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  1. Any news on this? Bumping on the same problem that it's selecting a different artboard when I press invert selection.
  2. Hi Dan, no problem and thanks for looking into this! Looking at the new document where the background image does show, I do agree with N.P.M. earlier in this thread that it would be nice to be able to modify the transparancy of the background image. Would this be a thing you & the team are considering? Not fully sure if this is opaque enough for me to do convenient tracing. Just my first experience and slight worry on this. Cheers.
  3. Ok created a new file, and dropped in the same picture and tried X Ray view, and now it's working, both with transparant background and non-transparant background. No idea what caused it to work now. Checked the original file I'm working in, and can't see any differences apart from a "K only" button appearing in the toolbar on top after selecting the image, which doesn't show up in the new file.
  4. Hi NPM, That's so weird that it does work for you. I don't think I'm following you regarding the transperancy bg auto set. Switched off the "Transparant background" setting in the Colour settings, but no difference to me. EDIT: now trying to replicate your video in a new file, will update this message.
  5. Hi Ash, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the X Ray vision doesn't show the underlying image, like it does in Illustrator. Here's a screenshot of my work in X Ray vision, with the underlying image layer turned on: This is the artboard in normal vector mode, with the vector layers of the landscape semi transparent as that's my workflow right now:
  6. I'd love this too, having worked this way in Illustrator a lot. As Justin says it's different than working with a semi transparant fill, as seeing the outlines of many vector shapes is helpful. A semi transparant image with all vector shapes having no fill and just a stroke works but this can cause extra work and this is exactly what the wireframe mode should do right?
  7. For me the fact that there are two types of text possibilities, with different characteristics, already implies it important to be able switch between them now and again. So I don't understand the people who keep asking why you would need it, especially knowing so well the differences. You start off with the one tool and at one moment you find out you'll need the other. An example of my own need right now: duplicated a frame text layer and after some steps I transformed it into a header. In order to play with the words, breaks/amount of lines, and aligment art text would've been much handier and handson to experiment with, not needing to reshape the bounding box all the time. Now I can make a new art text, which I just did, and apply the same markup, but this is extra work if I could've just switched.
  8. Ok just found out it's done with the Alt key + scroll in both Affinity Publisher and Designer. This actually works for me. More in general curious how Affinity thinks about aligning keyboard shortcuts with other apps. Like the above example, but also the pressing CMD key and so switching temporarily to the Move or Node tool. Cheers.
  9. Is it possible to make the zoom keyboard shortcut function in a way that it's only active when pressing and holding the "Z" key on the keyboard? Same as Figma. This works like a charm and you can immediately continue with what you were doing instead of having to press it again. I'm making quite a lot a mistakes where I press Z to Zoom, but I already was in the Zoom mode (for instance when switching from another app), so I quite the Zoom mode instead of entering it. Anyone else has this too? Maybe it's just because I'm more used to other apps, but still it's nice when apps align neatly and the way Figma (and Sketch) handle this is more natural to me.
  10. Agree. Same in Sketch. Not sure if Adobe Suite has this too, but it feels to me this is the standard across apps....
  11. Hmm, I was preparing a file, by removing all the old artboards, and adding a new layer in a different colour that represented the bleed, and now it's also working from the Export persona. Opened the old file and added a new layer in a different color and it's working in the old document too, so maybe I'm just getting crazy because I tried it with some extreme bleeds of 33 mm and it wasn't working... Should there be a visual representation of the bleed while working in the Designer persona? Anyway, sorry to bother you, thought I'd tested it myself thoroughly enough to post it here... Thanks for your quick assistance.
  12. Hi all, Is it possible that it's still not working using the Export Persona? I have multiple artboards and want to export one with a 3 mm bleed. In the Designer Persona I edited the bleed in the Document Setup. After this, there's no visual difference. Then going to the Export Persona, I find the slice corresponding the artboard. In the Export Options panel I check the Include Bleed option, but no bleed is exported. When using the Export option from the topmenu in the Designer Persona, it does work luckily, so for now I'm fine, but I'm still a bit puzzled.
  13. Hi all, Thanks for all the reactions. I just wanted my gut feelings to speak out, of course in the end it's the functionality that needs the focus. Solly, I agree with you that the logo's/icons really stand out, and maybe my perspective is already changing and I'm seeing the originality more and more. So maybe it's nice to conclude with the awareness that a logo is more or less the first impression you get about an organization, and because of that it should always be in line with the ideas and philosophy of the brand. I still think it's a "complicated/futuristic" logo, but I understand now that the logo has a lot of depth, which is now giving me the idea that Affinity has a desire to go one step further than traditional organizations, a goal I really support, especially in this field with one dominant player. Anyway, enough meta talk haha... I just bought the Designer app, stoked to get started...
  14. Hi Dan, Superthanks for your immediate feedback. I already feel bad for posting this, but it were the first emotions that came up, and although it's not something related to the pure functional working of the apps, I do find it important that something like this matches the 'feel' I expect. When I look at the new icons more closely, I like the abstract pencil and aperture illustrations, very intelligently done. Generally speaking though I still find the icons too complicated/squarish/from the future. Of course it's ok if a user like me, or other individual users, are not a big fan of the logo, but besides sharing this I guess I'm curious how other members are experiencing this. Bye
  15. Hi all, Let me start with stating that I'm a new and super happy Affinity user, that can't wait to never open an Adobe program any time unless really necessary. So far the Affinity has been very intuitive and nice. The reason I'm writing this post, is not to bash, but to give feedback in what to me is an important aspect of any software: the logo. The Affinity logo is in a way kinda supercool/Sci-fi/nerdy, but to be honest my first and second impression where that this has to be from a freeware suite. For me, it just misses professionalism and cleanliness. Personally, I really don't care (and your reaction might be something like "who cares?"), and I think will grow on the logo, so don't start mocking me please, but what I'm saying is, that it might scare off new enterprises that look for an alternative to the Adobe Suite, and I really hope Affinity will be the new standard in the future. I know it's in the DNA of Affinity and this post will probably be either neglected or disapproved, but I just wanted to share my first impression, now that I'm still in the phase of being able to have first impressions. Now I'll shut up and start making stuff...
  16. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Publisher but I definitely would like this. I'm a Sketch user and love the way you can clean up all the panels with the CMD + . shortcut, which is super handy.
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