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  1. The lack of this feature irritates me all day long, and would be a great addition to publisher. When you go the export dialog, can it remember the settings from the last time an export was made. ie the filetype, size, quality, area etc And if it can save the last export settings as part of the document that would even better.
  2. Really? I use it literally every day in PagePlus - it never fails to work for me. Import an EPS, convert it to curves and manipulate the elements. Anyhow - you've shown me a way to achieve it in Publisher, so I'm happy. Many thanks Dominik.
  3. You're right. It is possible to open the container, then copy and paste the individual elements back into the document using this method. Bit clunky though. This could so easily be added as an option to the context menu when right clicking on an EPS. Just like it was in the old PagePlus.
  4. When I import an EPS file into Publisher I'm not able to convert it curves (and then ungroup its elements). "Convert to curves" is greyed out? Will this feature be added in the future? PagePlus has been able to do this for years. It was so useful.
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