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  1. I also suggested that a couple of times. At least I want a single install/update file for the whole suite.
  2. Very nice to see better metadata handling and Canon CR3. 🙂
  3. Yes, one has to be careful work aeound this problem or else you muss up everything. I don't really understand why Serif decided not to fix this problem that existiert for many years now. Sad.
  4. @fde101 Yes, I can follow your point. Regarding my app it's also Androids way of memory handling that slows it down due to aggressive garbage collection even if there is plenty of space left. Here the way of iOS to allow taking up some amount and sending out kill warnings over that treshold is better for memory hungry apps like mine. Providing better Silicon and a relaxed memory handling is of corse a plus for intensive apps. I think Affinity would perform worse on Android than on iOS. But saying that this makes iOS the best system in general is nonsense if take everything else also in consideration. Overall I like Android more. The main reason is that I'm a Java Developer and Android is quite accesible, easy and good documented. I can run my own apps without paying a cent for that. Not possible with iOS.
  5. I'm not. And this thread is not about me. Basicly the question of the thread starter was answered by Patrick and explained further by fde101. It's indeed so good that it could be part of the FAQ. Your fanboy talk however is not useful in any way and you won't "convince" me. I already know that Apples hardware is more capable - this has been proven. What OS & software is "better" is a matter of taste as I already said. Topic could be closed.
  6. LOL. That was a good laugh. You are free to believe what you want. Peace.
  7. That's typical fanboy talk. Which OS is better is just a matter of taste. Nothing more. Stay with the facts: You can measure with benchmarks that the hardware is stronger. But it also is more expensive.
  8. Sorry, but this is not true. The Huawei MatePad Pro has an Antutu v8 Score of 455.000. The iPad Pro 3 scored over 700.000 and even the iPad Air 3 is more performant with 500.000. See here: https://www.kimovil.com/de/huawei-matepad-pro/antutu https://www.antutu.com/en/ranking/ios1.htm I believe in the Antutu Score because at my work I develop a performance intensive application that runs on Android and iOS. Own performance tests of my app on several devices including Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 & S4, Sony Z4, iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro showed a relation to the Antutu Score. I really absolutely don't like Apple. I personally own Android devices - Galaxy S10e & Tab S2. But as @fde101 correctly pointed Apple has by far the strongest hardware on the market. The Huawei MatePad Pro is a nice strong tablet, but nothing to beat the iPad Pro. If you like it or not.
  9. Still broken. As for every bug in Affinity I would not expect a bugfix to soon.
  10. I use AviDemux for my cutting of source material on keyframes.
  11. The question could be "Are you working on DAM?" and this is asked frequently and has also a clear answer.
  12. I would like to have a single installer for the whole suite. In my view Affiity is one big tool since studio link.
  13. @Patrick Connor I suggest to add the DAM question to the FAQ subforum. It's really really frequently asked.
  14. At the moment you can get Luminar 3 for free. It's a giveaway partnering with a german computer magazine. Worked for me.
  15. That is by far not the same. The joke is that after exporting an image the file is altered (see history panel) because it is supposed to remember the last export settings... but it does not.
  16. I did some research on this and found out that unfortunalely they have very high prices based on a quota.
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