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  1. Thanks for letting us know @LibreTraining - will get it logged.
  2. Thanks for the additional information. Is it possible to send me the document that crashes the M1 Mac with Metal enabled? If you would like me to provide a Dropbox link, just let me know.
  3. Thanks for confirming. Will log with the developers - thanks for letting us know.
  4. Do you get the same result with Metal enabled and disabled? Only asking because I can only replicate the green area with OpenCL enabled on Windows.
  5. Thanks very much, will pass to QA. Of course - whatever QA find, we will let you know. There's nothing in the app we can enable to create a log file but you could enable streaming in Console and use <Any> affinity in the search box to filter messages to anything related to Affinity. Not sure if you'll find any useful but it's worth checking. The other option would be to use a third party app called Sloth to see what Affinity as open in the background: https://sveinbjorn.org/sloth
  6. Thanks for the update. When Metal is turned on, is the app crashing with any document or just specific documents?
  7. Yes. Just wanted to let you know that we're still investigating. I'm also seeing the same issue when printing to a Canon Inkjet in the office. Changing the Colour Management settlings within the Print dialog made no difference.
  8. I'm with Walt. Please describe your issue in more detail and we can help you further.
  9. If you could package up the file that works and its resources, that would be great. Feel free to also upload the corrupted files - might be useful to our QA team. https://www.dropbox.com/request/2PCfg2wbwXnOSX178KWu Thanks again.
  10. @thomaso Me again, sorry. Is it possible to send us one of the documents you were using? Might make it easier for us to narrow down the issue. If it is, please send it as a package and if you need a Dropbox link to upload it to, please let me know.
  11. Unfortunately, the crash report doesn't provide much information about from confirming that it's crashing when printing. Does the app crash when going to File > Print or when pressing the Print button within the print window? Do you have any other printers installed? Do you have the latest drivers installed for the printer?
  12. @thomaso I've not forgotten about this post I've been working on a Publisher document and left it 5 days between saving and was still unable to get the error, which is a shame. I will pass the information to our QA team to see if it's something they can look into further to try and replicate. Thanks again for your continued patience.
  13. Sorry for the delay in replying @casterle - are you trying to print to PDF or XPS at all?
  14. I've been trying to replicate this on both my macOS and Windows machines but still not getting the issue. I've also tried a few other macOS machines and it's still working as expected. Are you saving locally or a to remote/network drive?
  15. Welcome to the forum @ugpit - I've sent you a private message
  16. @joe_l Seems like you have a different issue - please start your own thread and provide as much information as possible and we'll take a further look.
  17. Both Technical Support/QA have been looking into this and we "think" it's likely expected behaviour. I quickly tried to compare the same process in similar apps to see if they gave different results but was unable due to the apps requiring the same colour mode for both the adjustments and document. Have you been able to compare the results to other apps at all? The process you're using is very specific and is not something most users will run into. I completely understand your comments about wanting to get a detailed definition on how our functions are implemented and work at a low level but this information is only something our developers can comment on. As you're aware, our developers time is finite and as stated above, this is a specific workflow that most users won't come across, so it may take some time getting the information you require, if possible.
  18. Will lock this thread now as it's getting further away from OP's feedback and the nature of this forum.
  19. Thanks for the feedback and I will be sure to pass it on. It's definitely not a dead person but you've all made your point
  20. Thanks for trying. Which version of macOS and browser are you using?
  21. Have you tried Darren's solution above of closing the app and re-launching? Let me know how you get on.
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