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  1. This function is still not available in Designer. We need it asap please, like in Photo. Die Funktion gibt es nach wie vor leider nicht im Designer. Wir brauchen diese dringend, wie in Photo.
  2. are there any updates about changing color for guides (normal and column guides)??? When will this feature be available?
  3. done with images from Fujifilm X20, X-E1 and X-E2 incl Fujinon Lenses XF27mm f2.8 and XF35mm f2 I hope this will help you.
  4. Needed the same function last week for a calendar project. At the end I had to export 13 times by clicking the next artboard in the export dialog. Waste of time
  5. I always hit "ctrl + j" to duplicate a layer as in photoshop before
  6. But whrere it is? I cannot find this option. But I can use alt + zoom to zoom fit into a selection
  7. - Xnview or irfanview for a picture browser alternative incl. RAW - Luminar or Lightzone for an Lightroom alternative with editing a bunch of pictures at the same time
  8. Google has given his NIK Collection to DxO Optics. They will improve and work on a new version for 2018. Hopefully free again. https://nikcollection.dxo.com/
  9. I think a "We" stands for a bunch of people here in the forum and out there on the net. So yes, the question is important for many users incl. myself.
  10. Why is it not possible to make a selection using the marquee tool and copy and paste that area to a new pixel layer with alpha surround that new object? //EDIT: is it only possible on a pixel layer?
  11. Its simple. The All In one way of doing it. Time is always money in the business.
  12. Isn't Photoshop CS6/CC or Corel Photo etc a 64bit app? They are scanning fine on Windows. Sorry, but I cannot understand the problem here. But Im not a programmer.
  13. any news here? We need that scan import function asap.
  14. for sure. :) and yes, I know the RAW format, but Im not a programmer. I can see, that I can use it in near every RAW Editor I know so far. So the question for me is - why is it not possible for affinity photo? :)
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