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  1. sbp


    Please add macro shortcuts to the list!
  2. no news about this feature?
  3. This is the most annoying thing in Photo and maybe this is really easy to fix. Save the last state of a tool, please, it's really annoying that tools like Healing Brush, Inpainting Brush, Patch change to the default source (current layer) when you change between documents. I use these tools a lot and every time I have to make this change because the edits are made on a new nondestructive layer. This is valid for other settings and tools.
  4. sbp


    I can't understand why they implemented macros without shortcuts and why it's taking so long to add them!
  5. Presets are available in many tools but Blend Options also needs a way to save presets because here sometimes we create complex curves. I wold also make a dropdown list with all the presets to be available in the tool window or replace that button with a dropdown that has an option to save a preset. I would integrate this dropdown style to presets in all the tools (black and white, gradient map, curves.........)
  6. In the Develop persona resetting the sliders by double clicking, works but in the Photo Persona I can't find any slider that can be reset this way. This is really annoying because there is not a standard across the app. Same thing here In a problem reported earlier True!
  7. I am using the beta, I tried a few adjustment layers and few live filters but the sliders don't reset on double clicking, alt clicking ............
  8. I love the way some sliders are working, this method allows better and fine controls. But the slider in Live Gaussian Blur is almost at middle when is set at 10px When this control is exposed in a Macro we loose that level of fine control. I wold propose to make it either way but to be the same way in both places because is confusing if you use macros a lot.
  9. I was surprised that this feature is missing too.