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  1. Very Happy with this way of doing things - seems to be a solution. My thanks.
  2. Can we see the original as well please?
  3. Liquify & In-painting good suggestion plus high/low frequency edit. Beware the neck stretch with liquify especially if there is a clothing neckline. Cloning from the original image to replace neckline as a rescue. Bring the jawline in with liquify to keep balance .
  4. Yup. I know. Still good idea. Think the lack of support may be a matter of number. eg. Not enough users to justify three streams on the site. Certainly, I would visit a bit more but I don't suppose there are enough Affinity users on the site committed to posting their work.
  5. No idea what this is about. Yes - thank you - we are the only ones though.
  6. I asked for "My Work" to be split AP/AD and now A/Pub. Just can't be bothered to scroll /search etc etc etc just to find a photo. worked in AP.. Lazy - who cares just not bothered. Other sites available.
  7. Working for a printed output is different to backlit screens/web etc. The image produced in a digital studio/darkroom can and mostly is wrong until it is printed. Personally I over sharpen for web posting and this has been commented on, then when I have not done so the image has been 'critiqued' as soft. Go figure - I believe is the American response to this circumstance. My older inkjet prints are softer than I would like now but pleased the customer at the time. It is quite an expensive step but trial prints sent by mail for approval often save embarrasment. Oh as an asid
  8. Will the software plug available with this printer work with AP? Simple question!
  9. Ta V Much - just needed a kick in the right direction.. It has been a long night
  10. For many, many reasons I am now running High Sierra on my MacPro. How do I re-install AF??? Quick help needed cos. work to do! Thank you.
  11. Is that true for the way I described my prospective usage. eg. UI on Eiazo and image on new 4K?
  12. To make AP more UI friendly - to me - I am considering adding a second display. Keeping the original Eizo EV2436W (1920x1200) so the the AP UI is easily visible to me and displaying the image I want to work on with a 4K 24" display as yet unchosen. My MacPro should run both of them with ease but I do not know if I can use the displays as I wish either from the Macs point of view or AFs? Using a larger (27') 4k would seem to be the solution but AFs UI is tiny without scaling and scaling kinda destroys the point of it usage for image quality. I always edit in a zoomed image, again
  13. Oops! Should have read MP not MBP upgrade. A 24"4K display @ £300 + Aurora from OWC £300 less £50 for old ROM Plus AP being as good at Fuji files as I hope and I may be OK with that. Still a 6yo machine though?? It is getting a bit beyond me at the moment. A lot of these changes are a bit beyond my pay grade (as was). Used to be SSD+tons of RAM = everything. Now I can see on my screen dozens of recommended SSD varieties (exaggeration), GL/CL support and manufacturing incompatibilities coming from every direction. It maybe iMac is the way to go; or even just wait '
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