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  1. @JimmyJack - You sir are a genius! This is an ideal set up as the base design changes virtually every day and to have a displacement map avoids the destructive operation.
  2. Great! Now I just need to turn it into a macro??
  3. That looks ideal - cheers carl123. Would it be possible to convert the 200 in both equations into another slider? That way the two sliders could control both the length and strength of the effect. Cheers Chris
  4. That's why I'm surprised it isn't a native feature in Affinity, given how simple it is in PS!
  5. Thanks for the response firstdefence, I've attached an image of the Affinity ripple and it produces a different effect - more akin to a ripple in water than a ripple of the individual lines. Cheers Chris
  6. Hello All, New user here struggling with the conversion from Photoshop to Affinity Photo. I work for an architectural practice and use Photoshop to soften the export from our CAD software when preparing site layouts. This is achieved by using the a 50% ripple filter to make it look a little more "hand drawn". I've attached the base image before and after applying the effect in Photoshop and an example of the final image. Is this effect achievable in Affinity and any thoughts and comments welcomed? Cheers Chris