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  1. Hi, I'm using AP and 16bit file 3505x5258[*.afphoto] gets it size increasing by each save. i.e. 7 layers [group 2 pixel layers]/curves/3 pixel layers was 432MB. After merging down 2 bottom pixel layers current size is 537MB[group 2 pixel layers]/curves/1 pixel layer]. As file contains less information, size should be smaller. EDIT: After adding live filter layer its down to 525MB. Please verify, as removing information increases file size adding decreases[or keeps the same] file size. Shouldn't it be other way around?
  2. gkulka

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.1

    I'm using 2x Xeon 5460 with 32GB RAM and I've noticed significant performance improvement compared to 1.6.5 when it comes to 16bit TIFF and multi cpu. I don't see anything on changelog related to it, but works fine Thank you.
  3. gkulka


    @Callum Correct me if I'm wrong, but current is 2nd release, where no changes to macros are done. I didn't notice any change at current beta as well. We have "tools", "how too" are in this forum/YT/other pages, but we can not create "toolbox" for them, its very annoying. Its like doing frequency separation by creating layers, setting filters and blend modes. Of course you can use filter, but if you don't like what Gaussian blur does[to keep example], than you are in trouble as you need to do all stuff manually. I think "fine tuning" whats already in should be first priority, maybe in line with updates to keep up-to-date with current photo gear[i.e. CR3 support], that all other "nice to have" features. Below is one started by me, but if you go via Feature Requests forum, you should find couple more[not my :)]...
  4. Hi Dev Team, AP has some nice features/options which we use when editing image, but those are not available when creating macros. i.e. grouping two layers or in Apply Image you can select image/layer, blend mode, opacity, equations when editing, but while recording[and running again] macro only opacity change is available etc... When this will be extended, as currently only simple automation is possible? Best regards, Greg
  5. Hi, I've searched forums, but no luck. Is there any way to change default AP settings - i.e. Current layer to Current and below or to have pen pressure always on etc.. Regards, Greg
  6. Hi @HVDB Photography Thanks, but this is not exactly what I need. To see the issue, you need to create 3 pixel layers and try to select two of them and group while recording macro.
  7. It does not work while you record macro. Regards, Greg
  8. Hi, Grouping layers while recording macro is not possible. Macros should allow to use all basic functions. Could you please solve it. Best regards, Greg
  9. Hi @GabrielM Should I raise bug ? Regards, Greg
  10. Hi, Is there way to select layers[with different names] and group them while recording macro ? Best regards, Greg
  11. @Fotoloco Great stuff - but which "L" layer should be one to apply corrections ?
  12. Ok. I think I know where the problem is. Above I wrote what I had in mind, not actually referring to correct variables. With X+100, I was referring to width, while X is used as position, same with Y. Sorry about that. You should be using W and H for width and height without aspect ratio. Below will shrink width of picture layer by 100px.
  13. @PhilippeVDD This is because you have aspect ratio locked. Than, when you make x+100, it calculates y+1000. If you want to have i.e. 100px frame[regardles photo size or standard print format], just add +100px to both dimentions to solid layer without aspect ratio locked. Than move solid layer back.
  14. @PhilippeVDD Why not? Once you finish recording macro, you can use it in Batch Processing on multiple images. Check File menu.
  15. @PhilippeVDD Change keyboard to Azerty and check Arrange menu on top - shortcuts are there.