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  1. Same here I never open any affinity product just for viewing over an image - I always want to start working immediately so Move Tool should be the default. Better would be a setting which tool you want to start with for all 3 affinity products as a default. Can't be too complicated, right? Please! Chris
  2. This might be old news: but pressing the tab bar on your keyboard will hide all the margins of the objects and show them again after you released the tab bar. I use it a lot for a quick preview while working on the doc.
  3. Hi I'm working in Publisher - latest version. I'm just struggling to find a way to change a horizontal gradient for a fill to vertical. I created a rectangle and went to the Fill properties of that rectangle. Created a gradient by using the Fill box. Now I want to turn the gradient from horizontal (default) to vertical but I do not find any controls to turn the gradient - neither in the Fill properties box (like a circle controller) nor on the rectangle itself (like a control line). I found a circle controller on the fx Gradient overlay when I switch to Designer persona however now I have a horizontal AND a vertical gradient which was not the intention. Please give me advise how to simply turn the gradient fill in Publisher. Thanks Chris
  4. Yes, the same here. I got my Craft a few videos ago and I would not wanna miss it again. But, this is because I like the keys and how I can type - it has the absolute right sensitivity. I love controlling my media with the play/pause and volume functions of the crown. Now, the next step to absolute satisfaction with the Craft would be using the crown for all the sliders in Affinity software. Please, amazing Affinity people, give us a profile for the Craft. Thank you. Chris
  5. Hi firstdefence. Thank you very much for the hint. I just found the function "Flatten" under Document and it did what I was searching for. I'm not sure whether this is the same as "Rasterise" but in the end both commands did the trick for me. best Chris
  6. Hi guys. I have a photo from which I would like to use a cropped portion and rotate this part around a bit. the result object still has all the rest of the photo and on top it is so much bigger due to the rotation. How can I cut out an rotate and the result is only the rotated portion of the original which I can use as a background without the waste around it - and export it? Thanks for help Chris
  7. Dear affinity team. Recently I tried to set up guidelines for a trifold brochure. I needed different guideline positions for the front and the back page because the part that folds to the inside needs to be shorter than the other 2 parts. Obviously Publisher would sync the guidelines over the whole document and it is not possible to have a separate set of guideline for different pages. Using different master pages was no solution too because guidelines are synced over separate master pages too. So I think it would be a great idea to setup separate guideline sets for certain pages or at list for different Master pages. I followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HavASPBcZQ and this guy could obviously use separate sets of guidelines for certain pages. Why is this not working anymore in a newer beta of publisher? Thank you very much for this great new product in the affinity family. Best. Chris.
  8. Thanks Dominik. I thought about creating the trifold brochure in Designer - however, I think a folder is a job for the publisher and it's fun to learn. Using 2 different master pages did not do it. Still syncing the guidelines over the full document. I'm using front and back page instead of 6 single pages anyway. Instead of the guidelines I trusted on my maths and counted fractions of inches Will see what the printer made of it. It's a great idea to put it into feature requests - going to do that. Chris
  9. Hello. I have I am trying to create a trifold flyer. Whatever I do - Publisher would always sync the guidelines on page 1 and 2. Same in Guidelines manager and when I adjust the guidelines with the mouse on the pages itself. As a trifold flyer must have one 3rd of the page folded inside it must have different guidelines on the front and on the back side it needs guidelines set for both pages separately. Otherwise: great app like all the affinity products - I am so happy to get away from Adobe.
  10. Hi folks. I found that there is a discrepancy in color values of Designer compared to Color pickers. I have a logo with a PINK that is R:255 G:51 B:204 in Designer but when I use a color picker this PINK is a R:255 G:0 B:226. see attached file. I think it has to do with the color profile - how will I find the best matching color panel? How could I get real colors in Designer? Thanks - Chris.
  11. I just got a Logitech Craft and I would love to use the Crown/Dial of the keyboard in Affinity Photo and Designer; especially for making better and faster usage of the sliders which is a bit tricky when you use your monitor in high resolutions. Please implement a profile for the Logitech Craft. Thanks!!!
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