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  1. Trying to write a 'Macro' for bulk conversion of jpegs prior to upload to website. I have been able to create all the steps except the signature. This is not a 'watermark' overlay just the placing of my pre-made signature onto and then flatten100 to infinity of images;-) Everyone has been very helpful to me so far and I would like to thank you al, especially any that I forgot to thank individually - memory downgrade due to age and - well another story. Example below is ©. Regards Sharkey
  2. Sharkey

    insert image from other photo

    OOOOOPS! Understand ppi v pixels Dyslexia and high functioning Autism make for funny bed fellows!
  3. Sharkey

    insert image from other photo

    Thank you 'toltec'. RC-R. I do really appreciate that you know what you are writing about, I really do. BUT - I do not understand a word of it - sorry. Only question now is how do I blend the toy into the original image?
  4. A quick question. I have a jpg of a dog. I want to put a toy in front of the dogs nose. Yhe toy image is a png from the web and far too large. What is the workflow to achieve this. ? The result must be of a quality to be posted online again - full size on webpage. Normal jpeg posts are 1920 ppi longest side at about 500kb.. thank you
  5. Sharkey

    Files Opening Broken

    very kind of you - can you let me know the result - if fixed?
  6. Sharkey

    Files Opening Broken

    the affect seems now to be more erratic. one file from a shoot opens and another does not? confused as usual. perhaps best to just keep going and see if Sierra update/ FRV updates and Affinity updates finally sort it. thanks for trying. Sharkey
  7. Sharkey

    Files Opening Broken

    https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/xP6mdrgIGC Link to a file in BT storage
  8. Sharkey

    Files Opening Broken

    Old Backcloth _DSF0080.RAF
  9. Sharkey

    Files Opening Broken

  10. Sharkey

    Files Opening Broken

    Never use compressed Raf.
  11. Sharkey

    Files Opening Broken

  12. The screen shot is how many of my files, browsed and opened from FRV are opening in Affinity Photo 1.6. They open the same way from Finder or off my desktop. Pixelmator and Photo open them OK.. but if I try and open in Affinity from Photo I get the failed image. Any suggestions. At the moment I am managing to edit what is needed in Pixemator but cannot continue as workload rises.
  13. My problem also. On a Mac - no fire wall active. Just no response from reset request and not accepting a long time password.
  14. I have been trying to claim the extras but server just keeps rejecting my password/email combination. Tried resetting password/rebooting etc etc but no joy. Is it system overload? Or what.
  15. Sharkey

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta - 1.6.5 (Beta 5)

    Any help for us Raf users in 1.6? Regards. Sharkey