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  1. Ok, thanks for answering my question so soon. Great, with the procedure you explained to me, I have succeeded in doing what I needed. But forgive my daring, I think it is a bit complicated and slow to do all these steps to change a stroke and modify it to adapt it to a drawing, it is not comfortable for illustrators. Wouldn't it be more practical and intuitive if the modifications in the brushes panel were applied directly to the selected stroke? There will surely be important technical issues that will justify this being so for the moment. But your tool has many very good
  2. Hi, I am new to using affinity designer and this is the first time that I need to apply the variation of a stroke along its path. I try to do it with the vector brush tool panel and nothing happens. I am doing something wrong? I think I should change the thickness of the stroke if I have it selected and slide the sizing controls, right? I am attaching some images where you can see what I am saying. Sorry, but I have installed the program in Spanish, but I think you can understand it. Thanks for your attention and regards.
  3. Yes, please pay attention to this. I also need to be able to do that in order to professionally use affinity designer for illustration. When you draw in pixels it is essential to be able to rotate the canvas quickly and easily to adjust the freehand strokes in the most comfortable way for the arm and wrist. It is an essential ergonomic issue. All pixel drawing programs do it and it is something very necessary.
  4. ... And the most strangest thing is that it only happens in the horizontal dimension.
  5. How is it possible that if I have a 3x3 mm cell grid set it doesn't fit with a 15x3 mm rectangle? It is just an example, it happens with any other guide and object configuration. Attached screenshot so you can see what I am telling you (I have it configured in Spanish, but I think it is clearly understood) Thank you and health for all. P.S. I really like your program, but it is impossible to work correctly with this bug.
  6. It happens to me very frequently that the hand tool [H] remains selected and although I select any other such as move [V], pen [P], text [T] , etc., the hand tool remains active. Even when another tool is visually marked on the panel. The only way out of this situation is to save and close the document and reopen it. It is very difficult to work like this. It happens to someone else? My O.S. is 10.13.6 - Intel Core i7 3,49 GHz - 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
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