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  1. gadabra

    Opening Raf from Recent File - Crash

    Hi, just to chip in .112 will not open any of my .RAF files, either compressed or uncompressed, recent or historic. Shame because it was really speedy doing so prior to this upgrade
  2. gadabra

    RAM issues

    Excellent, thank you
  3. gadabra

    RAM issues

    OK, 32mb doesn't seem unreasonable price wise but what is more preferable - a faster processor or more RAM? Thanks for the reply by the way
  4. gadabra

    RAM issues

    Hi Chris, yes Metal was enabled, I've turned it off, restarted the app and now its really speedy. The Activity Monitor doesn't even go orange let alone red. As an aside, I will be changing my iMac later this year and it would be nice to have a recommended setting for the amount of RAM. I can see a minimum suggested by yourselves but nothing more.
  5. gadabra

    RAM issues

    Hi, my late 2015 iMac has 8gb RAM and runs AP 1.6 ok. On opening a RAF file, developing it and then switching to Tone Map the Mac slows dramatically. If I open Activity Monitor and watch what's happening all is fine until Tone Map starts and then AP1.7 uses 7.4gb of ram. The Activity Monitor's graph then becomes red and all activity will slow to a crawl. The same file run through AP1.6 will use under 5gb of ram with the Activity Monitor graph remaining green. This is not unique to any one image, they all do the same thing. It will continue to process the file in AP1.7 but it is so slow I usually give up and force quit the application. This sometimes results in AP1.7 not quitting and still using all my ram.
  6. gadabra

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I like the speed the Beta opens Fuji RAF files. I like the lens profile option. BUT, I have a problem when using Tone Mapping, it is extremely slow. On Photo 1.6 the memory usage on my 8gb RAM iMac is 5.8gb and the memory graph remains in the green with Tone Mapping being pretty quick to open. On 1.7 Beta my memory usage leaps up to 7.4gb and the memory graph goes into the red (processing the same file). Processing often comes to a halt. I have to go and make a cup of tea...
  7. Well done. Keep up the good work
  8. Downloaded the update from the Mac App Store and now every time I click on Affinity Photo - Preferences it crashes Updated Mac to 10.13.1 Affinity Photo still crashes when selecting Preferences. Deleted AP 1.6.6 Beta, made no difference, still crashing. It would seem pressing Control on start up allows you to reset your preferences...
  9. Signguy solved the problem by side stepping it. I now have an Automator action auto-importing the files for me.
  10. Quote: Moderators 933 posts LocationNottingham, England Posted 07 October 2014 - 05:43 PM Where do I get support? The best place for asking questions, reporting bugs and requesting features is right here on our forum – that’s where we all hang out: Well, I haven't seen much support yet. Whilst trying to troubleshoot my problem (deleting and re-installing AP, verifying permissions, checking other programs), I have discovered that Aperture, Pixelmator and Elements have no problem seeing my attached camera. AP doesn't seem to know anything other than my printers attached - see screen shots. Complete waste of £30 so far...
  11. Hi, I have just downloaded Affinity Photo 1.3.4. I am using a Mac Mini running 10.10.4. When I try File > Aquire Image I get a window that says Devices 0 Shared 1 (my printer). In my Finder window however I have 4 devices and 2 shared. One of the devices not showing in Affinity Photo is my camera - Nikon D5200. This same camera shows up with no problem in Aperture whenever I try. I have restarted the computer, removed and re-connected the camera, all to no avail. Help please