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  1. im experiencing this now suddenly... what is stabilizer and how do i turn it off? I am using clone brush tool but my pointer only turns into the brush when i start clicking. It was not like this a few days ago and I assume I hit some key stroke or something to turn something or off..
  2. any update? have fuji film xt-2 and can tether shoot to a folder.. would like it to open automatically in affinity photo update: semi-solution for mac with automator - link below
  3. I just tried: Brother: HL-2270DW - Same issue Brother: MFC-8950DW - complete flop as if it didn't know what to do with half page paper, same issue on letter size HP Laserjet P2055dn: PERFECT on both Letter size paper and damn near perfect on Half Page paper. Manual feed and regular tray VersaLink Xerox: Perfect Letter size alignment, slight issue on half size. Brother brand is slightly tarnished in my eyes now... but I now know its not my document design.
  4. tried and nope same I am blaming the printer right now. going to try another one tomorrow
  5. Completely not an affinity issue (as also tried other programs) but im running into a brother printer issue (mfc-9330CDW) where the right margin is off by .0625 on every print I keep increasing the margin with no change always .0625 off (document had .16 outer margins, increased to .18, .20, .25 to see if there would be a winning number) updated firmware updated driver almost feels like intended to keep professional printers in business lol this is on mac 10.14 going to try windows 10 next to see if any change update 1: Same on Windows 10. .0625" is basically added to any margin amount on right side update 2: Tried Adobe (mac and PC), Preview (Mac), and printing directly from Publisher (mac and PC). Next attempt is to try different printers Anyone have any recommendations?
  6. When I hold command down I can measure between objects. I want to measure object to margin but it just measures to page border. How do I adjust the measuring guides? Attached screenshots
  7. Update 2: My main question now is : can you change individual cell fills on 1 table? I must be missing something... I am attempting to remove the fill (so thats a background shows up) on some specific cells in a table but when I click the remove fill icon shown in below screenshot... nothing happens just defaults to white?? Going to keep putzing around to figure it out but ... so confused right now. Update 1: I was on stroke and fill .. needed to be on frame carrot but now it clears all cell fills not just my selected ones.. putzing with that now
  8. Perfect! Select Same > Name (since all object in each layer has the same name, I am able to select them all right away (even if the layer is not activated) and it will select and I can change color as I need. Thank you!
  9. affinity designer current template background is just a shape (rectangle) and text overlaid on it. Want to change the rectangle color on many layers playing with document pallete now
  10. I have a template that now has ~ 100 layers that consist of an image and a text title and a color background on the title. Of course now I want to refresh and change the background color on the title on all the layers. I probably have to re-work my template but I know there must be a better way to do this without manually selecting the background color on each layer and then manually changing it? Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated! Thanks
  11. Is there any way now / any way in future that we could tick a box that allowed to pass record formatting to Publisher from excel? For example: excel file has certain records with specific text color or text formatting and when data merge it matches what the excel file has?
  12. *shakes feverishly* but i want it nowwwwwwww Maybe with the next ipad pro refresh in March *crosses fingers* Waiting for the refresh now @devs is there a beta?
  13. Did Publisher get released for iPad or any ETA on it? Almost bought an iPad but need details on Publisher for iPad
  14. Solved: Range is solution. For my example: Be sure to use Range: Page 2 to 3 and it will merge and generate subsequent pages properly.
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