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  1. @gkulka thats what I did! Try it yourself, if you have different sizes of images in one batch proces, or standing images it will not work. In photoshop it works for me.
  2. @gkulka notting change aspect ratio not locked, in attach the macro (100 pixel border) I exported. Maybe that can help. Default.afmacros
  3. Hi @gkulka, just what I tought! When it is a vertical or panorama its not working! But I can make macros for vertical and horizontal photos and do the panoramas pic by pic Thanks for the help Here the examples
  4. I will try it and let you know. But I think on a horizontal picture it will work but not on a vertical pcture. We will see Sorry for my english, am flemish.
  5. That is what I did @gkulka But is not efficient for borders, in photoshop you can create an action and on each different sized pic the border will work, not in Affinity Thanks for the help and greetings from Belgium
  6. @gkulka changed temporarly to Querty and shortcut is working
  7. Hello, I need to make a macro and the moving of the layers are not allowed in AP. I got a tip by a forum member to use the shortcut " CTRL+SHIFT+[ " but this is not working in Windows 10 on Azerty keybord! Is there another list of shortcuts for Azerty keybords? Thanks in advance
  8. @gkulka the shortcut " CTRL+SHIFT+[ " is not working in Windows 10! Maybe because is an Azerty keybord Problem, problem, problem .....
  9. Great, will try it tomorrow Thanks @gkulka
  10. I downloaded the last trial version and now the exif is not lost, thanks for the help
  11. @gkulka How can you make a border around the pic with this equations? Am trying the trial for the moment and am not familiar wit Affinity. In Photoshop is very easy to do by creating an action so I can ad any border in one time on a whole map of photos. I can't find this in Affinity photo or is their something I can do? Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for the info Sima, am running now a trial version for 10 days on my Desktop. I try it out first before I purchase the program
  13. Will do it tomorrow Windows 10 Nikon D7000