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Feature Request: Presentation mode/Fullscreen mode

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At first, thank you very much for your enourmous effort and zeal to bring us such a beautiful piece of software! It is a pleasure to test Affinity Publisher!

I DO have a features request. I wish there would be a presentation mode in Publisher like in ID. In ID 've created a custom shortcut for this mode: Pause. So, after having typeset a few pages of my book, I make a "pause" hitting this key. ID instantaneously switches to fullscreen mode, hiding all rulers, guides, hidden characters and so on. The background turns black. So, I can go through the pages without disctraction. If I'm ready marvelling at my work, I hit "Esc" and continue typesetting.

Okay, in Publisher you can do: Ctrl + Shift + W and Tab and Ctrl + 0 and you can (manually) turn a window into fullscreen mode, which leads to almost the same result. (And you can still edit the spread! Very good!) but I'm looking for a "all-in-one solution", a kind of "combined super shortcut". :-)

I'm using this feature all the type.
Besides, QuarkXPress (for Windows, not for Mac OS) does not even allow you to turn a document window into fullscreen mode, so QuarkXPress for Windows, in my view, is much more difficult to work with.


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Hi, I'm new to Affinity Publisher but I definitely would like this.

I'm a Sketch user and love the way you can clean up all the panels with the CMD + . shortcut, which is super handy.

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