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  1. So simply posting this information as an answer to my question was possible. Who would have thought it.
  2. Thank you for that. It may take me a while to understand it all but I really do appreciate the effort made to answer the question.
  3. Perhaps, unlike yourself; a well read, highly intelligent master of both internet and photographic nomenclature, I am simply asking a question of a group of people who might know the answer. The words and language of todays techno-crap photography are a shield behind which un-talented, egocentric, self important humans may hide. By all means accept this as an apology for just sayin'.
  4. As the title suggests. Does HEIF have advantages and can they be taken advantage of in AF?
  5. This is frustrating. Why is it these simulations cannot just be added to plugins?
  6. It now being 2022, have any new or updated versions come to light. Running Monterey on M1 Mac mini might make some changes needed - I do not know anywhere near enough to guess. The web is awash with 'recipes' built ,'I believe', in camera and I have no inclination to use them. The use of simulations must be a simple thing by now?
  7. Is it possible to add Fuji Film Simulations as a plugin to AF Photo? My online research says yes, but I cannot follow the suggested method and it comes from a blog rather than a known company website. I recognise this mayn't be the first time this has been asked but a search has not revealed it.
  8. Does anyone print from AP with their own inkjet printer (mine is Canon 100 Pro). At the moment resorting to Apple Photo just to get a print the size I want but this is not good enough control for my purposes. ICC profile, ppi, exact size, paper type. None seem to be available from AP.. There is a large selection of ICC profiles in ColorSync (Mac mini) but nothing seems to work from the AP print menu.??
  9. My Pixma 100 Pro (just acquired) does not play well at all with AF.. What is the AF work flow to achieve a quality print (correct size, psi, ICC profile etc.) So far I have been unable to print anything from AF other than 3"x2" that appear on the A3 paper no matter what settings I try to use. The canon driver is the latest and ICC profiles are in the ColorSync folder but setup just does not make any sense at all.
  10. Very Happy with this way of doing things - seems to be a solution. My thanks.
  11. Can we see the original as well please?
  12. Liquify & In-painting good suggestion plus high/low frequency edit. Beware the neck stretch with liquify especially if there is a clothing neckline. Cloning from the original image to replace neckline as a rescue. Bring the jawline in with liquify to keep balance .
  13. Yup. I know. Still good idea. Think the lack of support may be a matter of number. eg. Not enough users to justify three streams on the site. Certainly, I would visit a bit more but I don't suppose there are enough Affinity users on the site committed to posting their work.
  14. No idea what this is about. Yes - thank you - we are the only ones though.
  15. I asked for "My Work" to be split AP/AD and now A/Pub. Just can't be bothered to scroll /search etc etc etc just to find a photo. worked in AP.. Lazy - who cares just not bothered. Other sites available.
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