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  1. You could perhaps create a new layer and then use the Gradient Tool. With the gradient layer selected you can then use the Opacity slider to change its opacity :)
  2. Hi Donovan, welcome to the forum If you disable the FX layer on the Background layer, do the "Tiles" disappear? If seen this issue before when a Gradient Overlay Layer Effect is applied - it's been logged with our devs.
  3. I can see from our ticketing system that our Customer Service team replied to your ticket 3 days ago. Feel free to respond to their latest reply to get your issue sorted :)
  4. Thanks for letting us know, BLine5. I will also pass this to our developers to be looked at further.
  5. I'm now getting the search results showing in macOS Mojave 10.14.2 but when clicking the topic's link, i'm taken back to the Affinity help home page. I'm also getting this in the beta verison too. I will log this with the developers. Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Leigh

    Pixel Perfect Drawing Not Possible

    I've tried a few times and haven't been able to recreate it. Does it happen on a new document? Are you using your finger or the Apple Pencil? Is it possible to record this happening?
  7. Leigh

    AD: Recent colors don't show in swatches panel

    You're correct. Seems to be fixed in the latest beta tho
  8. Leigh

    Pixel Perfect Drawing Not Possible

    If you check the History Studio you can see the rectangle was rotated slightly. You can reset the rotation in the Transform Studio by selecting the rectangle clicking Rotation and then OK.
  9. Leigh

    Pixel Perfect Drawing Not Possible

    If you're referring to the edge jumping when sliding between Vector and Pixels this also happens for me when using the same zoom level of just under 2,100,000%. If you turn on the grid and use a more reasonable zoom level, such as around 40,000%, you can see the object is aligned correctly to the pixel: Pixel Aligned.mp4
  10. Leigh

    Pixel Perfect Drawing Not Possible

    This pixelation seems to be caused by the rectangle being slightly rotated. See the attached video ( Rotate.mov ). After correcting this rotation and then exporting it looks fine in macOS Preview: If I airdrop the same exported .png to an iPad and view in iOS Photos, I get the blurred edges as shown in the post from DM1. However, if you save the exported .png from iOS Photos to the Files app and reopen in Affinity Photo or Designer is appears exactly the same as it does in the macOS Preview app. If I export Artboard 1 from AFD for iPad and then Airdrop the exported .png to my Mac and preview it in macOS Preview, it looks fine. I've attached an updated version of your file ( artboard_1.afdesign ) which only contains Artboard 1 with the rotation reset for you to try. I've also attached my exported artboard_1.png too. Rotate.mov
  11. Thanks for trying and letting us know - I will speak with our devs to see if they have any ideas. While you're waiting, is it possible to download this app and attach the screenshot of what it shows here? Also, are you able to install 1.6.4 from here: https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/1/ Update: Can you also try and install the latest 1.7.0 beta build to see if that works. If it doesn't, can you attach the log files to this thread. Thanks!
  12. Leigh

    Pixel Perfect Drawing Not Possible

    Thanks for supplying your document. I've made an adjustment to the objects on Artboard 1. Can you export and see if you get the same issue? Metronome_updated.afdesign
  13. Leigh

    Pixel Perfect Drawing Not Possible

    Sorry for not replying sooner. We've been looking into this. I'm also seeing this in iOS Photos but if I airdrop the same .png to my mac and check in Preview, i'm not getting the blurred edges. If I open the same exported .png back into AFD for iPad, I don't get the blurred edges. Are you seeing the blurred edges when viewing the png file back in AFD for iPad?
  14. Welcome to the forum veepy This is a known issue with our help and Mojave. We've tested the latest beta version of Mojave ( 10.14.2 ) and the help is working fine. Until Apple release Mojave 10.14.2 you can use the online help and its search feature. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/index.html Hope that helps! Leigh
  15. We've had two users with this error before here. One of the users updated Windows and the issue went away. Maybe check to see if Windows Update is running. It it's not, click Check for updates.
  16. Not sure about PS but i've heard people talking about an app called Affinity Photo - never heard of it before today but they have a 10 day trial and it has a one off payment
  17. The following post from one of our developers should be helpful: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/58963-what-cpu-cores-should-i-use/&do=findComment&comment=303490
  18. Is it possible to provide us with a video showing this happening? Do you have the latest Wacom drivers installed?
  19. Hi Debbru, I've replied to your email - please reply to that if possible instead of creating extra forum posts. When you have duplicate forum threads and emails it makes it harder for us to keep on top of your issues
  20. Hi Kanpro, I take it that you're having issues with the Windows version? If you could explain your issue, I'm sure we can help and get the app working for you. I look forward to your reply
  21. Unfortunately, our apps do not currently have any features to work with calibration cards, sorry.
  22. Make sure your Colour Panel is set to Percentage and not 8 bit:
  23. AlainP is correct. You will be fine
  24. The Affinity Store version of the Affinity Photo is You've downloaded the correct version but the version number shown on the webpage is wrong. I will get this corrected. Thanks for letting us know.