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  1. Oops! Should have read MP not MBP upgrade. A 24"4K display @ £300 + Aurora from OWC £300 less £50 for old ROM Plus AP being as good at Fuji files as I hope and I may be OK with that. Still a 6yo machine though?? It is getting a bit beyond me at the moment. A lot of these changes are a bit beyond my pay grade (as was). Used to be SSD+tons of RAM = everything. Now I can see on my screen dozens of recommended SSD varieties (exaggeration), GL/CL support and manufacturing incompatibilities coming from every direction. It maybe iMac is the way to go; or even just wait 'til something gives up and replace it (the old way)?
  2. Thank you gentlemen. My internet browsing is limited to 10 minute (approx) on BBC News - enough to realise nothings getting better. Followed by Affinity, Fuji, Macrumours ,Mac9to5 and my only weakness 'ello'. Hence checking in here for MBA thoughts. Perhaps Macrumours would have been a better bet? My other comment - well that is just me being paranoid as usual - sorry. As I get older and the money dries/dried up trying to keep a feeling of modernism in my photography includes being able to assure myself that the kit I use is up to date (desperate isn't it?). Obviously making decisions becomes more difficult the tighter the limitations until there is no choice at all. I think this year will be my last opportunity to make a reasoned rather than forced decision. So the MBA plus eGPU? is 'one' option; along with just change my display and upgrade MBP etc. etc.. There, all explained. So any thoughts always appreciated.
  3. Guess that answers my question!
  4. Anyone using this machine with AP. If so how is it doing and are you using an external display successfully?
  5. Is this just the continuation of AP not being able (fast) in handling Rafs? It has improved in Beta but is still not got that develop time down to where my old canon/nikon files where. They were larger file too. The Apple Engine is certainly usable especially for the non-pro but I would bulk at developing 100s of Rafs if I was still working to a schedule. Not being a digital-genius I really have no idea why this particular raw file type causes so much difficulty. Even 'Silky Pics' is difficult to watch churning through 5 or 6 images. The only time I have seen the develop process really fly was using the X-t2 to develop the images in camera. Very fiddly but fast. Ah well perhaps a huge jump in computing power will help after this weeks lottery . Bet the canon/nikon file will still be faster
  6. Sharkey


    DUH! Is there a video instruction to do this? Guess my fear of layers kicked in. Forget that last bit. Just completed your way in just about a minute. Command J did not seem to work originally but got there in the end. I suppose I was just looking in the wrong place. ie:- using a printing dialogue as you would in publisher - instead of creating a new image in AP and then going to the print dialogue. As I said DUH!!!!! Afraid I am still prone and getting proner to these blank brain periods. Problem Solved.
  7. Yesterday I had a request from my wife for me to print multiple small copies of an image she had to be passed out at a forthcoming meeting. No probs. says I. Open the jpg in AP (my default image editor) and hit print. Hmm.. What next? Start again by importing image into unused Apple Photo. Duplicate 60 times - select all - hit print - select custom & printer settings. Hit print. Done. Frustrating that the print in AP is 'so' basic.
  8. Sharkey

    Opening Raf from Recent File - Crash

    un-protected image please delete when you have finished.
  9. Sharkey

    Opening Raf from Recent File - Crash

    Only this beta has caused me any problem Hence my contact about it.
  10. Sharkey

    Opening Raf from Recent File - Crash

    Send a link please.
  11. Don't know if I am doing this right. Attached copy (pdf) of Crash Report sent to Apple (automatically) after Beta .112 crashes today. Raf was from Recent Dropdown list. Beta did not Crash when opening other file types Tiff/jpg. from same drop down. Process: Affinity Photo Beta [979].pdf
  12. Sharkey

    Make it a little different...

    Once again - total agreement. When you reach into any field of intellectual growth beyond what's is laughingly called known there is and always will be an element of art, of eccentric creativity; even (dare I say) luck. So from the little (very little) I have gleaned this afternoon the title would seem most apt and accurate from the authors standpoint. So agreement on that. My point, however, was that using an algorithm driven programme; especially one mixed with other algorithms and AI by just choosing the affect required is not art. Is it? I cannot for sure say; the user may have a depth of knowledge at or even beyond the Donald Knuth level. Most photographers do not - I would guess. A grandiose visage produced by software operated in ignorance (not an insult - I am very ignorant in a lot of ways) will need an awful lot of justification to convince me that it is art. Of course I am open to that justification just not very susceptible. For a few years I was responsible for operation and maintenance of a piece of equipment called a Data Logger. As far as can recall it was a converted mechanical switchboard in a box. Yup, you guessed it any early systems computer supposed to improve monitoring of a ships vitals. Luckily it responded to my hammer and screwdriver quite readily even when I had no idea why. If it stuck I hit it. Bit wobbled about too much I tightened a screw or two. Got promoted out of harms way pretty quickly. Anyway. I've forgotten how this started. Have a good evening. Regards.
  13. Sharkey

    Affinity used for large format production

    Bit late Robert I'll stick with taking the odd good photograph and leave the search for greatness/perfection/income etc. to those who (still) want it. Cannot actually remember my last commission. I would really like to pass on some of my oldie world knowledge/experience but I find so few with a positive response when I do. Must be my gracious communication skills
  14. Sharkey

    Affinity used for large format production

    really am taken by the speed of your learning curve. Honestly makes my old head feel leaden
  15. Sharkey

    Make it a little different...

    I understand. This relates to the postings about why we photograph all. Bearing in mind how many images are out there already. This is one of those occasions where a fresh eye may be seeing what the experienced one doe not. The austerity of the original is maybe lost to you because you have seen the image in real life and photographs many times. To me it is 'new'. It is one of the little internal battles photographers face when looking for subjects. I am dreadfully lazy now days and only photograph what is in front/around me at the time. Days of searching for the 'one shot' are well gone. Perversely it makes looking more important in that if I do not look carefully and take time to really see what is there I will not be taking any photographs at all. Have a look at Ansley Adams later work with a little 35mm and small prime. His images get smaller and the observation more acute. Not relying on grandeur and size of print for impact but still drawing your eye and mind into his world. There is a finite number of wonderful vistas out there but still the internal machinations of our own minds can make each and every recorded image personal and persuasive - If we look hard enough in the first place. Regards