UI.
  14. There is a media browser in the Mac version under the View menu. Affinity has mentioned that sometime they will come out with a separate D.A.M. program sometime in the future. There are a variety of threads discussing a D.A.M.
  15. I would suggest downloading the latest version of GraphicConverter 10 (now at 10.4.2 and note that ver. 10 is a paid upgrade). Try it as it works better showing previews of Affinity Photo files than initially.

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