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  1. There have been longstanding threads about this that go back to when Affinity Photo originally came out. There has been mixed responses from Serif as to whether or not this will happen. Look up forum requests for a DAM or Lightroom equivalent.
  2. The settings I am referring are the ones found here with "Light", "Dark" and "Auto".
  3. What I am referring to is that I have "default os" set, but it doesn't change from light to dark mode like it should when "Auto" is set in the macOS settings: it only shows dark mode.
  4. Check the resources section as some have made templates available for calendars. Here is one.
  5. I do like the v2 upgrade, but wanted to mention an issue that was present in v.1 and remains with the UI. I have the appearance in macOS set to "Auto". This changes the UI from light to dark mode during the day. However with the preference set to "Default OS" in the Affinity programs they stay in dark mode.
  6. Also if you download the programs from the macOS app store or for iPad there is a trial option when you first start the program.
  7. The current v. 1.10 iPad apps for Affinity Designer and Photo are about 1.5Gb in size so you could go with 64Gb, but it would depend on how many files you have. Probably want to wait until they release the new versions to find out about any change there.
  8. The question that many seem to want to know, but only Serif have the answer and are staying mostly silent, though I think it is because they are working on a major update. The iPad version of Publisher is still to come, advertised as coming soon.
  9. A response in another thread that Javascript will be used in the future for scripting.
  10. I haven't used it much, but if you're on the Mac a low cost 2D option is CADintosh X by the same developer as GraphicConverter.
  11. See this post about creating a shortcut and then adding it to the share menu.
  12. Have a great break and thanks everyone for your work.
  13. While not giving you a trial, there are some tutorial videos that you could have a look at.
  14. There isn't an option right now for a light UI on the iPad. There is a feature request thread here.
  15. Yes, I agree. There were requests for this with the desktop apps and it was added later. I think that the option to have a light option should have been carried over when the iPad apps came out.
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