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  1. Sharkey

    Fuji .RAF RAW image sliver issue

    MacPro/Mojave/1.6&1.7b AP. 1111 - opens incorrectly in both 1.6&1.7 0590 - opens correctly in both 1.6&1.7 Changed 1.6&1.7 to Apple Engine and 0590 opens correctly in both. Seems the Serif Engine struggling to keep up; not the first time :-(
  2. Sharkey

    Macro Export?

    Now that is an indication of something - not sure what. Old Bruce - you pick up on a cartoon character miss spelling but miss "Ben" spelling of 'been'?
  3. Sharkey

    Macro Export?

    Well!!!!! "Bu***r" Me!!!!!!!!!!! How long have I Benn cursing the 'No Export Macro' and this has been just sitting there all that time!!!!!!!! All the hours wasted doing one at a time. Jeeeeez what a dummy. Doooooooooooooooooooh.
  4. If your on a Mac just use 'Pages'
  5. RC-R, thank you for that. I have done my best to get the gist of the referenced articles and it does seem to me that my original choice of machinery (apart from limited display output) has proven quite affective. Makes a change We (trashcan owners club), also might get a bit of a bonus with AP in that from replies ;limited; even if the Apple coding for the GPUs is restrictive what capacity that is not utilised in the GPU driving the display may (via AP core) be available ????? All Computational and Graphical hardware will be used. Encouraging - right or wrong. The fact that third party software writers are finally seeing the whole machine as available for use is long overdue, I think? Just one other question. Your Avatar? Why? Regards
  6. Sharkey

    Macro Export?

    I have probably missed this. Can I now, in 1.7, construct an 'export macro' or a number of them to choose from?
  7. "RAW files now load much more quickly - especially if you have a compatible GPU". Would be good to know that my Twin D300s where compatible?? I have mostly found it very difficult to get any definitive answers to compatibility/setup/preferences for my machine to get the best out of AP. Probably just me but the answers are usually one of two types - non existent or just beyond my technical vocabulary Thank you for the responses thus far. The eGPU set ups for my machine are way out of my league (if if aint plug & play - forget it), so it looks like a wait and see job. Frustrating isn't it? The 1.7 does however look very promising and if I stick with a smallish display I may need to do nothing at all . Unusually! Might even take a few pictures this year
  8. All I have read about the titled set up has been reference 'gaming'. I do not game. So is there a set up that has qualities that would be of benefit to me? Affinity Photo. Thats it. If I put a 27/30+" display on a new Mac mini is there any point in running an eGPU. Speed of export/rendering editing in general. Even longevity of the MacMini itself (less GPU strain). My Mac Pro (late 2013 base model) struggles with photo editing on a 4K display - I now run my old Eizo (better colour & less stress) and find little or no difference worth reference. My wife 2018 Mac mini runs my old 31" LG 4K with ease (photo but no video editing). It concerns that Serif stuff does, at the moment' not require the GPU power other software seems to and that the Mac mini is therefor perfect for AP usage. At any time a change to (metal/ open closed whatever) may change all that in a stroke and I will be back where I am now; struggling!! Thoughts please - not TOO MUCH jargon - thank you.
  9. Good idea to reference the file type(s)+size you are trying to work with. Software of this type do not always work well with all Raw files for instance.
  10. On my 2013 MacPro 1.7 is opening Raf files (50mb) in 4-5 seconds. 1.6 took up to 20 seconds on average for the same file. For Fuji shooters anyway this beta is a real jump forward.(not a serif plant) I use the default settings as AP recognises that my hardware is a bit out of date so greys out the non applicable choices As for other actions, develop, liquid etc. a small but discernible improvement also. I would imagine from what R C-R says that Fuji stuff might have gotten a bit of a boost because it was 'so slow' previously. So I hope RJR takes a bit of encouragement from my figures. It is just a shame he cannot see the improvement for himself. If I could video the difference I would but I think even calling the process 'videoing' puts my capabilities in that respect totally in focus
  11. Of little 'help' I know I am still telling myself "just Do It" after nearly 15 yrs. on Macs. Still trying to think of how to do something before realising it just drags&drops DUH!!!!! Moving to AP from PS5.5 via Capture One, Pixelmator, Silky Pics, Photo, Aperture etc etc etc was a complete "Nightmare" and I doubt it completely ends :-( As I recall "This is an Illegal Operation", Windows 5 I think, caused me to switch the PC off just incase someone found out ;-O......... Language, Assumption and the totally misunderstood Intuitive are the most intrusive and destructive forms of torture for the user of any software - beware of them all. Oh, and age of course (rising 67).
  12. Sharkey

    Force Quit - every time

    I presume you mean 1.6.7. Only notification that comes up occasionally is if I have an image in Develop Persona. eg must complete or cancel before shut down. Normal in other words. The 'beta' needs 'Force Quit' no matter what I am doing - exception being opening and closing immediately without any use of AP; ie - no photo opening at all.
  13. Just realised, each time I run the Beta AP I have to 'Force Quit' when I go to shut down my machine or just try to shut down the Beta. Just checked again and Force Quit required each time.
  14. Sharkey


    Smoother & Faster. Getting there boys & girls. Might not have to break the bank after all!!!
  15. Sharkey

    Local Blackbird

    One from me Shot through dirty bedroom window, raining and blowing a gale. About 15% of the full frame. X-T2+18-55mm zoom. Selective sharpening on mono., +ve saturation on body/eye and legs. Denoise background 40%. Think we both did a good job! :-0