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  1. This is a picture from the Harz Mountains. I grew up there and took some photos last year, probably in anticipation of the Corona crisis. So I can make a stroll in the forest, without going there. It was part of a project for super resolution photos. For this picture I took 23 photos with a Canon M6, six rows with three photos and some spare photos. Normally about 15 are sufficient. In this case I used all photos trying different software. Affinity, o.k. but a little slow, Autopano from Kolor (not longer available) same result, but much faster. As far as I know, the same algorithm is
  2. Is this the anthem of the British Labour Party? The text however seems to be Deutsch. Greetings from the continent Norbert p.s. Unser Tannenbaum ist schon gekauft.
  3. As already said, after updating the BIOS (ASUS motherboard) on my production machine with two monitor configuration, no crashes anymore. To offer a liitle help, I made some test with the files that where created when the crashes occured. Test with a Photobook, 102 pages, more than 100 images all embeded, file size 836 MB Notebook (HP old) with 8GB Ram,Windows 10 Home : o.k., a lttle bit slow when scrolling, but this depends on the hardware. 8GB RAM seems sufficient. Test on another Windows PC with 16 GB RAM (GIGABYTE motherboard), Windows 10 Pro in two Monitor configu
  4. The file is uploaded: MOCAA-2 ohne Text final mist.afpub together with a txt-file
  5. Reason found for images are not showing up in the resource manager. When an image is rasterized it is not longer listed in the resource manager and it is not possible to use the replace button for this image. Is this a bug or is it normal. Sorry if I waisted you time.
  6. Thanks Jon for your answer. The problem exists since October 10. Now, I'm not able to reproduce the behaviour. Starting Publisher five times with the big document, no problems. The only change in my system was an up-date of the BIOS (ASUS Mainboard) today, no other changes!! The reason for up-dating was, to solve a problem using two displays. The second display was not visible when starting the PC. It came up when I started Windows a second time without switching off the PC. However a lot of the images are not displayed in the resource manager. Therefore, I can't tell
  7. I have the same problem. When I open a document. Publisher (1,7.3) crashes immediately, twice or three times without any error report. After that, I can work for hours without any problem. May be the PC is too fast?? Windows 10 Pro, system and all assets on two seperate SSDs, I7-9700 and 32GB RAM. I worked on a photo book with many photos, similar to that, what I have posted some month ago (created with Publisher 1.7.2 ) in this forum. Further more, in the recent book are a lot of photos that are not listed in the resource manager, but still present in the document. Photos which are
  8. I had a similar problem. Windows Home, Photo 1.6 installed and also from time to time a beta version. I used a tool from Microsoft to uninstall the previous version, because there was no uninstaller in Affinity Photo und the utility in Windows to unistall did nothing. MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta.diagcab Afterwards I deleted all folders remaining related to Affinity Photo, also in User/ ... /AppData/Roaming and then I installed version 1.7, no Problems Hopefully this could help.
  9. I used Publisher to make some Photo Books. You can find one here: https://issuu.com/n.w.d/docs/mocaa Norbert
  10. For the Resources Manager it would be handy to have a function to create a file of all assets listed as .csv file. This file should also contain the links to the assets. A step further is to implement a function to consolidate the project. That means, all assets, as far as possible, are stored in one folder, preferable with mapping the folder structure of the origins. Norbert
  11. If there are problems in uninstalling beta version this tool from Microsoft MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta.diagcab might help. Regards
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