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  1. Any help for us Raf users in 1.6? Regards. Sharkey
  2. Appreciate the responses but the problem seems to me not my choice of using FRV and Affinity but AP being unable to handle the Raf files. As I said using 10mb jpegs AP is a dream to use. 50Mb Nikon files pretty much fly but with the Raf - sluggish is an understatement. It is typical for me to choose a software just before changing my camera and for them to work - ish just when I need them to really "work". Oh well, my fault I guess. Cannot be anyone else. The fact that I love the Fuji and Love AP just means it must be a disaster - right?
  3. I have to do something about this this week, so anyone got a suggestion?
  4. My first two day shoot and 1200 images in Raf. Culling not bad using FRV buy AP not good enough for bulk editing Raf. files. V Very slow at most things. Used iFoto Convertor in the end to get jpegs/signed from 200+ Raf. files. AP handled the few jpegs edits I needed and obviously posting was no problem for our super site. If I just shot jpegs (hi quality) it would not be much of a problem but the grinding lack of speed with the Rafs. is soul destroying. As the number of shoots will only increase (theres confidence for you) I am thinking of using an available CC licence that has been offered to me Gratis.. This will mean going back to my MacPro.. My backup at the shoot took nearly 2000 shots and finished her editing a full day ahead of me. She shoots large jpegs on Nikons, but a whole day??? Thoughts anyone. Will Serif sort the slow Raf handling or will I have to, unwillingly, return to Adobe for the foreseeable future? Not happy bunny - money spent and may have to go backwards to get the job done. Back to Adobe that is. Regards. Sharkey ps:- not meant to be a shock horror post - just sayin!
  5. Thank you again Carl. Because it will eventually be quite a small print I have managed with the Clonetool. I will research a little more later. Thank you
  6. not my image - so unable. sorry.
  7. Thank you Carl. After inpainting nothing happens. Left with invisible background with ants round it?
  8. Hello all, bit of a panic. Need to inpatient/fill in the background on their straighten & crop to Landscape. I don't think Cloning will work well enough (method I've used for other shots) Could someone please do the how to simply and quickly for me. Much obliged Sharkey
  9. Thank you both. I will try both methods - I am sure you are both right Regards. Sharkey
  10. If I can, how do I set a particular font to be the default font when I click on Text. I rarely (if ever) use different fonts for my signature and this will remove just one or two extra clicks on each image. Regards. Sharkey
  11. This is something like it.
  12. I have been trying to do this for quite a while now but am getting a bit desperate. I need this up and running soon. I can create a watermark by using an invisible background the same size and shape as the image and adding an artistic ©. If I make it fit the shortest side it should fit all images. I cannot however get the macro to record all this and then place the watermark on a pile of images. Is this possible or not? If so how? I am sure it is something that there are a lot of people needing to know. Appreciate a bit of help. Regards. Sharkey
  13. Hello Toltec. I have got 'It' to work with both methods - but really don't know how. It seems that if the Background (Pixel) - with a lock is ticked the white border fills. When I remove the tick my border returns? see images Also, if I move the (Pixel) layer to the top the image darkens?? Funnily enough I did remember to 'Rasterise'. before I started to do the border. In the videos I cannot distinguish wether or not the 'background' layer is the same as mine or not. If it is that important maybe he should have made it clearer? Thanks for the response. I think I will have to start writing menus for each little job - memory like mine - DUH!
  14. OK. Not in the best frame of mind and work must be done. I am obviously doing something wrong. When I hit enter using th enlarge canvas method or the crop method to create a simple white border around the image - the image expands into the new space (bigger picture). I know I was doing this last week but cannot for the life of me get it to work today. I have tried following the videos and can see no difference in method. When on the video enter is clicked a white border is displayed, when I click enter the picture just grows to the new size?? HELP!!!!!
  15. Passed your whole message on to the Web Man - He say it is on the list - but thanks you for the heads up.