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  1. Definitely so far Awesome job Affinity Team. Loving Publisher The current workaround (if highly stylized table) is to copy the column and paste it to facing page appropriate location. Flip Horizontal is a distraction at the moment Thanks for all the responses all. And thank you to the A Team.
  2. It seems this needs to be moved to Publisher feature request! Thanks for the assistance!
  3. My current workaround is to just copy the full columns and put them on facing page where they need to be. My current project that is what worked for me. But the horizontal flip option for a table still makes no sense unless Im trying to make a secret decoder book to read in a mirror.
  4. There is currently no way to flip a table horizontally (i.e., to reflect a facing page) and have text in proper format. Currently no workaround other than manually editing the facing master page. See post below.
  5. Simple example: a workbook I design one side the way I want, then I horizontally flip it so that the binding pages always have the same side always in the gutter as pages turn. Sure I can manually edit the right side master but I cant understand why I cannot just flip the text so its not backwards... This absolutely seems like a table bug in Affinity Publisher at the moment. also: I see no true use of "horizontal flip" for a table if the text will always be backwards. ps. Where is customer service on launch weekend??? this and MANY issues that need an official comment on.
  6. It's almost like the flip horizontal is missing from the table menu to fix this issue in Publisher Is this not a simple formatting issue???? Mods / Admins / Developers? -- thoughts? Attached screenshot
  7. Example: Display showing how it would actually print
  8. publisher generated the table...
  9. I have a table that I want to horizontally flip in publisher. However when I do it, the text flips too (so its backwards). I thought ok I'll just delete the backwards text and refill it in.. it stays backwards.... How do I make the text go back to normal ways and not flipped? I want to keep the table horizontally flipped on the facing page but the text is backwards... I know its simple ... driving me nuts tho
  10. In Publisher - How to make the layout show as printer spread for saddle stitched booklets? ie., 8,1 2, 7 6, 3 4, 5 Thanks!