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  1. Depends a lot on whether its for print or screen. A 119x119px sized brush prints as 10mm at 300dpi. Your average line drawn with a pencil is a lot thinner.
  2. How can i find out the original size of a pixelbrush ? It seems the default brushsize is either a value Affinity assigned to the brush in the creation process or not related to the original bitmapsize at all. I tried to experiment with brushes and scale them quite a bit and they never seem to look pixelated. What kind of sorcery is the Affinity brushscaling algorithm ?? It really confuses me. For example, i used the Masking Brush from the linked thread below for an experiment. Its default size is set to 128, but at 1000px it looks okay and even at its max (4049) its fine. Does this mean it was orignally made at 4069px or is it a two bit brush (seems unlikely because you need shades of gray for a lot of brushes) or is the Affinity scaling algorithm magic ? Also: what is the recommend size for making a custom brush ? Is it the bigger the better ? Certainly really big brushes will be bad for performance ?
  3. If you absolutely need a HighPass filter for you to continue work and the AP filter is buggy for you, its possible to make one the manual way. Duplicate image (or Merge Visible) Desaturate Duplicate and invert, reduce Opacity to 50% Set the inverted top layer to 'Linear Light' (this will turn everything grey) Add Gaussian Blur to the top layer until the edges appear Merge down Set the final HighPass layer to Overlay and adjust Opacity to taste You can also make it into a live HighPass layer by working with a group.
  4. I did indeed use the More button..... With the Edit Brush option it works as expected ! Great, thanks ! I will check out the Opacity vs. Flow article later. Seems i got a few things wrong. Thanks again !
  5. Today i tried to make a custom pixel brush for AD, after reading this article and using the image from the article, to try a three nozzle bristle brush. http://www.paololimoncelli.com/parametric-bristle-brush-model/ After i created the brush, i noticed certain settings keep resetting and there is no way to change them permanently. This happens every time i re-select the brush. Flow is one of them, and everything in the Dynamics section. So for example i set the Rotation to 100% and 'Direction', and when i come back to the brush it will be reset to 0% and None. Or the Wet Edges kept resetting to Off, no matter how many times i set them to On. Tried to create the same brush in AP and it was a bit better. Then after re-opening AD, two of the three brush nozzles had vanished. Also i noticed that Flow does not work. No matter how many times i keet drawing on the same spot, paint wouldnt build up. It only builds when i lift the mouse and continue drawing, but as far as i understand thats how Opacity behaves, not Flow. Now im wondering, is this behaviour a bug or am i doing something wrong ?

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