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  1. thomas.dahl

    Undo button

    So remove the menu entry so that you do not feel overwhelmed and add the undo/redo buttons as optional.. I have gone back to Page Plus until they are available in Affinity Publisher. What are the developers thinking?
  2. thomas.dahl

    Undo and Redo Icons

    It has now been nearly a year and it looks like Serif still have not gotten around to adding the undo/redo buttons. Surely I am not the only one waiting for them? How do I enter a request for this to be pushed up the todo list?
  3. thomas.dahl

    Zoom Slider

    And this is the issue..! These products are good enough for professional users.. but also accessible to amateurs and casual users like me. By all means make these things optional! But it would certainly help me.
  4. thomas.dahl

    Import PagePlus

    Why not use the code from PagePlus to create a function that exports a .ppp file as .pdf and then automatically imports it as a PDF into a .afpub file into Affinity Publisher. All this code exists May not give perfect results, but would save a shit load of cutting and pasting..
  5. I loved all the Serif products and will miss their simplicity and power. I am now learning the Affinity range. I have two request: 1. Simplify panning and zooming. Why is there no zoom slider bottom right on the UI? So many applications have this that it is almost a requirement. 2. The same goes for undo/redo buttons. I love these buttons with a passion. Why are they missing in all the Affinity products. This makes zero sense to me. 3. I would really like to see an "import" capability for importing files from the older Serif products (Publisher Plus etc.). I know the new products are not compatible and this is fine. I do not want to go backwards. However it cannot be rocket science to import graphic elements and place them in a new document format. Editing and saving would be in the new format. I am having to cut and and paste now. If this works then importing should also work. It is nothing more than automated cutting and pasting. Thanks and keep up the good work! Thomas
  6. I have been searching everywhere on how I can add the typical undo and redo icons on the tool bar. Where are they? And please.. do not tell me that they do not exist. This would be a big issue for me. Thanks
  7. And this is why windows 10 sucks.. I regret the day I installed it. Why should I have to waste time fighting an incomplete OS to get work done. I have a large number of programs that no longer scale correctly... dare I say that Photshop CS4 is worse than Affinity in this respect ! I love Access 2003 and it is now fully broken in windows 10. Maybe you could explain this screen shot: http://www.jvs.de/affinity%20photo.jpg A massive dialog box and tiny menus.. using Affinity Photo 1.5.x No, windows 7 is still the better OS.
  8. I have to agree. There are many things about the affinity products that drive me a little nuts. The lack of "save as" file format options and "redo and undo" buttons are pretty fundamental gripes. I know I know, serif now has an export button etc. but I am old school.. The lack of "redo and undo" does however make me crazy.. I keep finding myself going back to Photplus to get things done as I cannot find things in Affinity Photo and the help system is pretty useless. I usually end up looking in YouTube and this takes way to much time..
  9. I think Affinity Photo has great potential and I will continue to use it and ditch Photoshop. But, it is a little rough in places. 1. Why can we not have "back" and "forwards" buttons? I know that the History tab is there, and yes it is cool, but there are times when I just want to go back a couple of steps without having to open and close tabs. They do not need to be there by default, but I would love to be able to add them. I liked them in PagePlus, WebPlus etc. 2. The painbrush tool "brush size"n only shows the mouse pointer with the correct diameter after you click somewhere else.. Why not have it change in size automatically as you adjust it.. I have to go back and forwards to get it to the right size. A little thing, but it is annoying and shows a lack of polish in the application. 3. Why can I only save in Affinity's own format? I found the "export" option eventually, but it makes no sense to me to leave the option out of the "save as" menu. I am asking to "save as" and as such I am indicating that I want to save under another name and usually another format. Again, a bit rough.. Oh, and when I export and the location dialog comes up "affinity format" is the selected format although I chose "jpg"... 4. Many of the Adjustment tools have eratic and confusing dialogs. When I try to adjust "Exposure" I see several preset options. Where is the rest of the settings such as a slider? Very strange.. 5. Why are the "sharpen" filters not adjustment layers? And why are there no setting for unsharp mask? Many such issues which make the product a bit annoying to work with. I am looking forward to more "usability" improvements. The other Serif products are so much easier to use, but of course they have been around much longer. Thomas

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