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  1. I am tearing my hair out with Affinity Publisher Beta. I make 6 page magazine articles and may have to create a document 3 or 4 times as I cannot overcome problems which seem to occur at random intervals. The problems are to do with trying to put text frames ON TOP of four column text frames. I am about to try to illustrate the problem, but first I need to use the latest beta version which appears to be 1.7.337. I am however using version 1.7.312. When I run the programme it invites me to download a later version than that which I am using. Fine - I wish to download it, however when I follow the link it continues to download version 1.7.312 - which I already have! Please can you help me to download the latest version.
  2. DavidSilverSteel

    Problems making a magazine style layout

    Thanks Jens, WOW - how had I missed that. Put it down to old age! Thanks for your help and I shall be more careful in future about grouping rogue frames where they should not be grouped. (I am still mad at myself for including that!) Thanks again
  3. DavidSilverSteel

    Problems making a magazine style layout

    Hi Jens, Thanks for your reply. I am attaching the two publisher files for your observations. Things are off the guides simply because I had been messing about with them just before the whole thing became a mess. the guides do work though. The Four column text boxes are on the master page, but the small problem box isn't there - or at least I don't think so! - I can't find it anywhere. Kind Regards David p.s. the text and photos are copywrite. Testing Problem.afpub Testing1.afpub
  4. I have a long term problem using Affinity Publisher Beta, continuing over many updates. My current version is I can reproduce it - but with difficulty. The problem may start on - say - the third page of a document. I am using Windows 10 on a PC and I am trying to produce a magazine style document of several pages, with basic 4 column text frames on each page and with photographs and text captions placed on top of the four column text. The photo panels placed on top of the 4 column text boxes have their text wrap settings set so that the underlying text in the 4 column text box will wrap around the photos and the captions beneath the photos which are in separate small text boxes also over the top of the 4 column box. I am a user of both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, so I am fully conversant with layers, layer levels and nested layers. I attach two screenshots - 1. Publisher Prototype illustrating the type of document that I am constructing and 2. Publisher Problem which I shall use to illustrate my difficulty. In Publisher prototype you will see that I have a page with four column text flowing from page to page. I have a heading panel at the top which is laid on top of the 4CTB. Two photo panels are laid on top of the 4CTB (Steam Engine and Castings). I have extended the layers panel to show that each Photo panel consists of a Photo frame containing a photo, A text box containing a caption, and that these three layers gave been grouped into a fourth layer called a "photo panel". This works ok, although it is dissapointing to have to create my overlay text boxes off the page and then slide them onto the page over the 4CTB. Also note that the "Part 1" text box shows the contents partially outside the text box. sometimes the text box and the contents have been inches apart! I left the text boxes selected when taking the screen shot, to show you the layout more clearly. In the Publisher Problem screen shot, I show you the problem which often occurs. I have stripped this out of a four page document which I have had to abandon (yet again) as the whole document became unworkable. You will see that there is a 93 x 63 mm text box on the right hand page which can not be deleted - I have no idea how this happened. If I delete the photo Panel 21 on the left hand page, then the aforementioned problem text box will immediately take up the space on the left page where photo Panel 21 has been removed. The problem text box remains empty, but I can see body text behind it. I cannot delete it by deleting a layer - there is no layer associated with it - and I cannot select it to delete it. I simply must start the document from scratch. This has happened MANY TIMES. I cannot click my cursor into the 4CTB on the left hand page to delete body text or to edit the text in any way. It is simply there, and I must delete the document and start again. I am not sure, bu I sometimes copy a "Photo Panel" i.e. a group of 3 layers and paste it to another page. This seems to work ok, but I often then begin to have similar problems to the above. Are you able to help me with this, as at present it is unusable for MY needs. I can send afpub files for the documents illustrated, but they are about 8Mb in size. Rebooting Affinity Publisher and reloading replaces the programme just as it was. I hope that I have illustrated the problem adequately and that you are able to understand my explanation. Kind Regards David
  5. DavidSilverSteel

    Showing Fractions in AF Publisher

    Thank you Arte for your full excellent reply. That solved the problem at a stroke - or well - several strokes. Your help is much appreciated. kind Regards David
  6. DavidSilverSteel

    Four Column Text Box Greyed Out

    Thank you Walt for your reply. First of all, yes it was the text font that showed up grey, yet the frame of the text worked flawlessly. The text flowed through it. The text colour showed a black fill with no line colour, exactly as all the other frames. selecting the frame showed it as a blue (selected) frame and I was able to edit the text. Thinking through the history of this problem, this was my first use of multi column text frames with flowing text in them. When I started the document, I made two master pages, one called Master A and the second was called "Four column" as the MASTER contained a four column text frame. As I went along, I decided that it was more convenient to have just one master page - Master A without the text frame, - and to create a text frame on each normal page as I created them. Today I decided that this was the root of the problem as I had deleted the "Four Column" master page and applied all the pages to Master A. I guessed that the text frame on the faulty page had an (invisible and defunct) link to the - now - non existent "Four Column" Master page which was causing it to be greyed out. I therefore deleted the faulty frame, the text flowed straight to the next page and I created a replacement four column frame direct on to the normal page. This has solved all the problems with the document and I presume that I had diagnosed the problem correctly. Thank you for your help and interest in my problem. Kind Regards and a Happy New Year to you. David
  7. I write engineering articles which involve many fractions. In Word and other publishing programmes I can show 11/4 (One and a quarter) by using Shift Ctrl + to raise the One and make a smaller character. This also works in AF Publisher. However I wish to use Ctrl + to make the Four, smaller and lower. this works in other programmes, but not in AF Publisher. In AFPublisher Ctrl + simply magnifies the view. How can I display (say) one and a quarter in AF Publisher? David
  8. I have a five page document in AF Publisher consisting of one full page four column text box on each page. On layers above the text boxes I have photo frames, each in it's own text box for photo captions. On four pages this works ok, but on one page, all the text in the four column text box is greyed out. I can edit the text in the greyed out section, and text flows through it from previous text boxes, but I cannot see any reason why it should be greyed out. If I export the whole document to a PDF, the text is still greyed out on that one page. Any suggestions as to what I have done wrong? David
  9. I have a five page document in AF Publisher consisting of one full page four column text box on each page. On layers above the text boxes I have photo frames, each in it's own text box for photo captions. On four pages this works ok, but on one page, all the text in the four column text box is greyed out. I can edit the text in the greyed out section, and text flows through it from previous text boxes, but I cannot see any reason why it should be greyed out. If I export the whole document to a PDF, the text is still greyed out on that one page. Any suggestions as to what I have done wrong? David
  10. DavidSilverSteel

    Text Wrap will not work on second page of document

    Thank Chris, I have just this minute solved the problem. (I think). Whilst playing around with text wrapping on the first page, I had inadvertently moved the layer with the general, two column, text to be a child layer within the "picture panel". Understandably this had played havoc with the text flow. Moving the layer back out to where it belongs solved the problem. Out of interest, to a new user, it seems very strange that you can create an object (say a circle) on top of a text box full of text, the programme will allow the creation of the object and will allow the text to flow around it. The programme will however NOT allow the creation of a text box over the top of an existing text box, but insists that you create it away from the page, in blank space, and then slide the new text box over the original one. I hope that I have explained this clearly. It seems counter intuitive to the user. (or at least to me). Sorry to have mislead you with my original post. Thanks for your help. Kind Regards David
  11. I have a multi page document where each page has one two-column text box full of text flowing from the first page. I wish to populate the document with photo panels, each sitting inside a text panel. I then wish to copy the first photo panel throughout the document changing the picture in each panel and changing the wording below each picture. I wish to do this by copying as it (hopefully) will paste the new panels with all the same effects and word wrap features. as shown below. The above panel (shown on the right) was made by using a picture frame and placing a picture in it. A text box - bottom layer on left - contains the words "Photo.1 My Shop Made Grinder" and all those items were grouped together in a group layer called "Frame and Picture" The whole lot was then grouped into a group called "Photo 1 (Group)". The text frame has the vertical alignment set to bottom align to ensure that the text is shown below the picture. This gave me a panel that I can copy and paste within my first page and the text in the two column page wraps around the picture panel as expected. The text also wraps around the pasted copy in exactly the same way. However, if I copy the picture panel onto the second page, the text does NOT wrap around the panel and I can find no way of making it do so - despite the word wrap settings on the copied panel object being set to "Jump". If I paste the panel onto the first page, my text wraps around it ok. If I pick up the panel with the mouse and drag it to the next page, the text stops wrapping as the panel moves from the first to the second page. If I move it back onto the first page the text will wrap around the panel again - as before. Is this a bug - am I doing something wrong - is there a work around? I am happy to send a dummy document if necessary as this just has me beat. Kind Regards David
  12. DavidSilverSteel

    Embedding Picture or Text Frame Within Text

    Thanks PMan. Yes It reset the options to the original state. Unfortunately MY original state did not have those icons, so they are still missing. Not the end of the world, but very strange. Thanks for the interest though. Kind regards David
  13. DavidSilverSteel

    Embedding Picture or Text Frame Within Text

    Thank you Walt, that was most helpful. I used Text > Text Wrap. which I had missed and now all is clear. I do not have the three icons on my tool bars and so far I have failed to find them, but meantime I am working with the text wrap panel. I do feel that this should be on the right click menu. Thanks for your help. Do you know if there is a way to copy just "properties" from one object to another? Kind Regards David
  14. DavidSilverSteel

    Embedding Picture or Text Frame Within Text

    Thanks PMan, " I then applied wrapping via the Show Text Wrap Settings" This is what I cannot find. I have looked at the help files and spent a long time searching for this. I highlight the picture. There is no option on the context toolbar. There is no option on the right click menu. I have tried View - Studio - nothing there. It does not seem to be very intuitive, - or I am being thick? Can you give me any further pointers please. kind Regards David
  15. Having extensive use of Serif Pageplus, MS Publisher, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, I am amazed at the current limitations of the new Beta Affinity Publisher. My usual use of a publishing programme is to write - perhaps 20 page document of text with embedded photos for submission to magazines. - see attached examples of use in Page Plus and MS Publisher. I may be missing something, but it seems to be impossible to insert a photo, a placeholder, or another small text box withing and existing text box containing text. At least, I cannot make text flow round it, nor can I add shadows or other formats to the picture. See the Page plus example where the page in question had a full page text box with double columns. I placed a full width text box on top with the header in it, and the text can be made to flow round it using properties. I placed a smaller text box for "Background" in a single column size and a photo of a steam engine in the second column and the text can be made to flow around both items in a variety of manners. I suggest the new designers of the software use a copy of PagePlus to see how it should work. Am I missing something or is this to be added later. Otherwise it will be useless to me. It should be a basic function. Embedding the Photo layer into the text box layer as I would do with A/D also does not achieve the effect. Surely this should be a basic function? Using A/Photo and A/Designer, I would love to use A/Pub, but, sorry guys, it is a long way from even usable for me at present. I shall keep testing though.

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