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  1. The style does carry over but the actual table format is gone so have to readjust entire format if I want any changes (alternating colors etc.)
  2. Is there any way to carry table formats to new documents or do they need to be readjusted on every new doc??
  3. 2nd link is my problem exactly
  4. Yes my problem exactly. Any update?!
  5. I have a few different asset folders that i have to manually switch between to search them. Is there a way to set it to search all assets rather than just the category currently selected?
  6. Text / boxes straight lines for a workbook, some shadows and gradients printing at home with a brother HL-L6200DW
  7. I am attempting to get the highest quality monochrome for a printed document (b&w / gray) Currently document set to 1200 DPI Color Format: CMYK/8 (I guess that’s default) As I am researching seems these settings may yield better results? Color Format: Gray/16 Color Profile: Greyscale D50 seeking advice where I can read more about affinity color formats / recommendations thank you !
  8. I agree checkboxes / date filter would be nice with a select all at top.
  9. So I am working on a directory for a client It has 1. Name 2. Website 3. Description 1 and 2 work fine typically with text box, paste excel data and shift click to fill down to the next pages. #3 is where it becomes problematic -- a description can vary widely from 200 characters to 1000 characters If I format my excel data to all have 1000 characters (including whitespace) -- Pasting into Publisher removes the whitespace and messes up my text box shift clicking Then I tried adding a period to the end of the whitespace -- again pasting into publisher removed the whitespace. Any thoughts for a workaround? Why would pasting remove the whitespace? My alternative is using stupid mailmerge in microsoft word.... please no
  10. Can we get a download ALL button in webstore account page?
  11. Adding to this and asking for an update from the team for this feature Brother uses Illustrator cs5 He upgraded to Mac OS Catalina CS5 doesn’t work any more, only options are to downgrade OS or pay for creative cloud sub I was like, hey! Try out Affinity Designer. I was so excited to refer him over not less than 2 hours he comes back to me saying he’s reverting his OS back so he can use CS5 why? “So sorry affinity can’t save dxf autocad Files I import into silhouette cameo” So sad this feature has been requested since it seems 2015 and we are pushing 2020
  12. Now is there any method to align the text that is in the text frame? For example, excel has a list of exercises (Exercise 1-100). Page spread has Exercise 1 on left page and Exercise 2 on right page I paste in the data from excel into the properly sized text frame and shift click to fill down and create the appropriate pages. Perfect, Left is properly "Left Aligned" to the margin. Now with the right spread page it remains also left Aligned and I cannot see any efficient/proper way to "right align" it to the margin for all the shift clicked boxes. Maybe I am missing some trick? ( i have multiple items being tracked/input so cannot use the page number Field/ Section Field as they are used already)
  13. It seems restarting publisher fixed without clearing settings. Certainly confused me when I was doing some size / positioning changes. Thanks all!
  14. YES. This is exactly what happened thank you for pointing out the anchor points. All set!
  15. Suspecting bug but maybe I have a setting messed up. 1. Draw a box on left spread - drag to margin so it snaps on 2. Draw a box on right spread - drag to margin so it snaps on 3. Select left Box - Go to transform panel and resize it by a random amount -- it "Jumps" off the margin 4. Select the right box - go to transform panel and resize it by a random amount, it stays locked to the margin and no further adjustments needed Anyone else able to re-produce this? I'm on mac 1.7.3 / Publisher

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