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  1. Oh thanks so much for this! I’ll have to grab these soon, it looks like they are on sale do you know how long they will be on sale?
  2. So I hate to dig up an old thread but I’m in need of spot color separations to prep a file for screenprinting. Would anyone have any help on this? Ive been digging around all over the internet trying to find some help.
  3. Is it possible to have affinity designer on the iPad remember the “clip to canvas” setting, either app wide or at least per document? I very often use the space outside of the art board to try out different color combinations and layouts so each time I open a document I have to disable clip to canvas so I can see my entire document. It’s super frustrating because I sometimes bounce back and forth between documents so I am constantly disabling that setting.
  4. That is what i am trying to do now but having some issues uninstalling iTunes. Gonna keep pecking away at it though and hope for some progress. I used terminal to remove itunes and when i try to use the installer for 12.6 it still says a newer version is installed. EDIT: I see now the terminal delete didnt work bc it says operation not permitted. So now im really stuck lol. EDIT2: So I gave up on my mac and put itunes on a work computer, shhh dont tell. Ive got iTunes 12.4.3 for windows installed and it says AP is only availible on the ios app store.
  5. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone with a supported iPad so I don’t think it’ll even let them purchase without a compatible iPad.
  6. This is exactly what happened to Mischief. It was my go to when I just needed to doodle out some ideas quickly, it stayed out of the way and let me focus on getting my thoughts on the page. But since foundry bought them it hasn't been updated and is so slow and unstable on my macbook. Makes me very sad. I'm itching to try Magica Voxel when I get off work tonight though!
  7. Double dang lol. Thanks, guess I’ll just have to pony up full price. Thanks so much for your help!
  8. Dang, I was afraid of that. What is the oldest ipad supported? My girlfriend has an ipad 2 and my buddy an ipad mini 2 I believe. I guess I could try signing in on their devices and buying the app there.
  9. i dropped my ipad air 2 last week and busted the screen so I can't pickup Affinity Photo on the iPad while its on sale. Does anyone know of another way to buy ipad apps? Maybe through itunes on my computer?
  10. I would but I no longer have PS installed on my computer. And my work computer has PS CS3 and I am not sure what minimum version the brushes work with.
  11. Thanks for the reply, I was gonna message you but just hadn't had a chance yet so glad you made your way here. Thanks for the clarification, i wasn't aware that Affinity was handling brushes so similar to the tool approach. So that makes me feel a little better, i quite prefer that method of accessing brushes over the tradition brush method in PS. I am sure the Affinity team has many more priority things to work than PS tool integration so I won't hold my breathe on it coming any time soon but I'll be using their products daily for a while so if and when it comes I'll be ready lol.
  12. Alright thanks. I found a few videos that explained it but they were kind of long so I won't waste your time with them lol. I'll send him a message and see what he thinks. I have his brushes and they replaced some brushes I was using before so maybe he can help me out. Thanks again!
  13. Seems the tool presets are an approach that is much different than what you guys have in mind for the Affinity line so I completely understand. Maybe I can try contacting the brush creators and see if its possible for them to package their brushes as .abr files. Thanks.
  14. my basic understanding on how they work is this: you open the tool preset panel and load a particular set of presets. the preset panel then displays certain option from the loaded preset based on the selected tool. so for instance when the eraser tool is selected it only shows presets for that tool, and when the brush is selected it shows those presets. I think some brush makers use these over standard photoshop brushes as it allows them to change brush opacity, color, and a few other settings that they can't access via the .abr files. Ill try to find a video that explains it incase my explana
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